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Rules & Systems

Just like any role-playing game, we here at Shinobi Generations have an assortment of rules and systems which must be abided by throughout your stay here. While they aren't too strict, it's important you familiarize yourself with the topics found herein before you begin your shinobi journey.

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The Announcements board is where you can keep yourself up to date on all of the latest news and information regarding the site. Alongside the rules and systems, it would benefit all members to keep track of what's posted here if you wish to stay informed.

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Lore & Storyline

Every character needs a story and what's a story without background? This forum is where you may find any and all details regarding the lore and background of the world you'll be role-playing in. Just as important as the rules and systems, this forum should not be neglected.

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Questions & Feedback

The Questions & Feedback board is here for you, the members, to offer any and all input you have regarding the site. Whether you're looking for information, help or to just share your opinion on something... This is the place to share to your heart's desire.

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Everyone was a newbie themselves at one point. There's nothing to be ashamed of! Make sure you post your introduction here so everyone may get to know a bit about you, as well as you a bit about them.

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Creation Area

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Character Registry

This is where you may create your character. Simply copy the template provided into a new topic, fill out all of the relevant fields, then post the topic to be reviewed by a member of staff. Once approved, you may roleplay as that character.

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Miscellaneous Registry

This is where you may register jutsu, clans, bloodline, weapons, items, weapons, summons, pets, puppets and styles. Simply fill out the relevant template in a new topic and post the topic to be reviewed by a member of staff. Once it's been approved, after the necessary edits, it may be used.

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Character Update Area

This is where you may keep your character updated. Any jutsu, items, or what not must be added to your character in this section before it may be used in RP. Simply post a new topic with your character sheet filled out. Post a reply with the relevant information to have anything added to that character.

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Mission Board

The Mission Board is where you may find all types of missions that your character may go on. Whether it to be dangerous high-level missions, or the simpler lower-level missions, all manner of missions may be found herein.

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Realm of Shinobi

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The Grass Sea (Midland Territory)

The centermost part of the world, consisting of the Kellen Plains, the Debon Plains, The Dry Lands, Cindervine Jungle, and The Baulder Woodlands. And the ruins of the ancient shinobi village of Sogensato Its a warm and dry region of the world filled with plains of lush grass. (Regions 4,5,6,17,18)

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Sun Scorched Desert (Western Territory)

A massive desert located on the western most side of the continent. Its a dry and hot environment, but the village of Nikkousato calls this region home and has claimed the entire region for itself. The desert itself is vast and spreads out into a mountain range to the north. (Region 7)(Low Danger Zone)

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Moonlit Grove (Eastern Territory)

The Moonlit Grove is a vast expanse of woodland and lush jungle. It is filled with vibrant plant life and dangerous creatures who call these jungles home. Wild beast are not the only ones living in the grove, as Gekkousato reigns over the region, nestled deep in the massive network of jungle. (Region 16)(Low Danger Zone)

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The Icy North (Northern Territory)

A frozen wasteland that sits off on a northern island. A dangerous environment that very few brave, and even fewer come back from. Filled with dangerous creatures and violent weather, its a place for only the most skilled shinobi(Regions 1,2,3)

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The Great Archipelago (Southern Territory)

The Southern part of the world consisting of The Waste, Blending Fields, The Barrens, The Warriors Pit,The Brink, High Spire, The Frostlands, and The Lower Marsh. It is a watery region consisting of numerous large islands. (Regions 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15)

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Kataki Road

The major road way that connects the nations together. A network of paths and roads that weave through each nation, and is patrolled by shinobi, guards or even bandits. (Medium Danger Zone)

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The Wilderness

Open countryside, dense jungle and vast expanse, anyone looking to travel across the country and avoiding major road ways often take to the wilds. While easy to hide and away from peering eyes, the wilderness is dangerous, filled with vile creatures and blood thirsty rouges. (High Danger Zone)

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Open Ocean

Streams, rivers and ocean, perfect for traveling when you want to be alone. However the sea is unforgiving, and getting caught out in open waters without proper resources can spell disaster. (High Danger Zone)


Discussion Boards

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General Discussion

This is the forum where you may post topics to discuss anything and everything with other members.

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Role-Play Discussion

This is where you may make requests for others to role-play with you, find others for your squad or just discuss RP.

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Member Box

Area of the board for members to keep and store things, such as journals, topic trackers or templates.

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Spam Area

This is where you may play 'Spam Games' or just post useless messages with other members.

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Advertising & Affiliates

This is where you may find our advertisement, advertise for other sites and request to be an affiliate.

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