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    Post by Kaguya Shinigai Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:46 am

    Name: Destroy the Supply House
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Within a Yellow region
    Details: A secret supply house has been found in the wilderness. It appears to belong to some local bandits or criminals using it to store their goods or supplies. As long as this supply house remains intact, the criminals have access to what they need to continue to flourish. Your job is to destroy the supply house using any means necessary. While the mission itself seems simple, the house is most likely guarded by bandits or thugs, which can make the mission a little tricky.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    Another day another moment in the sand. As the young shinobi known as Shinigai would awaken from his deep slumber. Rolling over in his bed he would notice a small bird would be pecking at his window. He would close his eyes for a second hoping the bird would leave but it would not for it had been a messenger bird sent by both of the Mission admins of the village and to be sent to the young kaguya that had been staying in the sun village for a while. He was here for his own personal growth and a bit of enjoyment as he would stand up from his bed and walk toward the window letting it in and taking the scroll that was hanging from its leg. As he would walk to the bathroom reading it and figuring out just what they wanted him to do this week. It had been a fun time in the sun village and the words of the scroll would mention how this would be ending soon. His hiatus from both his team and the village would be coming to a close at the weeks end. As he would brush his teeth he would notice a map at the bottom of the scroll showing him where the targets were and what he was needing to do. He had done a mission much like this before with a man named genkumaru, or at least it would end up like it with all the fire the man used. Shinigai would get dressed as she looked into the mirror and gave himself a smile wrapping his headband around his waist and then hanging his golden chain on his waist he was now ready.

    As he would exit through the door and run down the road just outside of the gates he would need to make a trip to The waste. From the way it was described it was know to be nothing but sand and dryness which had been two things that Shinigai hated. He loved being in a cool place but his time in the sun would help grow somewhat of a tolerance for the heat. It would only take him a couple of hours to make it to the supply house that the bandits had taken over. A few were stationed right outside waiting for anyone to try and foil their plans. Shinigai was able to find a few large rocks to use to sneak up to the group of bandits. As he waited behind one and watched the enemies movement he would hold his katana in his hand and wait. The bandit would turn a bit allowing for one pair of eyes to be the only thing that would see him. Taking out the bandits would be easy he would thought as he shoved his katana into the stomach of one of the guards. His blood would splatter out and he would fall to the floor. Shinigai would pull the katana out quickly and use the blood soiled weapon to slice open the other guards stomach. More blood would flow out his stomach as he fell to the ground. Swinging the sword the blood would be splattered to the side and cover a few of the sand particles. Suddenly he would hear something in the distance it had been chattering. Someone was talking to a group in the warehouse and at that point the young boy would know that these fools were not the only bandits around.

    "Oi Oi Oi" A voice would take over the boys mouth, his surprise would give way that it had not been him who would cause this. "oh so were fighting?" Shinigai would say as he would laugh bit. The brittle wood of the building would be nothing to his steal as he would use it to create a new larger door for his grand entrance. The wood would fall forward and introduce the young kaguya to the group. It had been a group for four man. A larger man that seemed to be the leader of the group would point toward the young kaguya telling his group to chase him down and kill him. A laugh would come from the boy as he would through the katana on to the ground. "You might need this." He would say as one of the bandits would pick it up to keep it away from him. Suddenly his eyes would go black and his body would change a bit. The white hair on his head would become more staight and fall toward the ground instead of facing the sky. His markings would grow bigger and fall as if they were tears sliding down his face. The next few moments would be a blur as the blood would be splattered across the room with the dead bodies of the men lying there twitching. The larger man would be the last of many to stare down shinigai as his new form would enhance his skills tenfold. Looking the man up and down. It would take shinigai only seconds to step up to the man with the fear in his eyes and a long piece of bone piercing his stomach the man would try to take himself off and then run away with drips and drops of blood following him. Shinigai would laugh but would not chase after the man as he had one objective. Using the gun powder he would drench every inch of the area with it and the lit it on fire. As he would leave he could hear the explosion and the success of his mission.


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