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    "OK Susan."


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    "OK Susan." Empty "OK Susan."

    Post by Setsuka Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:27 pm

    Mission Details:
    Name: Who is Susan?
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Group Mission
    Reward: 45 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Location: Blending fields ( Region 9 )
    Details: There are a breed of corrupted scorpions called Susan's Scorpions. There is no record of why they called Susan's Scorpions. However, they are a deadly species who bury themselves deep in the sands and wait for their prey. While their bodies are small, the size of a pig, their tales are thick and are as long as 5 meters. Their stings are highly venomous. Go and hunt down a Susan's Scorpion, bring back its stinger as proof. Keep in mind its exoskeleton is incredibly thick and durable.
    Requirements: Each person must make at least four posts, totaling to 1600 WC

    "OK Susan." Red-sand-dune-in-namibia-africa-paranyu-pithayarungsarit

    Just another day at one of the hottest places known to most Moon shinobi as the Red Desert. The sun shines brightly with clear skies with hardly any clouds visible. The landscape greatly expressed the meaning of a never ending midday with soft winds blowing across its sands. Visually it is truly a spectacle on how the colors of the sand mixed with some of the clay in the ground to give it such a natural crimson look. The setting was extraordinary for the young Moon shinobi since she has never seen such a sight before. A small trail of footprints lead towards a large hill of sand with great shade opposite to the sun on one side. Underneath the shade sat the Moon shinobi known as Setsuka Kishida. She sat there looking at the vastness of the sands and the clear blue sky. Her crimson eyes always illuminate a light color of crimson themselves while underneath the shade. The weather is quite hot and it wasn't something she is used to. Setsuka could only estimate the temperature is around ninety degrees Fahrenheit or rather thirty five degrees Celsius. No birds could be seen nor any other signs of life as far as the naked eye could see. Setsuka carries with her a straw umbrella and wearing formal shinobi attire from head to toe; a flat jacket, a forehead protector, ninja tabi, and ninja slacks; all black. Her fingers began to dig into the sands gently and began to draw silly doodles.

    A part of her mind wonders aimlessly in deep spontaneous thoughts about the meaning of being a shinobi. She didn't clearly understood the meaning of what a shinobi is beyond their duty. She could only agree on the behalf of helping others as part of her duty. The doodles slowly became significant drawings of shinobi from the Moon village with indication of their village symbol drawn on the doodles. Setsuka's eyes became focused on the drawings more than anything. She knew where she was and how close she is to the village. While pondering the existence of it all, Setsuka began to slowly remember her past. Remembering how her aunt would shun her for doing the simplest tasks to even the training of basic combat. It wasn't quite the collective memories she cherished. Instead it further cause her confusion of her current predicament. Having traveled far from the Moon village to see the sands someone described was her true goal, however, the minute she arrived she had already picked up a mission that may be out of her scope in her own village.

    Setsuka looks up at the sky slowly. Her claws sink into the sands as she takes a small chunk of it in her hands and slowly opens them to allow the sands to slip between her fingers. She sighs lightly. While closing her eyes, Setsuka slowly lays her back against the hill's sand. Her trail of thoughts continued to spiral around her own abilities as a proper shinobi. Questioning if she is even fit for such a job; the doubtfulness sank in her heart. "What am I doing with this life?", she asked herself aloud. "...Tch." A small frustration arose in her feelings. The mission is explained quite simple and could be done as simple. The truth is, Setsuka wouldn't really know where to look for them and she knew by not doing it alone could she succeed. Yet the ever lingering uneasiness of her heart was swaying her own future and present abilities. All she could do while under the warm shade is wait alone in her own troublesome thoughts. It was unlike Setsuka to reflect on herself in such a manner as the experience of such a new setting alone has stirred the thoughts themselves to blossom deeply. All there was left to do is to await of the arrival of the support of others for this mission. Warm winds begin to pick up.

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    Sakuragi Kokoro
    Sakuragi Kokoro

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    "OK Susan." Empty Re: "OK Susan."

    Post by Sakuragi Kokoro Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:42 am

    "OK Susan." Wj0fUMp

    It had been about ten years since she had first arrived in Nikkousato and Kokoro was now used to the heat. She had gotten so used to it that when she went to the Kellen Mountains not too long ago for some kind of bijuu fight she almost froze at the sudden temperature drop even though most of her early childhood had been in cold climate. So she was not exactly surprised to find herself going from one desert to the next for a mission. She was actually glad, having been thoroughly bored out of her mind recently from lack of activity. Of course she had gone on a few missions with her brother, but even Sojiro was starting to bore her and she longed for some adventure, to meet some new people. The girl had thus happily accepted the mission of killing some scorpions that were terrorizing the southern regions. If it meant getting out of the village, she was more than happy.

    As she made her way through the sandy plains, she only briefly took note of the intense heat, glad that she had chosen to not wear her trench coat this time around. Kokoro often over or under dressed for the weather so the prospect of her actually feeling comfortable was something like a miracle. The black haired kunoichi would have on a t-shirt with a silver star etched on the front and short blue denim and her usual leather black high heeled boots. She hated the feeling of getting sand on the inside of her shoes or on her feet so she often traveled in boots, regardless of the temperature and weather conditions. Her weapons were with her, her wakizashi sheathed under her black belt that wrapped around her jeans comfortably, her weapon pouch strapped to her left thigh. At first glance she looked just like a child, with the only distinguishing feature being her eyes, which had every intention to kill in them.

    She had been told that she would have a partner for this mission, her eyes scanning the plains to see if he or she had arrived earlier and would be waiting. Kokoro wasn't someone who kept time, often finding herself late than early for missions. Sure enough off to the distance she would see a woman in the distance, guessing from the parasol. The Inukura snickered to herself when she saw the umbrella, wondering which dainty woman would be her partner since she assumed that no normal human would just be lazing around in this heat. She didn't believe in umbrellas or any accessories of that matter, as they were more annoying to carry than anything else. If she could have her way she wouldn't even bring her own weapons, but of course her love for all things sharp and pointy meant she never left her house without them. The girl would walk up to the other woman, clearing her throat a little to notify the other person that she was approaching.

    "Sakuragi Kokoro." was all she would give the woman, before her eyes would take in the crimson of the other woman's eyes. She let out a small gasp unconsciously as she registered who it was that sat in front of her. Being an Inukura, her acute sense of smell had depicted Setsuka even before her eyes met her face and immediately she would heave a small sigh. Ever since Setsuka had barged in on her mission with Kenji, she had not seen the woman, having almost forgotten her existence entirely. Kokoro rolled her eyes a little, knowing that it meant the two of them would be paired on this mission together. At least there would be no Kenji this time, not knowing how much of his flirty nature he had shown her towards Setsuka she could bear. Kenji...she thought to herself, remembering the last time they had crossed paths was when they fought alongside each other at the camp. She wondered if he was doing well...and if he even remembered she existed.

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