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    Post by Admin Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:16 pm

    World Bestiary

    Name: Angel Beast
    Rank: S-Rank
    Region: 1,2,3,4
    Description: An Angel beast is best described as a flying lion, or large cat. They are majestic beast with beautiful fur and majestic manes. But they are incredibly territorial and highly dangerous. Angel Beast are known for being rare, but when one is found, few live to tell the tale. In addition to being able to fly, these creatures have incredible strength, massive paws, crushing jaws and a tail like a whip.
    World Bestiary E6bba3ca95a4fe0aa8757c4a63eabeac

    Name: Vorrapede
    Rank: A-Rank
    Region: 4,5,6
    Description: Vorrapedes are massive armored worms that primarily live under ground. They eat the soil and burrow massive net works of tunnels under ground. However when they surface, destruction and devastation follows. They have hard armor like shells, massive mandibles and can sense things through the ground using echo location.
    World Bestiary Latest?cb=20150316135754

    Name: Massacre Worm
    Rank: S-Rank
    Region: 11,12
    Description: These worms are insanely dangerous, but luckily very rare. They are sightless worms that live deep under the ground, and almost hibernate. When they do decide to come to the surface, it is only to feed, being known to swallow massive herds of creatures or even small towns. They still remain a mystery as the few that have been seen are impossible to fight or capture.
    World Bestiary 635032493513828679

    Name: Jungle Hydra
    Rank: S-Rank
    Region: 15, 16, 17, 18
    World Bestiary 226916

    Name: Arc Falcon
    Rank: A-Rank
    Region: 19
    World Bestiary Mythical

    Name: Sand Trolls
    Rank: A-Rank
    Region: 7,8
    World Bestiary 3c07fd51873ed3aa0b4340bba8832017

    Name: Spire Viper
    Rank: A-Rank
    Region: 7,8,11,12,13
    Description: Spire vipers are giant snakes that are both feared and hated. Despite their size, these creatures are infamous for getting into hard to get spaces, and waiting. Only to snap out and kill their prey in the blink of an eye. With blinding speed, hard bodies and venomous bites, they are one hell of a creature to battle against.
    World Bestiary 9bdf3cdc5cb16cce57a8ccae1b4cd385

    Name: Owl Bear
    Rank: B-Rank
    Region: 5,18
    World Bestiary D-0a02e4-5444521

    Name: Scumps
    Rank: C-Rank
    Region: 15,16
    World Bestiary Skum

    Name: Brute Bears
    Rank: C-A
    Region: Any Region
    World Bestiary Runeclaw_bear_banner_690x

    Name: Slivers
    Rank: C-S
    Region: Any Region
    World Bestiary K07dijdy87s_cardart1

    Name: Chakra Monkey
    Rank: D-rank
    Region: Green Zones
    Description: Small monkeys who over time have learned to use Chakra. Not to the extent of Ninja Animals but enough to throw rocks and make them hurt real bad. In small numbers they aren't much but in large number they can knock out people in a hail of chakra enchanced rocks. They are generally friendly but are a curious bunch. If they are denied of what they want they get violent. Villages usually tag a chakra absorbing bell around their neck. When they try to use chakra the bell chimes to alert nearby shinobi of these monkies.
    World Bestiary 5688-1479767268

    Name: Haunted Shikigami: Explosive
    Rank: B
    Region: 9,10,14 and 18
    Description: Old Explosive tags that were abanonded in their caches and boxes. When the beast rampaged over the lands some of its corrupted energy had seaped into the explosive tags. Coming to life without a real soul or purpose the Haunted Shikigami want nothing more than to do what they were made to do, Explode. Like a swarm of deadly hornets they rapidly chase and stick onto their targets before exploding.
    World Bestiary 340?cb=20130718171341

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