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    Post by Kaguya Shinigai Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:32 am

    Name: Eliminate the Target
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Outside of a village
    Details: This is what separates the basic every day ninja from your high profile shinobi: the assassination mission. This mission is asking you to eliminate a low level target, often a petty criminal, or someone who has escaped prison who someone who could later disrupt the village. They are likely not shinobi, but are of considerable power. This mission is simple, find and take out the target with as few consequences as possible.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    Shinigai had been spending a lot fo time around the village of debon. although he had not long left his home he would seem to find this village to be comforting to him. As he had spent more time helping them with their new arena they were trying to build and helping with keeping the other villagers out of danger from the no good ninja's that came to cause them harm. Holding in his hands would be the head band of his village. One he had yet to throw out as it had been essential for him to stay in the village and not be caught by the people who were searching for him. He would stand atop one of the building that looked over most of the small village. the wind would blow as his white hair would blow with it. His robe also blowing in the same direction as he would scan the village for anything that seemed to be off. His dull eyes would look down upon someone that seemed to be distress by the gates of the village. He was pacing back and forth and pondering what he would do with his life or maybe how he could ever go back to his family after his huge blunder. Shinigai would jump from the building and fall behind the man as he would startle him a bit. The man would jump in fear and then turn to look at the kaguya. "Please dont rob me." He would say as he would quiver in his boots and his knees would knock together. What was it this man was afraid of. "I won't but i see you are having a problem and i was wondering if you needed some type of help." A smile would appear on his face as he would drop to the ground and grovel. "Please please help me i have lost the money for the rent to this bandit not far off from the village. He is a mean and aggressive brute and my wife will kill me if i don't come home with that money." Shinigai would shake his head as agree to the duty as he would step away from the man and then stop to turn to him. " I will need a fee after i kill this so called brute." He said with a small chuckle. 'Ill leave this to you... near.'

    Suddenly the man would close his eyes tightly as his walk and his personality would change to a new and brutal one. near the demon that inhabited the body of Shinigai. "Alright lets find this loser!" Near would say as he would walk into the forest. He would search the road that the man had pointed him down. The one he seemed to travel every day and claimed it to be safe. As he would look behind the branches and around the trees he would try to search for a man that would be counting the money he had robbed from the man. Suddenly he would come across a shack in the middle of the forest. As he would begin to tip toe to it he would hear a man laughing to himself as he spoke of the sucker and how much money he had gotten from just being scary. Another voice could be heard. A kind of feminine voice as if he was having a female there to accompany him. Near would not give them time to know he was there as he would cross his arms and wind would begin to build up around him and creating slicing winds around him suddenly they would shoot off from his body and blow the shack away in an instant. The larger man would be there with the woman who was almost naked with a bra and panties on. "Im not gonna ask you to give the money back... because i'm simply here to fill some urges. Your death is here and i am here to bring it." Near would say as he would draw his blade from his back and do some what of a trick with it. Suddenly he would rush to the man with his katana as he would try to sweep at the enemies feet.

    The woman would scream as the money would lay on the ground with the word's rent in large letters. As she would try to run to grab it but would be stopped from Near's foot as he would stomp down upon it and stop the woman. She would fall to the ground and begin to back pedal from him. Suddenly something would crash down upon shinigai and his weapon. His katana being knocked from his hands and the blade of the axe would be stopped by his arm. Only entering his skin a bit before meeting with the bone skin. This would be his chance as his body would start to change and both arms would grow large bones that would be a meter long on both sides. After so shinigai would push the blade away and then jump into the sky, coming down upon the beast of the man as his blade would slice through the man's neck and come out of the back. He would gasp for air but his body would go limp as he would fall to the ground in defeat. Near would pick up the envelope and walk away as the woman would sit there in fear looking at the dead man.

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