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    Legend of the Executioner Empty Legend of the Executioner

    Post by Admin Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:44 pm

    The Legend of the Executioner is a gory and gruesome tale of a terrible and violent man. Before the War on heaven, when chakra was still new to the world, there existed a man, only known as the Executioner, who was feared among the land as a murderous and blood thirsty man. No one really knew the man, nor what drove him, only that he enjoyed terrorizing travelers on the open road, and murder was his trademark. It was always obvious when a crime scene belonged to him, as he always left a mess. Bodies chopped into dozens of pieces, blood and gore left all over. He was not known for precision or tact, and instead simply loved hacking bodies to pieces. His weapon of choice, and what earned the monster his title, was the massive butchers blade he carried around with him. A blade so massive, it took both hands to wield, and was said to be able to chop a body cleanly in half. Many believed it was a weapon given to the man by a demon, and allowed to run rampant across the land. Like most legends, the man has come and gone, vanishing from history and landing into camp fire stories.

    However, archaeologist have recently discovered a tomb with writings and clues that have led them to believe it is the final resting place of the Executioner, and might be where his demonic weapon lies. With the ruins of an ancient tomb being unearthed, many people are flocking to the site, in hopes of being one of the first to gain access to this monsters burial chamber, and hopefully able to lay claim to the weapon of legend.

    Name: Executioners Blade
    Type: Weapon
    Size: Large
    Rank: Legendary Item


    The Executioners blade is a massive butcher/claymore style sword. It has a six foot blade and a foot long handle, making it a long and massive weapon to wield. It is made out of solid steel, with a solid steel pole acting as its handle. The handle has several sections of knots and cloth wrapped around it, giving the user places to grip, allowing them to keep a hold of the blade while it swings around. The sword only has one bladed edge, with a curved tip excellent for slicing. At its base is an open half circle, with a full circle hole further up the blade. These holes make the blade areo dynamic and easier to wield.

    As is the case with most swords, this blade is used for cutting, slicing and chopping. Its massive size and weight allows it to chop through most things, including limbs, bodies or other weak objects. Rumors even tell of the sword being able to slice trees in half. While the blade can be used defensivly to block or deflect attacks, its sheer size making turning it hard, as it is normally used for slicing in vertical or horizontal directions. The holes on the surface of the blade can also be used to pin enemies or trap other weapons in side of.


    Blood Absorption: The blade has a unique ability to both heal itself and its owner. If the blade comes into contact with the blood of another player character, it can absorb that blood and use it for itself or the person who owns the blade. If it is used on the weapon, the sword draws the iron out of the blood, and uses it to fix damages the blade might have sustained. It can heal cracks, nicks or even broken sections of the blade. This keeps it from getting damaged or rendered useless. If the blood is used on its owner, it will instantly heal all surface level wounds, including cuts, scratches, burns, or other minor wounds. This can be done as many times as able, and does not require an action, however healing once consumes all of the blood on the blade.

    Decapitating Return: Like most legendary weapons, the Executioners blade can be returned to the owners hand if it is separated from them. However, this weapon has two different ways it can be returned. The first is the normal way, it can be summoned back into the owners hand, almost as if teleporting or being summoned by fuinjutsu. The second way is unique to this legendary item. If the blade is within 40 meters of the owner, they can call the blade back like a boomerang. The weapon will fly through the air, spinning, aiming to arrive back in the hands of its owner. It will move 20 mpp, making it a deadly and quick weapon, able to slice through most things. It will however get halted by things like walls or thick objects it can not slice through. This requires an action to use.

    Demonic Presence: While wielding this weapon, it gives off an intense and demonic aura. As an action, the user can summon this aura to fill the air with a feeling of dread and fear. They will be overcome with a evil presence that can be felt in the air, and will effect everyone in a 10 meter diameter, regardless of friend or foe. This presence will fill them with anxiety, fear and dread of the wielder. Anyone who has been effected by the presence has their MPP reduced to 0 for the duration. They become frozen with fear, and are unable to move in any direction. They can still try to defend themselves or use abilities, but are unable to move. The pressure of the demonic presence is so strong that if anyone tries to move away, or use something that would move them, like a jutsu or ability, they will find themselves becoming very sick. They will get dizzy, nauseous and will vomit the post they tried to move. In addition to these effects, anything that was used to try and move will fail. This presence last for two post and can be used three times per topic.

    Status: Reward Item, can be used by anyone regardless of specialty or rank.

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