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    SG Systems | Attribute Guide Empty SG Systems | Attribute Guide

    Post by Admin Wed Feb 27, 2019 5:54 pm

    SG Systems | Attribute Guide

    The Attribute system is a set of guides on how characters of specific ranks interact with each other. These are used to determine the abilities of one shinobi versus another in aspects of combat that do not use specialties or elements. This includes movement, physical strength and the ability to out last an opponent. Although these are guide lines, we expect each member to correctly role play their characters based on their ranks and specialties. If it is brought to the attention of staff that someone is role playing against what their character should realistically be allowed to do then staff will step in. While this attribute system is going to be our skeleton for how combat works, there will always be an aspect of role play involved. Just because you are a higher rank or have a higher attribute does not always mean you will win the fight. Staff will take these attributes into consideration when reviewing topics, but role play ability will always trump in situations that are to close to call.  Attributes will be handled differently than they have been before, and instead of using a basic stat system, we will be using unique and modified attributes. Instead of having specific stats that you upgrade as you level, each characters basic attributes will be determined by their rank, making two shinobi of equal rank equal in all aspects. There is no way to upgrade these attributes on their own, with the specialty system being the only way to modify and customize these attributes. The different attributes we use on SG are listed below, with a brief description of how they are used and a list of what rank gets what level of that attribute.

    Health and Damage:
    Here on SG we will be operating on a honor system regarding health and damage, this means that there is no set amount of damage tied to attacks and characters do not have a numerical amount of health. Instead each attack will be based on the role play situation, and relies on several factors such as rank, severity of the hit, or location on the body in which it landed. It is up to all individuals involved in a combat topic to determine the outcome of certain attacks and weather or not those attacks would be strong enough to end the fight. In the case of a combat topic in a High Danger zone, staff will be involved to ensure the topic is being handled correctly.

    Because of this, all attacks can be considered lethal or deadly, such as a simple kunai stabbing someone in the eye and into the brain. The rank of an attack, jutsu or weapon does not always determine the power of the attack, but instead allows for greater increases in things such as range, size, and duration. A C-Rank shinobi can be just as deadly as an S-Rank shinobi, with the difference being the S-Rank shinobi has more and better things at their disposal. Combat topics should be more about out smarting your opponent and walking them into a corner, instead of just smashing them with large attacks over and over again. We want to promote a sense of role play in our combat, that a better role player can overcome any opponent, regardless of rank.

    We ask that you refrain from using absolutes, as everything relies on the situation or events taking place. Meaning nothing can block everything, nothing can break anything and nothing will always kill. Because death is frowned on except in certain situations, we ask that techniques and skills be created with the intention to kill, but not with the ability to out right kill. So a technique can not say that this will kill every time under the same condition and under the same parameters. Because we have several situations where death is not ever an option, including danger zones and one hit prevention, it is easier to imply a skill is dangerous, and determine the lethality of it during the situation it arises in, instead of putting a concrete danger level built in. For example saying this jutsu will kill you if it hits the chest, or this weapon will kill you if it hits twice are going to make getting those things approved much harder than just detailing the effect of the skill, and assuming it will always be dangerous.

    Because all attacks can be considered lethal, a fight can sometimes be determined by just a few impactful blows. On the surface this makes small or minor attacks that only deliver slight wounds seem pointless, and would promote instant kills and one hit attacks. We want to build an environment where people are engaging in thoughtful and complex fights that can be fun and enjoyable, and we do not want to reward players for trying to find the cheapest and most annoying one hit kill to win a fight.

    Because of this we have created an Endurance system designed to help protect players from untimely ends or combat mistakes. The endurance system allows players to withstand powerful and devastating attacks of their choice as a way to prevent themselves from falling victim to a life ending technique. Each character starts with a predefined amount of endurance points based on their rank, and can use one of these endurance points whenever they want to reduced the effectiveness of an attack. In order to use an endurance point you must first have one available, then you must spend one of your actions to expend the point. Once you have used an endurance point it will not refill or refresh for the duration of the topic.

    So what does an Endurance point actually do? Well it allows you to truly turn into an anime character and tank an attack, causing it to be weaker or have a weaker effect on you than it normally would. When you spend an Endurance point by using an action, a few things will occur. The first is that you can not be killed or knocked unconscious that post, by any amount of attacks. The second effect is that the endurance point will reduce the effectiveness of any and all attacks that would hit you that post. You will still take damage from an attack, however it will reduce the rank of any attack by 2 full ranks. So an S-rank will be treated as a B-rank, A rank to C rank, B rank to D rank and C ranks will be completely nullified. These points can be used on any attack you wish to use them on, but only effect the attacks for that single post and only when applied to you.

    -C-Ranks have 1 endurance point
    -B-Ranks have 1 endurance point
    -A-Ranks have 2 endurance points
    -S-Ranks have 2 endurance points

    Movement and Actions:
    We will be doing speed a little different this time around, and instead of creating a stat that dictates how much faster than another character you are, we are going to turn speed into a movement based attribute. There are two things that fall under this attribute that work hand in hand. The first is movement, which will be defined as meters per post. Each character will have a certain number of meters they are allowed to move per post. You do not have to use the entire amount, but you can not exceed the allowed amount of meters, and they do not carry over from post to post. This will help each person understand exactly how far they can move in a given post compared to another person.

    -D-Rank/C-Rank: You can move 5 Meters Per AP  (5 MPP)
    -Elite C-Rank: You can move 7 Meters Per AP (6 MPP)
    -B-Rank: You can move 8 Meters Per Post (7 MPP)
    -Elite B-Rank: You can move 9 Meters Per Post (9 MPP)
    -A-Rank: You can move 10 Meters Per Post (10 MPP)
    -Elite A-Rank: You can move 12 Meters Per Post (12 MPP)
    -S-Rank: You can move 15 Meters Per Post (15 MPP)
    -Elite S-Rank: You can move 17 Meters Per Post (17 MPP)

    The second attribute in this category is Actions. Since we do not tie time frames to a post, the amount of things you can do in a single post will be determined by how many actions you have. Actions are things that take a decent amount of time to do and most often will be used to attack or dodge. While your number of actions will be limited, you can still do minor things and social topics will not follow the action rule. Actions are not limited to any one kind of activity. Because there are many different kinds of jutsu, techniques and attacks one can employ in battle, it is difficult to define each and every single kind of action here in one post. Some exceptions can be made, some forms of jutsu or movement can be used without needing an action, but in all cases, will be explained in the exact technique or ability.

    -Examples of Actions-
    - Using any kind of jutsu (unless otherwise stated in the jutsu description)
    - Attempting to deal damage with a non jutsu attack, punching, stabbing, cutting or kicking.
    - Setting a trap, planting a seal, rigging an item, or any interacting with the environment in a way that would cause damage or effect an enemy.
    - Using a jutsu, technique or bodily movement to dodge or block an attack, such as throwing your hands up to catch a sword or kicking a kunai out of the air. (using normal movement does not count, such as side stepping, walking around or running backwards)
    - If something does not require an action it will normally detail it somewhere, so assume all jutsu or techniques do.

    Jutsu/Technique AP Cost
    -D-Rank: Takes 1 Action Points
    -C-Rank: Takes 1 Action Points
    -B-Rank: Takes 2 Action Points
    -A-Rank: Takes 3 Action Points
    -S-Rank: Takes 4 Action Points

    In regards to defense against jutsu, the cost of AP to evade or avoid an attack is equal to the AP cost of the jutsu used in said attack. For example, a C- Rank jutsu will cost 1 AP to dodge, meaning

    Chakra and Stamina:
    In order for shinobi to combat each other, they utilize powerful and almost supernatural abilities to harm their foe. In order to use these abilities ninja posses two types of energy that they can rely upon to channel into their attacks. These are Chakra and Stamina. Chakra is the spiritual force within a living creature that allows it to shape or mold this energy into attacks. Each person posses a chakra pool equal to their current rank, with each jutsu or skill that uses jutsu pulling from this pool. Regardless of the type of attack, if it uses chakra, it will pull from the chakra pool. Stamina is the physical force of a character which allows it to preform powerful physical attacks or supernatural feats with that body that can not normally be done on its own. Just like chakra, jutsu that uses stamina will pull from the stamina pool. If a jutsu or attack does not require chakra but is an effect greater than what their body can do on its own, it uses stamina. In rare cases a jutsu or ability might uses both resources, making it a hybrid attack. This often will combine both chakra and stamina in its cost, at a discounted price. If either your chakra pool or your stamina pool reaches 0, you will be drained of the needed force to continue, and your body will ultimately shut down, causing you to fall unconscious for the duration of the topic.

    -C-Rank: You have 100 Chakra in your CP
    -B-Rank: You have 150 Chakra in your CP
    -A-Rank: You have 200 Chakra in your CP
    -S-Rank: You have 250 Chakra in your CP

    -D-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 10 Chakra
    -C-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 15 Chakra
    -B-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 25 Chakra
    -A-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 35 Chakra
    -S-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 45 Chakra

    -C-Rank: You have 100 Stamina in your SP
    -B-Rank: You have 150 Stamina in your SP
    -A-Rank: You have 200 Stamina in your SP
    -S-Rank: You have 250 Stamina in your SP

    -D-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 10 Stamina
    -C-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 15 Stamina
    -B-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 25 Stamina
    -A-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 35 Stamina
    -S-Rank Jutsu: Will normally cost 45 Stamina

    -D-Rank Hybrid Jutsu: Will normally cost 5 Stamina and 5 Chakra
    -C-Rank Hybrid Jutsu: Will normally cost 10 Stamina and 5 Chakra or vice versa
    -B-Rank Hybrid Jutsu: Will normally cost 15 Stamina and 10 Chakra or vice versa
    -A-Rank Hybrid Jutsu: Will normally cost 20 Stamina and 15 Chakra or vice versa
    -S-Rank Hybrid Jutsu: Will normally cost 25 Stamina and 20 Chakra or vice versa

    Holding your breath:
    While this may seem like an odd attribute to detail, holding your breath is a very important feature of combat for a shinobi. This attribute will help you when trying to figure out how long you can hold your breath, including situations like swimming or in a cloud of toxic gas. This attribute can not be trained and is a static amount of post depending on your rank.

    -C-Rank: Can hold your breath for 2 post
    -B-Rank: Can hold your breath for 3 post
    -A-Rank: Can hold your breath for 4 post
    -S-Rank: Can hold your breath for 5 post

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