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    SG Rules | General Rules


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    SG Rules | General Rules Empty SG Rules | General Rules

    Post by Admin Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:45 am

    SG Regulations | General Rules
    General Member Rules

    • No Disrespectful Behavior: Blatantly disrespecting, harassing or flaming of any member, staff or otherwise, will not be tolerated in any capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, things such as name calling, slander, stealing of creative property, posting nasty or negative things. While it is acceptable to make jokes and goof around, we all know what that limit is and should not cross it. If you do not get along with someone, refrain from interacting with them.

    • No Arguing with Staff: In order to avoid unnecessary drama and ensure staff's ability to carry out their duties, you do not argue with staff. If you have a problem or concern, please bring it up with a staff member whose position is equal or higher. Staff members are humans just like you and have lives as well. If you are waiting on a staff member please be patient and give them time to do their jobs. Bugging or annoying staff will only get your request postponed even longer. If you believe a member of staff is wrong or made a bad call, take it up privately with either that member or an Admin.

    • No Posting on Applications: Ordinary members are not allowed to post anything, regardless of message content, on Character, Clan, Jutsu or any other application that is not their own. If you have an opinion, please share it somewhere other than the application itself. If you feel content has been taken from you, report it to a mod, do not post that information on the app itself.

    • No Spamming or Double Posting: Pointless posts that serve no purpose other than to take up space will be deleted. If the number of posts is too high, or malicious intent is obvious, severe punishment will be dealt to the offender. If you bump a post, give it time to be looked at. Do not bump a non application topic, wait for it to be responded to or report it to a mod if the other posting is taking to long. Do not clutter topics with random or pointless post.

    • No Advertising: Posting links or advertisements for other sites with the intention of rerouting traffic on Shinobi Generations to aforementioned sites will not be permitted outside of the 'Advertisements' forum. Links in the chat box or discord, private messages and post outside of the Advertisements section is not allowed at all.

    • No Foreign Languages: Although in certain cases, such as names and titles, Japanese will be permitted, generally only English may be used when communicating or in posts. This is for the sake of both consistency and the ability of staff to enforce rules. While it is alright to talk about other languages or even share the language, the constant use of it to hide information or keep others out of the loop is not allowed. If you wish to speak privately take it somewhere else, this is a place for everyone to enjoy, so we will not leave some people out by using only a foreign language.

    • Fighting and Arguments: It is healthy to have discussions or debates, however there is a line between those and straight up arguing or fighting. If a topic is taken to the point where people are getting offended or upset, the topic is to end. Keep public chats clean and healthy, and if you wish to argue with someone, do it privately.

    • No Plagiarism: We ask that all work be original and come from you. If you are using content created by someone else, regardless of if it is from this site or not, you must have permission from that contents owner. We understand some ideas will be similar to others, however if an app or created content looks to be taken directly from somewhere or someone else with out permission, that content will be revoked from you.

    • Separate Accounts: All members are required to make a separate account for each character they have. You may not post for all characters from a single account, and in fact you are only allowed to post with a character from the account associated with it.

    • PG-13 Content:  Swearing, cursing, violence blood and gore is allowed here; however, keep it in moderation. Sexual content is strictly prohibited; the most that is allowed is suggestive comments and gestures before you have to fade-to-black. If you wish to continue, you can do so off of the site. This sight is open to both younger and older members, and want to respect everyone. This goes for both the site and discord, if you want to have a saucy conversation take it to the 18+ discord room.


    • First Offense: A verbal warning will be issued, and you will asked not to break the rule again. If done while in a chat room or box, removal from the chat can also occur. Depending on how severe the action is, this offense can instantly go to offense two.

    • Second Offense: A 24 hour ban will be issued, you will be kicked from all services and asked not to come back for a full day. Depending on how severe the action is, this offense can instantly go to offense three.

    • Third Offense: A week ban from all services will be issued, and you will be marked with probation. During probation the breaking of any rule will result in a instant life time ban. Depending on how severe the action is, this offense can instantly go to offense four.

    • Fourth Offense: A lifetime ban from all services.

    A staff member has the right at any point to escalate any of the offenses if they feel the broken rule deserves a higher punishment or the rule has been broken several times. Arguing with staff over the rule and its punishment will serve no purpose other than a higher punishment. If you feel you have been mistreated or punished wrongly, you may Pm the head admin.

    If a staff member believes the member has gone a sufficient amount of time without breaking the rules or acting up, their offenses can be reset or they can be taken off of probation. However further breaking of the rules may result in higher punishments in the future.

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