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    The Meeting (Open)


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    The Meeting (Open) Empty The Meeting (Open)

    Post by Kabel Wed Sep 09, 2020 7:47 pm

    Senkou hit 90 degrees as he sat up from his slumber as soon as his alarm went off. A calloused hand reached out to the clock and turned off the jarring ringing. Senkou swung his bare feet out from the covers and to the floor, standing out of bed in one motion. A growing stack of manila envelopes were perched in the middle of his desk two steps away. A sigh escaped him, things were getting sloppy around the village, not enough people doing the day to day instead they were off somewhere else doing something adventurous and exciting he supposed. Senkou paused in the midst of his morning preparations and took a moment to analyze exactly what it is he was just thinking about. Action must be taken, but it didn’t have to be him all on his own. Responsibility for the welfare of this village is held by all those who live within it. A meeting must be arranged.

    10am sharp, Senkou found himself standing in the middle of the Shinobi grounds waiting for any responders for the mass of messages he sent out to his fellow shinobi of Gekkousato. He wore what he always wore, white cloak, white mask, bandaged hands and feet. Senkou was quite prepared for if no one showed up. A reckoning was coming and he would be there to meet that event fully prepared and knowledgeable of what was going to occur, it would be up to his peers whether they would decide to join him in the dealing of that reckoning. Should they be found lacking when that time came, the blame would lay with themselves for Senkou was willingly offering the entire scope of his talent, work, and energies.
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    Zap Fosho

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    The Meeting (Open) Empty Re: The Meeting (Open)

    Post by Zap Fosho Wed Sep 09, 2020 9:17 pm

    Karite sighed, not wanting to get out of bed. She was sick of people forcing her out of bed for stupid reasons. She got dressed quickly so that she wouldn't be late. She threw her cloak over herself and closed it up. She pulled the hood over her. She made sure that the scrolls and her tanto were in place. She was satisfied with their positions and walked out of her room. "Hey sis, I'm heading out. Talk to you later." She shouted to her sister as she made her way out the door.

    She walked onto the shinobi grounds and glared at the people around her. As she found the one standing in the middle of the grounds, others had taken notice of her. A young 4 year old started crying and running off in fear as she walked her way towards the other shinobi. People threw curses at her under their breathe, scared of what she could do. She came up to the genin and glared at him. "Are you the idiot who forced me out of bed this early?" She made a point to emphasize idiot.


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