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    Story of Creation Empty Story of Creation

    Post by Admin Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:26 am

    The Whims of Gods
    Story of Creation Webp-net-resizeimage-2

    The story of creation is a complicated and convoluted one, as many different people and cultures have their own version of it. However, while many of the stories have different details and minor events, the story as a whole shares many similarities across peoples. There is a common story across the land that most people subscribe to, and weather or not the story is true, it has ingrained itself both into the peoples histories and their cultures.

    It started with two entities, a god and goddess, who existed before the rest of creation. There was Lunaris, the god of the darkness, and his wife, Solinia, the goddess of light. They existed in harmony among the void, and lived just the two of them, together. Eons passed with the two entities drifting through the void together, like star struck lovers. They enjoyed each others company and wanted nothing more than to be together. As time passed, the young gods grew older, fell deeper in love, and started to have a longing for something more. While they were content with each other, they both felt deep within that more could be done, that their love could be strengthened, and so they decided to have a child. They gave birth to a young daughter, the first ever creation, which bore energies from both of its parents. The three lived in happiness and harmony for several thousand years, enjoying each others company in the abyss of space.

    This did not last however, for as the daughter, Jashin, grew older, her abilities settled in. She was a playful, mischievous creature that was full of curiousity and wonder. This eventually turned into rebellion however, as Jashin began to resent her parents. She had just as much power as they did, yet she was subjugated to their rules and desires. While they wondered space in love, she was left to herself, and never allowed to create. She began to loath her existence, and decided to separate herself from her parents.

    Eons passed by and the two gods once again began to feel an emptiness in their hearts. They were saddened by their daughter, she did not understand why they had set the rules they had did, and since she no longer wanted anything to do with them, they began to feel empty again. They decided that they would create something new, something that did not posses powers like them, something that was smaller, weaker, something that would look up to them and praise them for being created. They decided that they would create an entire group of living beings, that would live together and worship the two in the heavens. But first they needed to create a place for them. Together, Husband and Wife created the universe, spoke it into existence, then created everything within, the stars, planets and other objects in space. Then they created the earth, a planet in which their new creation could live on. They filled it with all kinds of things, from animals and plant life, to towering mountains and spanning seas. Solinia then created the sun, a massive ball of fire and flame that would heat the planet, and provide sunlight so they could grow their crops and work in the light. Lunaris created the moon, to provide night time so the planet could cool, and give the people time to rest and relax from their toils. And finally, they created humans, basic creatures that had the ability to live on their own, to think and learn, and had the potential to advance if they so desired.

    Once the two had finished, they sat back and watched as their creation began to flourish. Things were rough at first, but as the humans adapted to their world, they started to grow, building civilizations, learning and living. All the mean while they gave thanks and praise to the two that had created them. They built shrines to the two, prayed to them in times of need, and devoted themselves to the gods. Two religions formed, one to praise the sun and all the gifts it gave, the other to praise the moon, and the spirit it represented. Life was good, the people lived well, while Lunaris and his bride watched happily from their place in the heavens. The world grew, cities were built, cultures were created and the world began to fill with life.

    Jashin was not pleased, as she watched from a distance, she grew jealous and angry. While she was banned from creating anything of her own, her parents had decided to neglect her and create a brand new world, filled with tiny pathetic creatures they worshiped them. It was disguisting and she hated them for it. That is when an evil plan spawned, a campaign to turn the mortals against their creators, and soon an event would occur that would change the course of history.

    The War against Heaven

    Jashin decided that she would drive a wedge between her parents and the mortals, and had a plan to encite war. She disguised herself as a mortal and descended to earth, living among the people for a few years. Eventually she managed to climb the ranks of society using her cunning and power and created a cult, a group of her own followers and worshipers. Through a web of lies and deceit, she managed to convince a large portion of society that the gods were not on their side, and instead of worshiping them, they should turn away and revolt. To prove to the humans how the gods really felt, she introduced them to Chakra, which was the spiritual energy of the gods. She showed the mortals how powerful chakra was and what it was capable of. The humans grew angry, felt betrayed by their creators for the power they had kept to themselves.

    Thus Jashin managed to cause the majority of humanity to forsake Lunaris and Solinia. They tore down their monuments, cursed them and turned their backs. During this time humanity began to harness the new found power of chakra, teaching themselves how to use it and creating powerful effects. Jashin lived among the people, taught them the true power of chakra, molded them and whispered in their ears the whole time, corrupting them and turning them from their creators. As the years went on the humans grew more powerful, built massive civilizations, advanced technology and began to harness incredibly power, so terrible that Lunaris and Solinia grew angry. They wanted the mortals to pay, to be reminded of who made them in the first place, and they very much wanted their daughter, Jashin, to be punished for her disobedience. So the gods retaliated.

    Combining their powers, the two gods created a massive, faceless creature, with one single purpose, to bring chaos and destruction to the world they had created. This creature towered above the sky line, had massive appendages and possessed unique abilities that rivaled that of Jashins. The beast was let loose, and began to rampage across the land, ripping mountains asunder, tearing the earth apart, and consuming any form of life it could find. The onslaught was instant and unrelenting, it took the mortals by surprise, and as such they were grossly unprepared. The beast moved across the land, unimpeded, killing anyone who was foolish enough to stand against it. This massive creature ran a mock for five years, forcing those left alive into seclusion. With whole cities being burnt to the ground, only a few safe havens remained, with people flooding to them for safety and security.

    Eventually five major cities were left, walled up and guarded from the beast. They had not the resources, supplies or the man power to defend themselves, so they decided to appease the gods, and sacrifice the one who had started this war. They captured Jashin, bound her in the wilderness and sacrificed her to the beast. It was to late however, the gods were still furious and felt humanity had not suffered enough yet, so they continued the attack. As supplies and resources began to dwindle, the cities turned on each other, waging war for what was left to survive on. The matter turned away from the creature, who had become inevitable, and the focus was know on just surviving, no matter the cost. The days grew long, the nights grew dark, it was bleak and dreary, with little future left to hope for.

    The Hero and the Faceless one

    Life went on this way for several years, the beast made its home in the center of the land, and those who were left walled themselves up inside their cities. It was suicide to even consider leaving the village, as outside the walls was nothing but wasteland and death. Hope and run out, and those who were left living clung to whatever false hope they could muster. Then a ray of light shone on the land, as a stranger on a boat sailed in from the west. No one knew of this man, but he seemed to posses knowledge on the beast and its abilities. His name was Higoru, and he claimed to be a wanderer from the east who wanted to rid the land of this curse.

    He traveled from village to village, convincing the great leaders that the five cities needed to team together, work as one to combat the monster. He spoke of revolutions, of a new dawn, and convinced them that if they came as one, they could prevail. Eventually the villages managed to produce a massive force, skilled with great jutsu, weapons and abilities. From among these villages rose five great champions, warriors who had earned their merit and battle, and who were devote in ridding the earth of this plague. And thus the nations rallied behind this stranger and his squad of champions.

    They lead the assault on the beast, struck him while he slept, and waged war on the gods once more. It was an intense battle that lasted three years, with many lives lost and the land left in ruin. But they had prevailed, and at the cost of their own, the heroes had struck down the beast, killed it and left its corpse to rot under the sun. They wanted to make a statement, that humanity would not be controlled by the gods, and that they would use the stolen power of chakra to decide their own fate. Realizing they had fully lost the love and admiration of their people, the gods turned their backs, left the mortals and went silent, vowing to never interfere again.

    It was a joyous occasion at first, the villages celebrated, parties and festivals where held for the heroes, everyone was glad the great war had ended. Much like everything else though, this did not last long. The land was in ruin, much of it destroyed and left barren. The villages were left in ruins, much of them crushed or damaged in the battle. Families were displaced and nations ripped to pieces. It did not take long for the people to set after each other again, turning on those they fought along side and waged war once more.

    The Tale of the Moon and the Sun

    As the remains of society devolved into war once more, Higoru, the champion of the ninja world, had stepped up once more, and decided to create a unified shinobi village, one that would work together and live in harmony with each other. They created the very first unified shinobi village atop the remains of the great faceless beast. Here they thrived, created a massive society where those all through out the world could come and seek refuge. Higoru became the very first Hoshikage, Leader of the star village.

    The gods however did not rejoice, and instead saw this as a spit in their face, a defilement of everything they had given the mortals. They made one final agreement with each other, they would send one final punishment to earth, and then vanish completely, leaving the mortals to fend for themselves. Rumors say that they ran off back into the void together, to spend the rest of eternity alone with their lovers. Their final punishment came without warning, ten legendary beast that were born from the remains of the great faceless one. Those rose up from the soil, breached the walls of the star village, and tore the place to pieces.

    With a lack of resources and still in the rebuilding process, the village was unprepared for the attack. Shinobi jumped to the defense of the village, but it was futile. Higoru, a now aged man, attempted to combat the beast like he had in the past, but these ten were of a different breed. Formed from the earth, they were savage and relentless, with one goal in mind. The Hero from the West was unable to fend the creatures off, and on a sad fateful night, fell victim to the gods revenge. With their leader dead and the village besieged, those who were left had no option but to flee. Those who were next in line were Higoru's twin sons, Homura and Hindeku. The villagers looked to them for guidance on what to do next, and where on earth they could flee.

    The brothers were strong willed men with good leadership skills and excellent ninja ability. However they did not see eye to eye on many matters regarding leadership. They both had a different belief system than that of their fathers, and thought that they should repent to the gods and ask forgiveness, not challenge them further. However Homura believe they should worship Solinia, move out to the desert and rebuild civilization. Hindeku thought the opposite, that they should repent under Lunaris name, move deep into the jungle and hide among the brush. Their view points differed in other categories as well, Homura believed in discipline, strong will and a hard work habit. He was stern, honest and diligent. Hindeku, on the other hand, valued emotion, love, friendship, and believed that the village would not survive unless its people came together.

    As the brothers led their people into the wilderness, it became apparent that neither of them could properly lead while the other shared authority. With the looming threat of the Ten Great beast behind them, they knew that something needed to be done, and that the only way their people would survive, was if they split them up. So Homura headed west, towards the desert with his people, and Hindeku to the jungles of the east. They remained loyal to each other, and friends, but decided it was best if they were both allowed to lead their people the way they thought best. So Homura settled and established Nikkousato, The village under the Sun, and revived the religion of Solinia, the sun goddess, in hopes they could appease her once more. Hindeku settled and established Gekkousato, the village under the Moon, and revived the religion of Lunaris, the moon god.

    Life continued on, under the leadership of the two brothers, both villages managed to flourish.  A grand society was rebuilt, with shinobi academies popping up to train a new generation of ninja. While the ten great beast ever loomed, the villages grew stronger, and learned ways to combat the beast. Eventually they fell into legend, hiding among the world that was now being taken over by the ninja. The brothers lived long healthy lives, guided their villages and managed to establish a new world for generations to come. Years have come and gone, leaders and risen and fallen, the sun and moon continue their cycle as a new generation of shinobi begins to enter the light.

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