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    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji)


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    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji) Empty The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji)

    Post by Kabel Tue Aug 25, 2020 12:46 pm

    Senkou took in the vast fires that were erupting across Baulder and caught glimpses of hooded masked figures much like himself running around setting buildings alight. He didn’t bring enough munitions to fight off this particular horde as they looked far more organized than the gangsters that he and Keiji just dealt with, so then focus was to get as many citizens out of Baulder and back to Gekkousato as he wasn’t sure where these masked people came from. They must have had a hidden camp nearby to gather and plan the action for this night. The other odd thing that he noticed that there weren’t any birds flying with communications to the other villages requesting aid.

    Senkou’s attention focused on the Aviary, the tower at the center of the village where all the communications would be sent out by homing birds to their respective locations in other villages, as a bird was about to take flight it was immediately hit by an arrow. So the group had a sniper or two stationed to watch for any birds. Priority one was to take out the sniper or snipers, priority two was to ensure at least the major villages were contacted, priority three was then to start creating a path through the fires and the unknown armed individuals.

    As the contrast between the fires and the rapidly falling night increased, Senkou was eventually able to find one of the snipers that was covering the Aviary. The man was using the roof of a nearby house, specifically he was behind the chimney that provided cover from a direct line of sight from the tower, but from a side view like Senkou, he stood out in the background of fire and smoke. He would wait for Keiji to appear and relay the current predicament and the information he had gathered so far.

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    Hyūga Ami

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    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji) Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji) Empty Re: The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji)

    Post by Hyūga Ami Sun Aug 30, 2020 3:46 am

    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji) JCfKQ6y

    The silhouette of a pink-haired woman found herself at the gates of Baulder City. By now she had been here a total of four times, each time finding the city more and more broken, with crime and unrest happening at every corner. The woman wasn't sure why she had been asked to come here at first, but would soon find out the moment she stepped through the gates exactly why. Her blue eyes scanned the surroundings, the smell of something burning hitting her nostrils. Was the city on fire? The girl was a little shocked that just weeks prior, she had come to the place and it was still intact. But from the looks of things the city would probably be no more...something that saddened her a little more than she had expected. Not that she had expected an entire village to be salvageable on her own.

    The citizens! It was as though an epiphany hit her while she stood there slightly in awe at the situation that was presenting itself before her eyes. Puffs of black smoke were visible, turning the once beautiful skies an ominous grey colour. The girl snapped herself out of the daydream, immediately turning her attention to the crowds of people that were obviously trying to flee for their lives. It was about to turn dark, not just because of the fire and smoke, as daylight would be replaced by darkness. Ami knew she would have to act fast, making a run for the city center, remembering the tower that she had seen the previous times she had been here. It seemed that this was where it was all coming down to, the young woman noticing a figure in the distance as she drew near. Even though the smoke and fire, she could make out the cape...a cape that she had now seen so many times that she didn't even have to double-check as she called out.

    "Senkou!" the woman looked up at the tower, her eyes widening. She quickly activated her Byakugan, the smoke had clouded her vision enough that she needed the help of her kekkei gekkai to see. Immediately while her vision changed, Ami noticed the snipers, who she assumed was responsible for lighting the fires that continued to burn the village to oblivion. Although she had no idea why this was the case, she felt the need to at least stop them. She thought about asking the man what was going on, having only just arrived herself, but figured this was no time for chatting and friendly conversation. Instead the woman would draw her katana, her eyes narrowing as she counted the number of chakra systems and pinpointed their locations. If they worked together, perhaps they could take them out before this mess least that was her hope.  

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    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji) Empty Re: The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji)

    Post by Kabel Sun Aug 30, 2020 4:20 am

    No signs of Keiji, perhaps he was dealing with some of the other arsonists in his immediate vicinity. Senkou was fine dealing with this solo, it would just be less efficient than if he had a partner to coordinate with on the evacuation part especially. His name suddenly rung out in the middle of the chaos and his head snapped to the sound of a girl’s voice. Ami Hyuuga had appeared at the nick of time. Senkou gave a jaunty wave towards her as he finished his preparations for taking on the one sniper that he had managed to locate. Ami with her Byakugan should be able to locate the other one, so this was in fact a perfect replacement for this situation.

    He had tied some wire to a kunai and threw it so that it stuck to the chimney of the house that had the sniper inside of the window and with a running jump off of his building Senkou swung towards the window, letting go so that he would fly through the window feet first. As he flew past the sniper Senkou’s arm reached out with one of his karambit knives and took off the head, forward momentum carried him and the head out the other window to where he would make an acrobatic roll as he landed onto the street below, the head landing behind him with a trail a blood following it down in an arc and a wet thud.

    Finishing his roll, Senkou popped up a couple of meters away from Ami and called out to her.

    “Have you located the other sniper? He’s preventing messenger birds from leaving the tower. We need to eliminate him, send a message, and get people out of this inferno. I’m not really at the stage where I can deal with fires at this scale, so I will be relying on you. I’ll guard your back from these arsonists who showed up.”

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    The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji) Empty Re: The Intern pt. 3 (Group Rescue Plot w/Keiji)

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