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    Post by Admin Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:56 pm

    Prologue: An Uneasy Alliance

    It has been five hundred years since the twin brothers established the Sun and Moon village. With their formation, cultures grew, civilization flourished, and a new era of shinobi had begun. Generations of Kage have come and gone, each leaving their mark on their respected village, and each doing their best to ensure a future for their people. While it has been a long road, the world has finally found balance. The villages are sturdy and strong, the land outside has recovered and has even begun to grow anew. Settlements have popped up across the land, and people are starting to move further and further out. The great war between Higoru and the Legendary beast has become nothing more than legend, stories to explain why the world is the way it is. Ruins of relics of another world lay buried, reminders of what once was. The world has started to heal itself after many decades, with a ray of hope breaking through the darkness.

    The two villages have remained at peace for the last several hundred years. They have worked together and built a life where they could live as allies. However, the current generation seems eager to break the cycle, as both the current leaders are not very fond of each other. Both villages have adopted unique and separate cultures, with different belief systems and values. Gekkousato, The Moon Village, has a hands off approach, where they believe freedom and expression is the top priority. Nikkousato however, is a stern and strict village, where structure and discipline reign. Both villages live in the shadow of their religion, each one represented by the old gods from lore. While the past Kage have been gentle and open minded leaders, the current two are both devote priest of their respective religions, and hold to the codes. This has caused tension between the two, as they both believe their way of doing things is best.

    While both villages are currently in an alliance together, rumors have it that that bond is getting thin, and if tensions continue to rise, the villages might part from each other. If that was not enough, the word in the land is that the out lying settlements are growing disdain for the shinobi villages. Ninja are being turned away, their goods rejected and services denied. There is no explination so far as to why, but an uneasy sensation is in the air as of late. Many hold on to hope that better days are on their way, and this is just a simple time of stress. But others fear a storm is brewing, and while the form of that storm is still unknown, it has many people on edge.

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