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    SG Systems | Currency and Purchasing Empty SG Systems | Currency and Purchasing

    Post by Admin Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:58 pm

    SG Systems | Currency and Purchasing
    As a shinobi, there are plenty of things you can purchase to help your journey out, anything from weapons and gear to pets, abilities, and even homes. Your hard work as a ninja earns you currency of different kinds, used to buy all the things you need to improve your game. This guide will go over the different kinds of currency on SG, what it can be spent on, and how it is used.

    Ryo is the name given to the in-world coin used by shinobi to purchase things. While in character, you can assume to have a small amount of money to buy things like food or small items a person may use in daily life. However, in order to buy anything of real value, like things used in battle or to equip your character, you must spend Ryo you have earned on your account. Now earning Ryo is pretty simple, you just need to post!

    Every post you make in an IC part of the world earns you 5 Ryo, so by just posting and doing topics you can earn some cash to spend on new jutsu, items, or skills. Another way to earn larger amounts of Ryo is to complete missions or events. The amounts of Ryo you can earn from activities vary on what is actually being performed or completed, and will normally be detailed before the event takes place.

    Ryo will passively be earned and added to your account. As it gets used, staff will remove the Ryo from your account. While there is nothing you actually need to do as far as keeping up with Ryo goes, we ask that you do keep an eye on it and make sure amounts are correct, as even staff can make mistakes.

    Ryo Prices

    -D-Rank: 20 Ryo
    -C-Rank: 25 Ryo
    -B-Rank: 35 Ryo
    -A-Rank: 45 Ryo
    -S-Rank: 55 Ryo

    Tiny: 10 Ryo
    Small: 15 Ryo
    Medium: 20 Ryo
    Large: 25 Ryo

    Tiny: 15 Ryo
    Small: 20 Ryo
    Medium: 25 Ryo
    Large: 30 Ryo

    Tiny: 20 Ryo
    Small: 25 Ryo
    Medium: 30 Ryo
    Large: 35 Ryo

    Tiny: 25 Ryo
    Small: 30 Ryo
    Medium: 35 Ryo
    Large: 40 Ryo

    Tiny: 30 Ryo
    Small: 35 Ryo
    Medium: 40 Ryo
    Large: 45 Ryo

    Light Gear: 15 Ryo
    Medium Gear: 20 Ryo
    Heavy Gear: 25 Ryo

    Light Gear: 20 Ryo
    Medium Gear: 25 Ryo
    Heavy Gear: 30 Ryo

    Light Gear: 25 Ryo
    Medium Gear: 30 Ryo
    Heavy Gear: 35 Ryo

    Light Gear: 30 Ryo
    Medium Gear: 35 Ryo
    Heavy Gear: 40 Ryo

    Light Gear: 35 Ryo
    Medium Gear: 40 Ryo
    Heavy Gear: 45 Ryo

    -Puppets/Summons/Combat Pets
    -D-Rank: 15 Ryo
    -C-Rank: 25 Ryo
    -B-Rank: 35 Ryo
    -A-Rank: 45 Ryo
    -S-Rank: 55 Ryo

    -Styles and Style Skills
    -Style: 30 Ryo
    -D-Rank: 15 Ryo
    -C-Rank: 25 Ryo
    -B-Rank: 35 Ryo
    -A-Rank: 45 Ryo
    -S-Rank: 55 Ryo

    -Buildings and homes
    -Small Home: 200 Ryo
    -Medium Home: 250 Ryo
    -Large Home: 300 Ryo

    -Outpost: 300 Ryo
    -Settlement: 350 Ryo
    -Town: 400 Ryo
    -Village: 450 Ryo
    -Hidden Village: 550 Ryo

    Skill Points
    Skill points are pretty simple, as there is really only one way to earn and spend them. A skill point is used to purchase additional perks in the specialty path system and is how you add the ability to perform better and higher rank skills. Skill points are earned by ranking up your shinobi rank and are spent on specific skill paths to earn specific perks. These skill points can not be used to buy other things, can not be sold or traded, and are solely for the specialty system.

    -C-Rank (creation): 5 skill points
    -250 EXP: 1 Skill point
    -B-Rank : 5 skill points
    -1000 EXP: 1 Skill point
    -A-Rank : 5 skill points
    -2000 EXP: 1 Skill point
    -S-Rank : 5 skill points

    EXP Shop and other Goods
    As you earn EXP, it will passively sit in your account and is what you use to rank up. However once you have earned the max amount of EXP used to rank up, you can continue to earn EXP which now can be spent on additional items. The EXP shop is currently closed, however, will be opened in the future with new and different ways to use your EXP.

    In addition, other shops may pop up with goods and services where different types of currency can be spent. These shops may contain random things or have specific themes to them, and may only be a limited time kind of thing.

    The Sales Counter
    Now that you have earned a little bit of currency, you can spend it! In order to spend and buy items, you must reply to the Sales Counter topic to make your purchases. Items, skills, and jutsu can not be added to your character sheet until they have been posted here. Whether you want to spend Ryo on a new sword, or a skill point on a new perk, it can all be done at the sales counter.

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