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    Kaeru no Yō Ni - Both Man and Poison Frog Empty Kaeru no Yō Ni - Both Man and Poison Frog

    Post by ForsakenM Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:38 pm

    Kaeru no Yō Ni - Both Man and Poison Frog 69d057a0-8ee4-43dd-8487-69b5f9db35a0-2060x1236

    Name: Kaeru no Yō Ni - To Be Of Both Man And Poisonous Frog
    Possessors: Dokukaeru Clan
    Status: Open
    Type: Physical Enhancement
    Location: Moonlit Grove

    Due to the nature of the clan’s genetics being mostly human with some frog tendencies, the Dokukaeru Clan can have a variety of traits that can reveal themselves:

    • Having noticeably longer legs than arms.
    • Having eyes very much like a frog in terms of pupil shape and eye color.
    • Having webbed hands and feet or digits in the shape of frog toe pads.
    • Having skin of vibrant color and patterns.
    • Having a voice that is constantly hoarse in tone.
    • Mouths that are wider or larger than an average human’s.

    A member of the Dokukaeru Clan can have as few as one of these traits or as many as all of these traits, but none of these traits are unanimously shared by all members. However, there are three traits that specifically are shared by all members of the clan, and they are as follows:

    1. Having unnatural hair color and styles. This means that members of the Dokukaeru clan will never have just solid black, brown, blonde, red or white hair. Their hair color can be just as varied as the color spectrum, having known to sport hair that is blue, green, pink, or purple in hue to name just a few.

      Even when their hair color resembles something more natural, it’s often of a hue that is normally not possible for the average human to achieve without chemical alteration (deep jet black, yellow instead of blonde, very bright red) and often their hair can have patterns such as spots or stripes of another color and various sizes and lengths.

    2. Excreting some sort of slimy film from their skin that covers the majority of their body. It has the traits of mucus, and it offers protections from the weather and keeps their bodies from being dry. It’s also part of the reason why they can breathe underwater for an extended period and can be altered to be very poisonous when either ingested, entering the bloodstream or otherwise taken into the body.

    3. Having mannerisms or bodily reactions similar to that of frogs. The majority of physical traits a Dokukaeru has are human ones, and this is also true of mental/personality traits. However, much like how some of the frog physical traits shine through, so do some mental/personality traits. Members of the Dokukaeru frequently croak, although it’s not something they do during or after every sentence, but in a basic conversation you would likely hear at least one or two.

      Members will occasionally rest in a position similar to how a frog would sit, with their limbs out to their sides and hands and feet flat on the ground. This act causes them no harm and is involuntary, clan members often not realizing they have rested in such a way.

      Members will occasionally crave dieting on certain bugs despite not needing to in order to survive or produce their poisonous film, hop reflexively with intense emotions (such as joy, anger or fear), attempt to move themselves to warmer/cooler places to stay warm/cool despite not being cold-blooded and tend to favor areas with bodies of water big enough to completely submerge and swim in.


    • What many would consider the primary ability of a member of the Dokukaeru Clan to be is their ability to produce a poisonous film from their pores. Members can use chakra to manipulate the film physically through various jutsu, but the real trick is the ability to use chakra to change the substance chemically to produce various effects related to poisons. Generally this substance would have to be taken into the body in some form, whether ingested, through other orifices, through an open wound or via injection, though with enough training and experience a member can alter the substance to have it apply on contact.

      Since this film is naturally produced by a Dokukaeru member and the poisonous effects come from mingling their chakra with their natural film, this viscous liquid does not lose its poisonous effects once it leaves control of a Dokukaeru. Thus, if stored properly, it can maintain it’s poisonous traits for an extended period. This can be used to store it and apply it to various things, such as weapons or testing, perhaps even medicinal uses.

      Due to their body naturally making this film and their biology mixed with their chakra allowing them to alter the effects, Dokukaeru Clan members are immune to the effects of their own film and the film of other members. These same genetics boost their body’s resistances to other methods of poisoning, causing such effects to end one post earlier.

    • Another ability the Dokukaeru have is having a sticky tongue, much like a frog. This tongue can be fired out like a projectile and retracted, also much like a frog, which makes it useful both for traversing terrain as well as for combat in certain circumstances. Dokukaeru member’s tongue is as strong as that particular clan member is if not a bit stronger, as physical training is applied to the entire body and members can often lift things with their tongue that they cannot with their own body, so getting hit by their tongue can carry the same impact as if they had just been punched or kicked.

      However, the stickiness of their tongue has little effect on shinobi without chakra augmentation, as it is normally only useful for certain traversal of terrain and catching smaller prey. In addition, since most Dokukaeru only use their tongues to catch prey from short distances by comparison, it takes training to stretch one’s tongue farther distances at high speeds. Thus, a Dokukaeru can only move their tongue as fast as their movement according to their rank (C-Rank: 5 meters, B-Rank: 7 meters, A-Rank: 10 meters and S-Rank: 15 meters).

    • The Dokukaeru Clan have an ability that is similar to having gills, although it’s actually the ability to breathe through their skin. This allows them to breathe underwater for an indefinite period as well as making them essentially immune to suffocation so long as they have skin exposed. They are only able to do so when their skin is moist, however, either with their film or by being soaked in water or some other liquid. If their skin is dry then they can only breathe with their lungs like any other human.

    • Finally, a Dokukaeru’s body is genetically engineered to excel at swimming, climbing and jumping, being things that are first nature to them. Thus, when either swimming, climbing, or jumping to gain purely vertical height, members of the Dokukaeru clan move as if they are one rank higher than their current rank.


    Being what is essentially a hybrid between a human and a frog, the Dokukaeru have a natural affinity for water and a natural aversion to fire. Thus, every member of the Dokukaeru Clan has their starting Element as Suiton/Water Release, and no clan member can ever learn to wield Katon/Fire Release.

    Also related to their aversion to fire, whenever a Dokukaeru member is successfully struck by a Katon/Fire Release technique that is of their rank or higher, their natural film will dissipate and cause their skin to become dry. In addition to preventing them from breathing through their skin, if they are struck by a Katon/Fire Release technique while they are not coated in film or otherwise moistened, that Katon/Fire Release technique is considered to have the impact of a technique one rank higher than normal.

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