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    Starting Gear and Packages


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    Starting Gear and Packages  Empty Starting Gear and Packages

    Post by Admin Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:40 pm

    Starting Gear and Equipment
    Upon starting off and creating your character, you will be given a few free things to help you get started. These are granted to you when your character is approved, and can be added to your characters combat sheet once approved. There will be a large list of things to choose from and add, and it is up to you to choose the things you want for your character. Anything you choose from this list is considered free and will be given to you instantly, however everything on this list can be bought from the shop later on, so do not worry about missing out.

    The combat sheet can be found here Character profile as well as the sales counter for future purchases. Update area

    Starting Equipment
    Below is a list of all the gear you can choose from for your starting gear. Beside each piece of gear is the slot amount it consumes. You can choose any of these items as long as they meet the slot limits for starting items. You have six slots you can fill from the items below, and can not exceed that slot limit. Once you have been approved and completed your characters combat sheet, you can post a shop request to "purchase" these items. Once approved the items will be added to your profile.

    -You have 6 slots you can fill-
    Basic Wire - 1 Slot
    Exploding Note - 2 Slots
    Smoke Grenade - 1 Slot
    Kunai - 1 Slot
    Makibishi - 1 Slot
    Senbon - 1 Slot
    Shuriken - 1 Slot
    Wind Mill Shuriken - 2 Slots
    Katana - 2 Slots
    Wakizashi - 2 Slots
    Tanto - 1 Slot
    Medical Bag - 1 Slot
    Flak Jacket - 2 Slots

    [url=]Basic Wire[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Exploding Note[/url] - 2 Slots
    [url=]Smoke Grenade[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Kunai[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Makibishi[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Senbon[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Shuriken[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Wind Mill Shuriken [/url] - 2 Slots
    [url=]Katana[/url] - 2 Slots
    [url=]Wakizashi[/url] - 2 Slots
    [url=]Tanto[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Medical Bag[/url] - 1 Slot
    [url=]Flak Jacket[/url] - 2 Slots

    Starting Jutsu
    In addition to getting free starting equipment, you also will have access to a few starting jutsu for free. The jutsu list below is open for anyone who has just been approved, and can be added to your combat sheet upon creation, or added to later through the shop.
    Clone Technique
    Transformation Technique
    Substitution Technique
    Escaping Technique
    Body Flicker

    [url=]Clone Technique[/url]
    [url=]Transformation Technique[/url]
    [url=]Substitution Technique[/url]
    [url=]Escaping Technique[/url]
    [url=]Body Flicker[/url]

    Starting Packages
    Packages are things given to you for free depending on your level of experience with older versions of SG. This is a way we reward old or returning members while not outcasting our newer members. There is a package for every player, regardless of how new to SG you are. This is not meant to separate players, but instead reward those who have been loyal. In order to earn one of these packages, you must be able to prove what level you are. Staff will do their best when determining who deserves what package. Once you are approved you can purchase one of these packages in the shop and have them added to your character sheet.

    Fresh Face Package
    This package is for anyone who is joining SG for the first time. If you have never role played with us on a previous version of SG, then this is the package for you! We welcome you to the site and hope you can one day become a veteran also!
    -100 starting Ryo
    -Forehead Protector

    Lurker Package
    This package is for anyone who was an old member of SG, but never finished a character or got around to role playing. We thank you for coming back, and hope you manage to finish a character this time!
    -120 starting Ryo
    -Forehead Protector

    Veteran Package
    This package is for all you veteran SG members. You have spent time with us and earned your title as a returning veteran. We thank you for all the time you spent with us in the past, and welcome you back for the new era of SG. This is a small token of our appreciation.
    -150 starting Ryo
    -Forehead Protector
    -One extra slot for choosing starting gear above, upping it from 6 to 7

    Discord Veteran Package
    This package is for the select few of you who have stuck by since the fall of the last version of SG. Those of you who have hung out in the discord, checked in on our progress, and even offered your help. We sincerely appreciate everything you have done and all the support you have given us. This is for sticking by us and having faith we would get this far!
    -200 starting Ryo
    -Forehead Protector
    -One extra slot for choosing starting gear above, upping it from 6 to 7
    -A free starting Skill point reset token

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