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» Uchiha Meisen's Character Sheet
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» Byakugan: Telescope
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» Byakugan: Activation
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Major Nations

Minor Nations

  • The Icy North

    The northern most part of the continent, an icy island nestled alone separate from the rest of the world. It is a harsh and dangerous part of the world, filled with nothing but ice, snow and deadly climates. Due to its remote location very few people visit the island, which allows criminals and those seeking to hide a place to get away from the rest of the world. (Regions 1,2,3)(High Danger Zone)

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  • Northern Regions

    The northern part of the main continent is a warm environment littered with forest, fields, plains and even jungle. It is a wide spreading area that connects the two villages with fields and valleys. Two smaller out post are located in these regions that act as safe havens for those out in the wilderness. (Regions 4,5,6,17,18)(Medium Danger Zone)

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  • Southern Regions

    The southern part of the main continent is a dry and hot area, with desert, badlands and waste. Its a empty barren environment with plenty of mountains and arid locations the sweep across the bottom half of the world. There are two smaller out post that act as safe havens for those traveling through the bleak and empty warrens. (Regions 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15)(Medium Danger Zone)

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  • Crater of Death

    The center most part of the main continent, a massive collection of islands and volcanoes. It is a dangerous and violent region home to dangerous creatures, renegade criminals and harsh environments. The main island holds the remains of the massive creature that once ravaged the world, and is now just a bleak and barren waste land surrounded by violent and turbulent waters. (Region 19)(High Danger Zone)

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  • Kataki Road

    The major road way that connects the nations together. A network of paths and roads that weave through each nation, and is patrolled by shinobi, guards or even bandits. (Medium Danger Zone)

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  • The Wilderness

    Open countryside, dense jungle and vast expanse, anyone looking to travel across the country and avoiding major road ways often take to the wilds. While easy to hide and away from peering eyes, the wilderness is dangerous, filled with vile creatures and blood thirsty rouges. (High Danger Zone)

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  • Open Ocean

    Streams, rivers and ocean, perfect for traveling when you want to be alone. However the sea is unforgiving, and getting caught out in open waters without proper resources can spell disaster. (High Danger Zone)

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Discussion Boards

  • General Discussion

    This is the forum where you may post topics to discuss anything and everything with other members.

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  • Role-Play Discussion

    This is where you may make requests for others to role-play with you, find others for your squad or just discuss RP.

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  • Member Box

    Area of the board for members to keep and store things, such as journals, topic trackers or templates.

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  • Spam Area

    This is where you may play 'Spam Games' or just post useless messages with other members.

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    This is where you may find our advertisement, advertise for other sites and request to be an affiliate.

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