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  • Village Gates

    Surrounded by a large wall of stone, the Sun village sits in the bottom of a crater, giving it a natural defense by using the raised edge of the crater as a wall. However an additional set of walls have been built up on top to provide more protection. The gates are etched into this wall of stone, and are patrolled day and night by city guards.

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  • The Strip

    Between the gates and the rest of the village lies the Strip, a long expanse of tourist related areas. The nicer district, everything here is catered to those who are visiting or are new to the village. Due to the dangerous trek it takes to arrive, the village has upped its facilities to accommodate those just arriving.

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  • Business District

    Located in the center of the village, the business district is one of the largest and most populated districts in the village. This is where most of the businesses are located, as well as offices and the administration building.

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  • The Burrows

    Located the furthest from the village gates, this district is where most of the housing is located. Homes for civilians and shinobi alike can be found here, nestled together under the shadow of the rear wall. Its a quiet part of the village as most people respect the residential area.

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  • The Bazaar

    A large market place on the eastern side of the village that has slowly become the shopping district. Here most of your every day stores can be found, as well as restaurants and even taverns. Its a lively place where people come to shop and relax.

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  • Shinobi Grounds

    The western side of the village belongs to the local Shinobi, and is where all manner of business regarding the ninja can be found. Training grounds, academies, barracks and other facilities to aid a shinobi are all located in this part of the village.

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