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    Would you like some Tea? [Solo] Empty Would you like some Tea? [Solo]

    Post by Hyūga Ami Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:25 am

    Mission Info:
    Name: Assassination
    Rank: A-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward:  60 EXP
    Location: Opposite village you are aligned too.
    Details: This assassination mission is all about taking away an important figure from the other village in a clandestine manner with little to no mistakes being acceptable. These targets can range from shinobi and valued merchants to politicians. The mission is clear: find and take out the target with as few consequences as possible and leave no trace of your involvement.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 1200 words.

    It was another night and another event, Ami was no longer sure why she was always chosen to do these missions that required to dress up like porcelain doll. But the girl would find herself in a kimono, made of one of the finest fabric, handed down to her from her grandmother. Made of only the best silk, it was a dark green colour with cherry blossom print. She had even gone through the process of putting chopsticks in her hair, wearing a little makeup as though she cared about the occasion. The Hyuuga was asked to be the host of a tea ceremony, something she had never done before. It was for a group of diplomats, and again she found herself having to disguise herself just to protect these so-called important people. Ami stepped out of her room of the Hyuuga compounds, her body stiff from her attire. She had also worn her blue contacts to hide her lavender-white eyes. "You should dress like this more, like a lady." her mother would say to her, looking at her daughter prim and proper for once in her life.

    "You say that as if I don't dress properly, mother..." Ami's voice was a little above a whisper and waved a hand to indicate to the servants that they could take their leave. She took the mission scroll from her sleeve pocket and studied it for a moment. An assassination mission, and it was in a tea room. From what she had heard, there would be three guests she would be serving tea to, and one of the three would be her target. The only thing she knew was that her target was an important diplomat that was traveling from a minor village to Gekkousato. It just so happened they wanted to have tea and the village thought it would be perfect for her to host a ceremony. Her target held valuable information from her village that would bring chaos if it ever left the village parameters. The girl would follow her mother into the Hyuga tea room, a small fan in her hand. Her mother was a tea master and she was going to train before she had to go on the mission. Glancing at the clock outside the waiting area, she had exactly...five hours. Washing her hands in the mizuya, she would set up the tea pot, the tea bowl, whisk, scoop and green tea on a tray. Ami sat in seiza, her facial expression with the utmost seriousness as she bowed to her mother. Training to be a tea master had never been part of her priorities but she did enjoy spending some quality time with her mother in the process.

    Five hours seemed to pass by so quickly and soon the pink haired girl would find herself walking a little wobbly towards the tea house outside Gekkousato. She had been sitting in seiza for over three hours, the pain in her legs evident as she heaved a sigh. It had been intense, every little movement she made scrutinized heavily. It was only normal since she needed to play the part of a tea master. Carrying her fan in her hand, she had put her weapons in the sleeve of her kimono pockets, her katana was stored in her obi. Ami walked to the tea house, bowing to the owner as she got ready for the guests. The girl would see that her three guests arrived, ushering them into the tatami room. The room itself was small, with a wall scroll of the theme of the tea ceremony, and some flowers in a vase and an canister of incense. Out of the three guests was a woman, dressed in a very expensive kimono, and the other two were men, one with greyish white hair and another younger man with short black hair. They all looked so serious, inviting them into the room as she hosted the tea ceremony. The process of making tea was very long and tedious, but each step was well thought out and organized. As she began to make tea for the first woman and handed her the bowl of green tea, she would lace the tea with some poison, not enough to kill her guests but make them weak.  She would do the same for the other two guests. Ami wanted answers, and she was going to do whatever it took to get them.

    "The tea is delicious." The woman would bow her head, enjoying the tea. If she was the target, Ami expected that the woman would have had some kind of antidote before drinking the tea, not trusting the Gekkousato population under any circumstances. This went for the other two guests as well, which meant that only one of them would not be phased by the small amount of poison within the liquid. She would take the bowl back from her guest, purifying it with her fukusa before she started to pour the next bowl, for the young man. Ami repeated this process another time for the older gentleman, watching both intently as they finished their tea. For a moment the only sound that filled the small room was the girl finishing the process of cleaning the utensils. She turned her head at the sound of a moan escaping from the woman first. A hand was on her stomach and it seemed as though she was in some pain. Ami would finish her role as a host, before standing up swiftly to the woman. "Are you alright?" She would touch her shoulder gently, watching her face to see if she was faking pain. Satisfied the woman wasn't, she would quickly walk to the mizuya for a glass of water and a pill from her kimono sleeve. It was the antidote for the poison. The pink haired girl would return swiftly to the woman and give her the glass, dissolving the antidote into the water before giving it to her. "You'll feel better after this..." Ami whispered to her softly.

    As she heard another moan from the older man, her eyes scrutinized the younger man. For unknown reasons she seemed to not trust either of them. The younger man's face looked pale under the light, while the older man was doubled in pain on the floor. The Hyuuga would go to both of them, study them and return with some water for both of them. One glass had the antidote and one glass didn't. The woman would give each a glass, still studying their facial expressions. It seemed the tensed expression the young man had given her had relaxed a fraction, and the older man would eventually sit up again. Only one of them could have been in real pain, she thought for a moment, the hilt of her katana sliding from underneath her kimono sleeve. The next second, she unsheathed the blade, the glint of the metal of her sword reflected in their eyes. Her movements were quick, taking her blade and piercing the gut of the older man. He was good at acting but not good enough, the water she had given him was one that didnt have the antidote in it. The girl felt bad, as blood trickled from his body onto the tatami mat, the place of tranquility now not so tranquil anymore because of the bloodshed. It wasn't something that she had wanted to do, disturbing the harmony of an otherwise sacred tea room. Ami looked at the man, his face in awe as she pulled the blade from within his body.

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