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    And so it was.... (Solo)


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    And so it was.... (Solo) Empty And so it was.... (Solo)

    Post by Keiji Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:15 am

    Mission info:
    Name: Supply Delivery
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Details: You have been hired to take basic supplies from the village out into the wild. Several shinobi have been posted up in the region to patrol, and are in need of basic things like food, water and a restock in ninja tools. You must brave the wild with a bag full of these supplies, and deliver them to the outpost located in the region.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    There was a long groan that would leave the young man's lips as he pulled himself into a tree and perched onto a branch. Keiji had been staying in the Moon Village for a few days now and, for the most part, it had been a pretty interesting trip. When he was told to come by one of the offices yesterday, he had been expecting to receive a mission but not something so... Boring. The mission that he had been given was to take several care packages to shinobi that were posted up as patrol in the area. They had told him there was a chance that many dangerous things lived out in the forest but he didn't really believe there was something in the forest that could compare to him. He had spent a large portion of the day running through the forest and giving these shinobi their supplies; most of them were extremely gracious to him for the delivery.He would let out a soft sigh as he sat down fully on the branch and checked the pack he was given for the mission today, "Just one more delivery and I can head back, good." He'd then slide the pack onto his back again, adjusting his Mari-Blade that was on his lower back as he did. He had brought most of his ninja supplies with him when he had decided to go on this mission, leaving his demon wind shuriken neatly folded near the handle for his blade..

    Even if he had run into some type of wild animal, he wasn't really worried about needing his tools for that; they were more likely to ruin the pelts and meat of animals anyway. While traveling through the forest, there was definitely no denying that it was beautiful even if otherworldly compared to his travels to the sun or the north. As he moved through the treetops, he would suddenly catch the strong smell of iron. "Blood?" He would comment underneath his breath, adjusting his movement so that he could get closer to its source. His own boredom had gotten the better of him, he had to see what was causing this.

    Perhaps some beast doing hunting? Ahah! As he came up to the sight, there was a large bear with giant claws that seemed to have gotten itself on some type of creature. It was hard to tell what it was eating at this point but. He would jump down from his tree while rolling his shoulders speaking directly to the bear while it was eating, "You're the strongest looking thing I've seen in the forest before! Let's see how strong of a beast you are!", The bear would turn to Keiji and let out a bellowing roar that shook the ground beneath them.

    The beast would charge forward and swipe at him with its large claws but the youth would bring up his blade to meet the beast's palm to stop it from getting close. He would then perform a flicking motion lacerating the bears paw in before spinning around in a circle and gutting the creature deftly. Bear in hand he would drag the beast all the way back home to have it cleaned and processed for his clan, and so that he could take the skin for himself to fashion a cloak out of.

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