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    Post by Kaguya Shinigai Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:30 am

    Name: Outing Squatters
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village or its region
    Details: Squatters have taken refuge in local abandoned buildings both in the villages and outside in the outskirts. Your mission is to evict these squatters, removing them from their locations and getting them out of the area. Most of them are druggies or criminals hiding from the law, and can be arrested if need be.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Shinigai had been doing a lot of missions lately. He was mostly stuck at home for the time being and waiting for any orders to move out and help the other villages in fighting or anything really. He was starting to get bored because his friends had left him for their own missions and he had not been invited but he knew that those missions would bring too much awkwardness to the table. Shinigai had finally awoken as he walked out of his small home in the kaguya compound. A man would stand outside as he waited to greet him. "Morning" He would say as he began to walk past the older man. "Stop. I must come." The elder of the clan would say as he followed behind shinigai. He didn't have too much to say about it but would walk slow enough for the man to keep up. He would travel through the busy streets of the village to make it to the mission center and look through the wall of missions. Pointing to one of the missions he would begin to speak. "I would like..." Suddenly the voice of the old man would interrupt him. "No he will be taking on this mission, Thank you." Jayy would turn to look at the elder and glare at him for a bit. "Fine" He would say in reply as he took a hold of the paper and began to read it.

    Leaving the center he would head for one of the warehouses on the outside of the village with the old man in tow. They had not said anything to one another since they had departed from the mission center. "Why are you following me?" Shinigai would ask the man as he looked over to him. The man would continue to walk with his eyes closed and then he spoke. "Do you hate me?" He asked. A surprised look on his face as he looked straight. "No Elder. you are the one who took me in. Hating you would be a crime." Shinigai said as he would speed up. They had made it to the building the squatters had taken over. Shinigai would scan the area making sure that there had been no one guarding the place. "Your mother would be so fond of seeing you like this..." He would say. Shinigai would growl a bit as he hated hearing any mention of his mother from the other kaguya clansmen. They had hated her and even he could feel this hate as a child.

    Without hesitating shinigai would rush into the warehouse. Pulling out his katana he would hear the old man speak once more. "You don't like to be known as a kaguya? We are not all the same young one. Feel the pain in your heart but do not allow it to hold you back in power." Jayy would look down a bit as he continued forward. Slamming in the doors open he would see a group of four squatters. The first one would be so surprised he was in shock. As shinigai would grab the closest rope and tie the man up. the other three would begin to run. Shinigai would chase down two striking their calves and causing them to fall to the ground. "Where did he go." shinigai said to himself as he turned to see the last man with a knife running toward the kaguya elder. "No worries sonny." He said as his body would begin to contort and the kaguyas bloodline would shine. Two weapons would be created from the man's brittle bones as he would strike down the last squatter. Shinigai would be surprised but he would not allow this to stop him from completing his mission. Shinigai would tie all of the squatters up and head to the nearest cells in the village. After so he would look toward the kaguya elder and bow. "I won't forget my heritage." He said as he would leave the side of the elder man. He would stand there and watch as the young boy left his side.

    683 words

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