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    Just another day on the Job [Solo] Empty Just another day on the Job [Solo]

    Post by Ryojin Fri May 22, 2020 10:23 am

    The Objective:

    Name: Scout the Border
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village's region
    Details: Just like patrolling the village is important, it is also important to make sure the nations borders are secure. Your task is to spend time roaming the regions borders and making sure nothing looks out of place. This includes roaming the main road, outing bandit camps or arresting thieves. While it can be boring at times, you never know what is going to pop up out in the wild.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    It had been a couple days now since Ryojin had arrived home from the sun village. His father had been furious that he managed to not even give notice that he was leaving. It led to an argument for the first time ever between him and his father and now Ryojin was a bit unsettled. He had chosen to take the day and patrol the border. Recent reports had talked about the possibility of a bandit camp a little too close for comfort and Ryojin's job was to subdue or take care of otherwise. As of recently, he had been careful to do these kinds of missions at night time, but today he had a new method.

    The goal was simple. He was to assist them in robbing a shinobi merchant, and when the moment came, he was to strike and leave no prisoners. Get them to leave or end them. Those were the options this time. Ryojin still had yet to kill a person. In truth, he wished he never would have to, but he knew very well that there were those people who were just awfully stubborn. Ryojin first had to disguise himself a bit. He the sleeves from one of his black shirts. He let his hair down and used his hands to make it a bit on the uncontrolled side. He left his headband behind for this mission. He carried with him both his bo and kunai sword. The Kunai sword would remain strapped horizontally on his lower back, he had the bo fully drawn.

    The set up began simple. Ryojin baited a group of wild boars to the camp. This part was easy. The hard part was going to be getting them to recklessly charge in. As the boar's sat there eating at the bait, Ryojin would extend only one half of the bo staff. He would whack each boar across the behind with one swift strike, and that did just fine. He ran from the boars and upon getting close enough to the bandit camp, his mission began. "Somebody help!!!" Ryojin shouted as he ran right toward the bandit camp. The camp was being patrolled by two burly looking fellows each wielding a katana.

    Ryojin didn't stop running even despite the shouts from the two guards. The guards realized that the boars were after him and had both begun to laugh slightly hysterically, but then they realized with Ryojin running into the camp, now so were the boars. Both of them rubbed their temples slightly and drew their swords. They offed the boars pretty quick. It was interesting how they killed with absolutely zero remorse. The last boar had decided that it was done for the day and took off on it's own.

    Ryojin then, was approached by the two guards. "Gee thanks fellas. I really appreciate the help." Though, they grabbed him and dragged him by the elbows into a crude tent. He didn't bother fighting with them. "Oh hey guys, come on!" He whined as they tied him up to keep him still. They took his bo and sword. "What's a kid like you doing with these?" The two guards laughed heartily once more. "You see, my dad made them. There's a road not too far from here that a merchant is slated to come through today. This merchant has really messed with my dad's business. I'm honestly pissed. I planned on taking care of him." The two guards stared at him a bit in awe. It seemed as though they doubted him, but after a moment the greed took in.

    He told the two guards about how the merchant was well known for carrying precious gems and metals village to village. Their eyes had might as well turned into dollar signs. The dogs were practically drooling over the idea of getting their hands on valuables worth something more than just the grains and botanical life that had been coming through lately. The guards agreed to let him go and return his weapons so long as he agreed to help them on this escapade. Check and mate.

    The guards gave word to the leader of the small group of bandits. There were six of them in total. Ryojin was well aware that there would also be six shinobi hiding on the caravan, and then there was himself. The small ragtag group would be more than enough for these bandits. They made their way to the edge of the forest closest to the road and waited in silence. Soon, a wagon began to roll up toward the village. This was it. This was what Ryojin had been waiting for. It was time. Ryojin headed down to the cart with the bandits. They surrounded the front of the cart. Now, Ryojin spoke up. "Come on out Ijin! Give me back what you took from my father!" It took a matter of seconds. All at once, the driver dove from the carriage kunai drawn. From the back, five additional shinobi. One per bandit. Ryojin was tasked with taking down the leader. He had already extended both sides of his bo and charged forward.

    These guys were definitely not shinobi. Their movements were slow and reckless. It didn't take long for the bandits to begin being flustered and overall over powered. Ryojin had swung one end of his bow at their leader but he intercepted it well with his wakizashi. This guy definitely had more potential than the others, but Ryojin was still faster. Stronger. He finally managed to land a solid blow on the man's left knee and after, a quick spinning swing to the man's face. This sent him unconscious. They tied each criminal up with their wire and they loaded them onto the empty cart.

    "Thanks everybody, I'd say this was a job well done."

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