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    Post by Genkumaru Sun Jul 19, 2020 4:23 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Assassination
    Rank: A-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 60 EXP
    Location: Opposite village you are aligned too.
    Details: This assassination mission is all about taking away an important figure from the other village in a clandestine manner with little to no mistakes being acceptable. These targets can range from shinobi and valued merchants to politicians. The mission is clear: find and take out the target with as few consequences as possible and leave no trace of your involvement.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 1200 words.

    The mission from the day before was still fresh in his mind but he wasn't concerned with the ramifications, expecting to hear something about the turn of events when he got to the village, at least among the guards at least. But, despite the carnage that had been caused, he didn't hear a single thing from the people of the town about how the diplomat and his pleasure entourage had been slain and descended upon by masked bandits. He would keep his calm as he slipped into the gates of the village and down the streets, trying to think of just how deep the ring of debauchery that man had control over, and just how hedonistic had it really been? The missing children still continued so clearly he wasnt the prime suspect anymore in Gen's eyes.

    If even the shinobi weren't aware of the destruction he caused, then he would need to do more than just kill a few nobles and aristocrats to get their attention. He would ponder over everythign that had transpired as of late as he moved through the streets of the village and to his home to relieve himself of everything that was unneeded for what he had to do next. He would take a blade from his brothers room as he gathered clothes to clad himself in all black later that night, and prepared for the next mission he would be heading on, taking his kunai as a back up weapon and his makibishi only. Knowing that he was to perform another assassination and needed to make it seem as unseen as possible. He already had his next mission, something that he was going to do in the cover of night; meaning he had a bit of time to kill before he needed to head out.

    The first thing that he did after unpacking his belongings was start to strip off his clothing while moving to the bathroom, starting up a steaming shower. He would spend a decent amount of time in their simply reflecting over his thoughts to some degree, while still getting himself clean. The hot water of the shower felt like a kiss from heaven on his tired and scarred body now. Tracing the scar on his torso from the Senju woman, and the scar on his shoulder from Sonin, his left side was a constant weak spot of his which was deadly as his heart was closer to his left then right side of his chest, at least according to Sojiro during an examination before. His body was weaker and still recovering as well from gaining the Akimichi DNA through his brother's experiment which was taking a little too long to get his muscle mass back. It was a pain in the ass, the adjustment, but it was something that he was learning to slowly live with as he practiced his breathing technique once more that Kannagi had gifted him wit a long time ago. By the time he got out of the shower, the sun was slowly getting closer to lowering and there was a soft breath of annoyance that left his lips.

    He had definitely spent more time in the shower than he intended but he wouldn't let it bother him, it felt good and the fact that the hot water of the home never seemed to go out was simply a blessing of the natural hot springs his ancestors at settled upon as well as the circulatory system that had been installed in ages past. He would towel himself off and move into his room to begin preparing himself officially. The materials that he had left on his bed were a pitch black plain ninja outfit that seemed like it was from a movie or ages past. This had been his go-to outfit in terms of handling 'shady' missions so that the village couldn't be tracked to the murders and he could protect his own identity while doing this. It was something that had been given to him by his brother, and only begged the question that possibly Sojiro had done this before without him.

    He would slip the shirt on, followed by the pants and then the black socks that would cover his feet. As he pulled the mask over his face to hide his facial features, the sun would completely disappear from view and the village would sink into pure darkness. As that happened, he would open the window of his room and disappear into the village. He would use his explosion palm technique to soar up to the highest point in the village before landing upon it under the cover of the cloudy sky that had formed, from here he would search for his targets location. His mission was to kill another important merchant that lived inside the walls of the Sun Village, a task that honestly seemed too easy all things considered as he moved through the shadows before finally reaching the estate.

    The place was a decent-enough size, the walls surrounding it leaving a decent enough yard that a few guards had been moving through while patrolling. He would cross over the walls and into the compound with ease, using tekko-bito to scale the walls like once again like an old school ninja, but sometimes the classics were the best! He had came up behind one of the guards and drove his fist into the left side of the mans skull knocking him unconscious in a single powerful blow. As that happened, another guard had started to walk around one of the high hedges and he didn't have much time to react. He would dash in the space between the two of them quickly and kick him in the chest against the wall denting it slightly but also completely rendering the man unconscious as well. He was aiming not to kill anyone but the intended target.

    With the two guards that were patrolling the grounds subdued, he would move to the first door that led inside and would take stock of the guards inside. With ease, he grabbed the door and broke it off its hinges, laying against the side of the building, completely bypassing the lock on it. As he traversed through the building now so far unimpeded he would begin hearing one of the guards moving in the other room but he would ignore him, instead moving towards the stairs and towards the second story, where he would find two more guards in front of a door that he could only assume belonged to the merchant. He would move quickly as he charged into them performing two lariats with his arms outstretched pinning them into the walls as they slipped into the darkness of forced sleep.

    This was slightly loud in it of itself however and commotion could be heard coming from inside the room now. Hiding against the wall as he let the guards bodies slump into the ground he waited for the man inside to stumble out of his bedroom, half clothed and brandishing a katana as he panicked at the site of his men and looked down the hall. With a simple flick of his wrist he would draw his brothers blade he had borrowed and drive it straight into the mans neck from the angle he was at, just as he turned his head to his right and saw Gen. Blood would begin to rush from the wound as he collapsed to the ground and choked for a few moments before the light faded from his eyes. Stabbing him through the heart from behind to make sure, he would clean the blade on one of the guards before sneaking back home and returning Sojiro's blade, disrobing and showering again before bed. He had truly come full circle and become a full fledged ninja.

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