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    Post by Hyūga Ami Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:53 am

    Mission Info.:
    Name: Deliver a package
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: From one village to another
    Details: You have been tasked with hand delivering a very important package to another Hidden village. If you are a Moon shinobi then you must venture to Nikkousato and deliver a package to the office, and vice versa if you belong to the Sun village. The package is important and can not be destroyed or stolen. The mission is completed once you have turned in the package to the front desk of the administration building.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words. You must also end up in the opposite village of your own.

    Night-time Travels [Solo] JtCQojK

    ”Ami, your mission. Take a look.” The green haired Hyuuga was sitting at the coffee shop with her senpai, having a leisure cup of coffee. It tasted a lot more bitter than she had remembered, though her mood had something to do with, she thought to herself. Reaching to grab the mission scroll, she opened it, reading its contents. A package was to be delivered to the sun village. That seemed pretty easy. The girl nodded her head and rolled the scroll back it, putting it carefully on the table and stared at her coffee. Seeing her expression, the other woman heaved a sigh. “You know Ami, it’s not your fault.” She had told the woman almost all about what had happened at that same coffee shop between her, Jayy, Keiji and Karite, as well as the aftermath. It seemed to her that she was the only one suffering and although she knew it was probably all in her head. “I know…it’s just…complicated.” She was thinking more about Keiji at that point, since she had practically not conversed with the other Genin after their mission together. It was painful for her to keep a distance, but she could also tell that such distance was needed. She would shake her head before rising from her chair, taking the scroll with her. “It’s okay, I can handle it.”

    The kunoichi paid the bill for both coffees before heading out onto the busy streets, her new mission in hand. She was actually very happy that she was on a solo mission this time around. All the drama recently had taken a toll on her mental state so she really needed some time to clear her head. The young girl walked down the busy streets, heading to the village gates. She was going to have to pick up the package from the administration building first before heading to the Sun Village. She turned the corner and reached the business district, heading directly to the building. She would pick up the package at the desk, giving the secretary a nod before heading out again. With the package tucked safely under her arm, the girl continued down the path, stopping at the gates. “I’ll be back.” The kunoichi knew the guard very well, having seen him countless of times while she was on her missions. It seemed that every time it would be him to greet her. Today was no exception. He gave her a cheerful wave as she stepped out.

    Now off to the Sun Village…she had been there a couple times before. But she was also heavily directionally challenged, which meant that she could go somewhere a hundred times and still treat each time as an entirely new experience. She also got lost most of the time, which didn’t help matters. Ami would travel down Kataki Road, looking at the beautiful sun setting. It was going to be night soon, the time of day she usually preferred had it not been for an actual mission. Venturing out of the village at this time of day wasn’t recommended for a Genin, and definitely wasn’t recommended for someone who didn’t have enough to protect themselves, while on a solo mission. She would have to go quickly and come back equally as quickly or risk spending the night out in wilderness. She also didn’t think that the Sun village would particularly like a person creeping around their gates at night. It also meant she would have to guard up at night, for wild animals or bandits. She hoped she wouldn’t have the luxury to meet any tonight.

    The trip to the other village was not a short one, as she soon learned, especially when doing so alone. Ami noticed that the sun would go down much faster than she had anticipated, quickly adjusting her bearings to the little light source that was available. “Byakugan…” she breathed under her breath, activating her kekkei gekkai in case there were any sudden attacks that would come behind bushes or trees. Her steps became heavy, not accustomed to going off on adventures at night. It scared her a little bit as she made through the forests, clutching her scroll in her hand tightly. Although she was not an untrained shinobi, she feared darkness like no other. It was then that she heard a sound, a sudden sound coming from behind the trees. Her eyes focused, she would try to detect chakra paths. None…she breathed under her breath, as she saw a small stray cat run across. Her anxiety getting the best of her, the Hyuuga continued her way.

    And by the time she reached the outskirts of the Sun Village it was well beyond midnight. The girl was tired, exhausted from battling her nerves and the possibility of being eaten alive by a wild animal. She would rest behind a rock, not exactly the most comfortable location, as she waited for sun rise. The girl hoped that none of the guards had seen her, since she didn’t want to be considered an intruder. Well…she had the mission scroll regardless but she was unsure of how the Sun Village people reacted. She herself had acted on impulse on numerous occasions when she was on patrol duty in the Moon Village. Her eyes would soon close, the next time awakening to the preferred sunlight. Ami would make her way to the gates, showing the scroll to the guards and be allowed entry. She was never going to do a mission requiring traveling at night ever again…having been through her hardest mission yet even though nothing exciting had actually happened.  

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