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    Post by Guest Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:46 am

    Tatsuya walked, dragging a bat behind him, and made his way through the slums along the outer wall of Nikkousato. Most respectable folk didn’t come to this portion of the city, mostly out of fear of the various ner-do-wells that called it home, but Tatsuya had lived in places like this his whole life and was more than comfortable. It also didn’t hurt that his appearance, leather pants, a snake-skin jacket, steel-toed shoes, and the bat he was dragging behind him through the dirt, made people give him a fairly wide berth. Eventually, he got to the building that the mission entailed. The place was a boarded-up old two-story building that looked like it would get blown over by a strong wind. A perfect place to shack up if you didn’t want anyone poking their nose into what you were doing. Unfortunately for the occupants, Tatsuya made it his mission to poke his nose everywhere that it didn’t belong. He ran up and kicked down the door, which flew inside the building and landed on the floor. Not because he had kicked it so hard, but because it had already been off its hinges and had just been leaning against the doorway.the first floor of the building was completely trashed and lacked any actual furniture. Drug-dealers, creative people that they were, had turned over a large wooden spool in the middle of the room to function as a table, and piles of crates were stacked around it to function as chairs. Five men currently sat around it, playing cards, when Tatsuya broke in. They shot up from their chairs, startled, but the anxiety quickly turned to confidence when they saw it was only one man. “I don’t know who told you we were here, freak, but you’re dead.” They all moved toward Tatsuya, the one who spoke charging in with an overhead punch, “Oh no, he’s coming right at me.” Tatsuya intoned with a deadpan voice and his bat met the man’s fist in midair accompanied by a cacophony of cracking bones and the man fell to the ground shrieking.“You sonofa-” was as far as another man got while reaching for a knife in his waistband before Tatsuya’s bat, thrown overhead with two hands like he was driving railroad spikes, soared across the room and slammed into his face, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. Two more charged toward him trying to grab him but Tatsuya dropped to the floor and began to spin on his arms and shoulders, pistoning his legs out to sweep the two of them off their feet with a breakdancing move. He quickly popped himself back up to his feet and cartwheeled over to one side, slamming a knee into the stomach of one of the downed men as he did, pushing the air from him.Tatsuya got back to his feet, cackling, and one of the crates the men had been sitting on flew across the room and glanced off his shoulder, spinning him around and nearly knocking him off his feet. One of the remaining deemed it wise not to get close to Tatsuya and decided to just start hucking anything big he could get his hands on at him, not a bad strategy honestly. The next crate came sailing and Tatsuya caught it and threw it back, right at the man’s face. He caught it in turn, laughed, raised it over his head, and saw Tatsuya in front of him as he drove his foot into the man’s groin. The man slowly collapsed to his knees a reedy hissing sound escaping from his mouth. Impressively he still held the crate over his head and Tatsuya raised one foot straight up into the air before sending an ax kick down to smash through the crate and into the man’s head, crumpling him into the floor.The last man, the one Tatsuya had swept off his feet but not given a coup de grace, struggled back to his feet and charged him, a knife swinging wildly. Tatsuya side-stepped each wild swing easily and each time he did he slapped the man across the face, a resounding crack reverberating through the room each time. Each slap enraged the man further, making his attacks even more sloppy and easy to dodge, but before long they started to add up and the man was struggling to stand as his head rang from the repeated blows. He made one more wild swing and Tatsuya side-stepped it, turning his back to the man as he did, before bringing his fist up and smashing the back of his hand into the man’s face. He staggered backward, only kept on his feet by the fact that he hit a wall behind him, and Tatsuya followed him. The man bounced off the wall as Tatsuya ran a few steps up it, not with chakra, just his speed, before flipping backward off it and driving the steel tip of his shoe into the side of the man’s head in midair. He landed on his feet as the final man collapsed unconscious on the ground.Tatsuya looked around, smiling widely at a job well done and fun to boot. As a Genin he had to do a lot of busy work so it wasn’t often a mission like this came around that let him cut loose on the village’s dime. Not bad

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