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    Anilamaya Religion  Empty Anilamaya Religion

    Post by Letony Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:00 pm

    Religion/Group Template
    Name: Anilamaya (Lit: "Air" or "Wind" Illusion)
    Maya The Goddess of Illusion
    Anilamaya Religion  Screenshot-2018-12-30-19.03.59
    Maya is the source of all illusions and dreams of the Konowari clan. She works in a paradoxical order being the progenitor of illusion, and yet the revealer of truth to those who dwell in the clan. Known as the Divine Mother of the Konowari clan, the individual, “mine”, and “yours”, are considered illusory, belonging to Maya. She despises those who contradict this illusory concept, favoring those of the Konowari for their belief in her order of things. This means she dislikes the rest of mankind for not fitting in with her ways. Maya prefers using members of the Konowari to spread her illusion to others, and hopes of granting a swift meeting with the Goddess in the afterlife.  

    Vayu the God of Wind  
    Anilamaya Religion  Vayu_Deva
    Vayu is the source of all life, symbolizing the breath of air that every human being takes. He is rather proud, borderline arrogant at his claims to all air that mankind breaths in, demanding respect for that very reason. The fact that only the Konowari recognize him for the air they breathe, grants them extreme favor amongst Vayu. And for this same reason, he despises every breathe that mankind takes, the Konowari praising and assisting him of removing mankind from taking his air with due respect to Vayu. He is also seen as the protector of the Konowari clan, a great guardian of the spiritual, and physical plain.  

    Behaviors and Practices

    In the teachings of Anilamaya those who worship are expected to engage in daily praise. The person will get on their knees and close their eyes as they deliver worship. They will praise Vayu and Maya in their thoughts, and actions for revealing the truth and life itself. They are expected to make ritual sacrifices to Maya and Vayu by committing murders and inflicting pain on mankind. They need no more than to commit the act in their name, and lightly say a prayer of their foe.  

    World Views and Morals

    Many of the Konowari share the same views as Maya and Vayu, with twisted morals and ethics. If one does not respect Maya and Vayu it is considered blasphemy. Mankind is seen as draining what does not belong to them, and this lends a hint of distain and jealousy for those who follow this religion. Those who follow this religion are indifferent to right and wrong, and follow what best serves Vayu and Maya and the spread of the religion to other Konowari members. They see the world as belonging to Maya and Vayu, so politics are considered petty arrangements, and should be used to further the goals of the Konowari clan.  

    Texts and Sanctified Places

    There exists the Book of Anilamaya, detailing all there is to know about the two Gods, and their formation. It also describes how to become closer, and gain access to these God’s powers. It is a double-edged sword, because for non-Konowari that read the book, they will come to know the wrath of these gods. There also exists the Shrine of Maya, and the Temple of Vayu, where artifacts are sometimes stored, and where the book of Anilamaya can be found. These are also locations of worship, which are guarded by Konowari clan members twenty-four hours.  

    Prophecies and Ethics

    The Konowari believe in a day when all mankind will respect Vayu and Maya for what they provide, and thus prophecy of this coming to pass. Or in contrast some believe in a day where all mankind will cease to exist except those who believe. Their ethics follow suit with their morals, they have no concept of what’s right or wrong in their beliefs or in anything except disrespectful behavior toward them or these gods.    

    Levels of Worship

    Konowari has adopted the ancient wind God Vāyu, and the ancient illusion Goddess Māyā as their own. Historically Vayu and Maya are Deva’s linked to Indra as half-siblings. Together it is thought within the Konowari that their powers are derived from these Gods and that they are responsible for bringing the clan together as one. The purpose of Anilamaya is to bring one closer to these Gods. Becoming close with these Gods allows a member of the Konowari clan to access their otherworldly powers. The Konowari clan also possess sacred weaponry passed down for generations said to be created by Maya, and Vayu.

    By sacrificing human bodies to either deity; is one way for a member of the Konowari to become closer with these Gods. Closeness can occur to various degrees. The act of spilling blood in Maya and Vayu's name is seen as an act of praise. As the Gods themselves despise any person not a member of the Konowari clan. To achieve total closeness with Maya and Vayu requires one to meet certain daily requirements.

    Beginner Level Worship: This is the beginning stages of worshiping Vayu and Maya, where the person involved is first introduced to the religion. They may only know of these God's existence, and are not dedicated to daily worship in their thoughts, or actions. The person will be unaware of the requirements to delve further into the religion unless they read the book of Anilamaya. This book is contained at the Konowari clan headquarters located in Nikkousato. To transcend this level of worship, one must detail discovering, and reading this book in a 1000 Word post.
    Benefits of Beginner Level: This level allows your character to obtain and use Anilamaya related weaponry and items.

    Intermediate Level Worship: At this stage the person is quite familiar with Maya and Vayu, knowing they exist without a doubt in their mind. Worshiping Vayu and Maya becomes a part of this person's daily life. They will praise Vayu and Maya in their thoughts, and actions. Because these Gods despise human-kind, inflicting violence and cruelty become a form of praise. Those at this level must worship at least once daily or once every 4 posts while not in combat or on a mission. The person will get on their knees and close their eyes as they deliver worship. Interrupting this worship will anger the Gods, and thus the worshiper may become angered as a result. To transcend this level of worship, one must sacrifice another PC human or Staff Controlled NPC by killing them in the name of Maya and Vayu.
    Benefits of Intermediate Level: This level allows your character to obtain and use Anilamaya related jutsu up to A-Rank.  

    Advanced Level Worship: At this stage of worship the person lives completely as a servant to Maya and Vayu; fulfilling any task they set forth. They are capable of communing directly with one or both Gods at the same time. A person at this stage no longer lives to fulfill their own goals, and instead seek to spread the teachings of Anilamaya to new generations of Konowari clan members. This person will become a spiritual guide of the Konowari clan. They are also charged with protecting the secrets of Anilamaya from any outsiders. A person of this level cannot perform any tasks or activities without Maya and Vayu's influence. To reach this level of worship, a PC must detail how and why your character discarded their own goals to follow Anilamaya, in a 2000 Word post.
    Benefits of Advanced Level: This level allows your character to obtain and use Anilamaya related jutsu up to S-Rank.  

    Location: Nikkousato
    Requirements: Konowari Clan
    Member List: Letony, Konowari
    Bow of Vayu
    Belt of Maya
    Maya's Rage
    Maya's Mercy
    Konowari Kai
    Illusion Goddess: Maya
    Wind God: Vayu
    Wind Release: Pocket Collapse
    Book of Anilamaya

    Anilamaya Religion  Konowari-Symbol
    Character Sheet & Character Profile
    Anilamaya Religion  Letony-Sig


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