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    Patrol [Solo Mission] Empty Patrol [Solo Mission]

    Post by Letony Mon Jul 13, 2020 10:56 am

    Name: Patrol the Village
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village
    Details: There is always something going on in the village. Low level criminals, basic thieves, or natural disasters like fires can pop up at any moment. Patrolling the village is the duty of all shinobi and you must make sure all is well within the village. Patrolling consists of walking the streets, watching over businesses, looking into rumors, and just keeping an over all eye on things.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Letony had his mission, this was a standard C-Rank patrol. He would move about the village, exploring what was to him new land. He had recently received his title as Genin and simply could not settle for any D-Rank missions. He despised the idea of fulfilling such low-level tasks and opted for something more exciting. Letony did not get excited however.  

    At this moment it was around nine o’clock in the morning, the arid heat easily giving off the feel of noon time. Letony stood just at the precipice of The Strip, considering this a decent location to begin his patrol.

    Letony opted to leave his black cloak at home. Instead he wore his white hoodie covered by his Konowari Clan vest which showed the clan’s symbol in the center. The white hood was raised covering his silver hair which could attract unwanted attention.  

    Letony began walking into The Strip, his eyes searching for anything out of the ordinary. He glanced around about three times. Left. Right. Left. There was nothing happening. People simply continued their day jobs and it was business as usual. Letony expected at least a few suspicious new faces, but everything seemed fine on this end. He would continue walking slowly down The Strip, when he thought to check a few landmark places. There were a few hotspots where some activity could be taking place. Afterall this was the spot to let loose and party. Maybe he could intervene in a brawl or settle some disputes.  

    Letony’s idea would bring him to his first stop The Lucky Cactus. It was your typical casino vibe. There were a few individuals lined up at the concession stand but nothing out of the ordinary. The people who came out to gamble at this time of morning were mostly old and couldn’t possibly cause any trouble. Letony was starting to become upset at the lack of action, he cursed this day and proceeded to walk onward toward the next hotspot.  

    Blinsky’s Gambling Hall became the next destination. This place was in stark contrast to the first gambling spot, having quite a few more guests. Letony was instantly annoyed because of the larger crowd, but he did notice some unsavory looking characters. This was a great place for con artists, and thieves. There was a total of four men sitting in a circle around the side of the Gambling Hall which was secluded and dark enough to possibly be partaking in unlawful activity. The four sat, some form of game occurring at the epicenter of their circle. Save for a trash dumpster and a few old buckets, a barrel, there was nothing of worth in this narrow passage way created by the Gambling Hall and another building which hugged it closely. That included the four individuals in Letony’s mind; they were indeed worthless scum. It appeared there was a cup filled with a couple of die. They were shooting some sort of dice game. This activity was not sanctioned by the authorities, and thus Letony would take it upon himself to rectify this indecent activity.  

    Letony made his way to the corner of the side of the Gambling Hall, walking slowly. He would peak around the corner using only one of his eyes, keeping his body unexposed to the four sitting just around the corner. He wanted a more in-depth view of what they were doing. In the right moment he would act and apprehend these miscreants.  

    “What do you bastards think you’re doing here? Gambling outside an established gambling hall is absurd. This ends now. You’re coming with me to jail,” Letony took a step from behind the corner as he spoke with a vast amount of anger in his voice. His sudden appearance startled the men and they gazed toward him in shock.  

    “We’re sorry Sun village Shinobi-san, we will dismiss our game immediately! Please don’t arrest us!”

    Letony felt a sudden amusement. He smirked on the inside at the chance to exact some cruelty, his face remaining just as angry as when he spoke earlier. When the four finished speaking Letony slowly reached for the hilt of his Katana. The men would notice this as they rise to their feet in a hurry. “Please don’t.”

    Letony was only a few feet from the four standing men, as they backed away from Letony’s approach slowly. With speed fitting of a Genin shinobi, Letony held the bottom of the hilt forward so as to strike with the blunt impact of the hilt against the cranium of one of the four men. The katana’s blade went behind him just above his shoulder as he knocked the first man unconscious. He tumbled to the ground, “Don’t turn this into a chase. I can guarantee you’ll regret it,” Letony says as the other men watched their partner get taken down. This killed their morale and the other men refused to run, holding their hands out in surrender. Letony quickly found something to tie their hands together, even the unconscious one on the ground. Letony would grab one of the buckets and douse the idiot in water to wake him. Letony had already sheathed his blade to fulfill his prior actions, removing it once more when the criminals were sufficiently aligned and walking where he wanted them to. The sword was to keep them in check.  

    Letony delivered the ingrates to the local jail to be booked for their illegal gambling. He would soon participate in yet another mission, heading in the direction of the village gates.


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