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    Post by Guest Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:00 am

    Name: Destroy the Supply House
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Within a Yellow region
    Details: A secret supply house has been found in the wilderness. It appears to belong to some local bandits or criminals using it to store their goods or supplies. As long as this supply house remains intact, the criminals have access to what they need to continue to flourish. Your job is to destroy the supply house using any means necessary. While the mission itself seems simple, the house is most likely guarded by bandits or thugs, which can make the mission a little tricky.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.
    Most Heinous for a Hare B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Most Heinous for a Hare B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Most Heinous for a Hare B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "When we get Home;"
    “I Know we Won’t Be Home at All!!”

    It all happened on the edge of the Kataki Road that was unwinding close to the bridge. An outpost built for seeing the criminals that both came in and out of the village of Craiglorn. The Bingo Book was filled with pages crossed out because of the outpost that was built and used there. Shinobi, Moon Village in their headband and carven just as much into their name as in steel, were sitting around and noted one by one in conversation. Takashi of the Crescent Blade, Moria of the Crimson Flame, and not to mention Miyuri, the wolf born from the Inuzuka. All of them were famed rookies at best who were sitting there enjoying their fill of barely and broth as they laughed about their most recent exploit. Unbeknownst that their next story would be tragic.

    ”Not a single one?” Miyuri would toss back her head while showing her fangs, ”You clowns are sucking lately! Not a single page filled in the book? This is a hotspot for crooks passing through! Between my nose and those pieces of steel, you all should-”

    SNIFF! Mayuri would stop amidst her rambling and sit up right in her chair.

    SNIFF-SNIFF! The scent unmistakable as her eyes would twitch and her head would turn.

    ”Can’t be.” she would glance at the two men, ”I smell...something familiar nearby. Like...something from the village.” It would cause them some alarm at first, but bewilderment as they tried to piece together the scent. She would stand on her feet quickly. Her eyes were stirring as she was trying to figure out this abnormally. Were they friend or foe? It was not apparent as she did not know whether to expect another shinobi, a messenger sender, or someone else?


    A horrible song playing sounding like a thousand birds as the eyes of the Inuzuka would blow open quickly out of terror. ”We’re under attack!” Mayuri would roar, ”Get mo-”


    The outpost experienced an extreme racing thread of electricity that were like fingers on a hand. With pressure equating to a crunching squeeze, the circuiting electricity would run its course and rip the outpost asunder making Mayuri fall to her knee. The presences from the cloudy opening of the destroyed wall would sweep in quickly as the Inuzuka would stand and begin trying to turn her head. Her hand reaching to her pouch to grasp her kunai as she met steel with claws trying to deflect something racing towards her. Her eyes opening wide as she would stare at the snow white figure before her.

    ”Don’t move, human.” Banria would utter so low in tone, ”You are not the target.”

    Before Mayuri could figure out the meaning of the words, she could hear the clash and clatter of the remains of the ripped open outpost. The dust would sweep about until it circled around the stature of Hikari Usagi who stood over looking down upon the two shinobi who were at his feet. One pinned upon the floor with a heel piercing a hand, and the other in a daze as his head seemed colored red from a quick blow.

    ”The Usagi does not tolerate this!” Hikari twisted his heel as his misty eyes were clearly stirred with rage, ”You both committed the ultimate sin!”

    The Inuzuka would look over her shoulder, pushing back the rabbit until finally listening to the cries of the boy. Her eyes looked at his features while sniffing the air as she finally realized what happened. ”That is what I smell? Rabbit?” She would screech. ”Ultimate...sin?” Her lips uttering. With her pushing back her kunai, forcing back the rabbit, the Inuzuka would sweep out her leg with a quick movement causing Banira to leap back to dodge. Before the Hare could counter the human, she was met with hesitation.

    ”Wait!” Her voice roaring as mightily as it done before seeing Hikari preparing to reach down. Her teeth growling as her vision went to the two shinobi, ”What...did you clowns do?!” Hikari, nonetheless, was shocked. The Inuzuka seemed perfectly aware of the situation and authentically surprised. Now that he thought about it, the outpost had only two people earlier and the third was an extra. The reports said nothing about a woman who was among the group. Apparently, she was innocent in the matter completely.

    ”T-they cannot do this again!” Hikari warranted as he would lift his other heel, looming it over the man’s head, ”This cannot be tol-”

    ”They won’t!” the Inuzuka would cry aloud. Her stride swift as she would push away the chairs, kick away debris, and would stand by the fallen two shinobi. ”You are a Usagi, right? A Missing Ninja?” She gathered looking him over. Her eyes narrowing slightly, ”We will...let this be. We will leave the outpost. It is wrecked anyway and had I known what kind of...idiots...these two were, I would have left myself.” She glared at the two young shinobi. The brunette conscious looking up with a fearful dread upon his face.

    ”We leave here and the outpost is abandoned. We won’t come back and I will make sure these two answer for what they have done. Is that okay with you?”

    Her heartbeat was strong and dignified. It was something that Hikari liked to hear considering the amount of time he spent in the wilds seldom to know of anyone with such a presence. He would give only a nod and certainty to them as he would listen to the sound of the woman raking up the staggering shinobi. ”Stand on your damn feet!” she would bellow, ”Get the other trash here! Don’t speak anything about what happened here, or else I will tell them the whole story!” she would command threatening. Hikari would listen to the sounds of them collecting themselves while turning his back. Himself and Banira stepping from the punctured hole as they journey back across the bridge to Craiglorn. A snide look upon the face of the Hare.

    ”You got soft bunny.” she would tease, ”All that roar and rage? I thought you would actually kill him.”

    Hikari’s face would go to a depressed shade as he lowered his head. ”That is the thing, Banira-sama,” he would utter pathetically, ”I-I...I thought I would too.”

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