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    Human or Hare  Empty Human or Hare

    Post by Guest Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:41 pm

    Name: Baulder in Turmoil
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Anyone
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Reward: Solo: 20 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Group: 25 EXP, 40 Ryo
    Location: Village of Baulder
    Details: The mayor of the small village of Baulder has been killed! In the night, an assassin slew the current mayor and has plunged the city into chaos. Its leaders have no idea what to do as two different sides vie for power now. The police force has become corrupt and is now siding with the highest bidder and Baulder's civilians suffer the most, running amok through the village. The council has asked local shinobi to assist in the controlling of the village, before it is burned to the ground. The request is simple: come in and help in any way possible. This can vary from calming crowds, controlling or combating rogue civilians, the corrupted police force or any others who may take advantage of the situation. You can assist the council in hunting down the mayor's assassin by looking for clues or protecting the perimeter while others investigate the mayor's home. Any help will be accepted, as long as it assists the village in getting back on its feet.
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Group- Each person must post at least twice, with a 1000 word count total.
    Human or Hare  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Human or Hare  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Human or Hare  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "When we get Home;"
    “I Know we Won’t Be Home at All!!”

    There were stories about the local village. So many that it seemed as if they drifted on the wind. The chaos that was caused was widespread as locals had come armed to the teeth with weapons as if they were tourists that were out for blood. The assassination of the leader was all it took to set hungry wolves in motion as shinobi that were rogue or merncaneries without honor or morals would come and try to plunder resources. Many things would be lifted from the villager’s hands without fight or struggle due to the chaos that tore throughout the village. Many knew this now, even some of the wild summons that passed through the area.

    “Then why not help them?” misty eyes were furrowed by a brow in disgust, “You are plenty strong, yes?” Usagi Hikari knew, by now, that making such protest was in vain. Still, he tried as they sat outside the outskirts of the village of Baulder. The local traffic had been quiet as the village was, once again, protesting against the calamity that was happening. The noise was filling his ears more turbulent than any windstorm would do so. After a moment of settling the sounds of pleads and cries upon his ears, he would finally cast his empty gaze upon the form before him. It was slender and furry, yet, brooding with the crimson glare it would cast upon the young boy.

    “You are not deaf, so I can assume dumb. Yes? I shall.” Her voice is majestic as ever, but her tone is just as harsh. “The Sage does not deal with such matters. We are creatures that serve her and the land. A bunch of villagers that have no sense to find clarity are not worthy of our time. Animals have better sense than them.” The Hare would turn her flowing tail and hairs that whipped through the air towards the rabbit. Her nose lifting to the sky as she seemed to give attention to something near.

    “Not that it matters,” she would add, “They will be assassinated soon.”

    Hikari would open his mouth. His breath would draw to ask what she meant, but at that moment, he would hear it clear within the woods. The sound of rustling through the trees had been apparent. Heavy footsteps and bodies equipped with metal and steel that was converging in from the east. The ears of the lilac haired boy were working at their optimum to realize what the sound was emanating from the woods. It was not until the last moment that Hikari would gasp and realize what this was.

    “They are going to be attacked.” The rabbit would swallow. “Wait here!”

    “W-wha-” Banira’s words left drifting in the air as she responded to no one.

    By the time she turned her head, craning her neck, she would see the young boy take to the trees with one step. He knew well he could catch up to the shinobi. After all, the clan of rabbits were unparalleled in their foot movement. With one toss of his body and his feet stamping through the air, Hikari would navigate himself carefully as he would whip himself in front of the collective of shinobi that would suddenly stop in place. His feet acting swiftly as he would send a leg flying forth to knock back a single individual from the trio.

    ”The hell? A rabbit?” Grins on the men’s faces as they would look back to their fallen comrade. His sudden fall would cause them to look at Hikari in disdain. “To hell with him! He was weak anyway! You on the other hand? Rabbit to the slaughter!” The man said this in confidence as he would grab a flail from behind his back. His grin was wide, but Hikari could never comprehend such things. With the man suddenly brandishing his weapon, Hikari would prepare himself as he balanced upon the tree branch. He fought with nature, so battling with a human being should not be any harder. He squared his form as the shinobi had prepared themselves with their weapons.


    The radiating sounds of electricity were ripping through the air making a crack like birds singing. Hikari would gasp knowing well what this was, and the song was close by. Just before the shinobi could react, a crack would sound aloud as they suddenly jumped in shock. The tree splashed with pieces of bark that would fly about through the air. It was not until their weapons crumbled to pieces, their clothing was shredded, and the tree would fall that they would find themselves drifting through the air as they fallen. The presence that moved so swiftly did so while whipping an electrically infused appendage through the air. She would land not far from Hikari, her eyes looking down upon the collapsing tree that pinned its branches across the figures. Hikari’s mouth opened up in pure disbelief...and a hint of disappointment.

    “Calm that annoying pulse of yours! I had not killed them as I intended you” The hare would berate with a fold of her arms. “We shall...pass through here once more. I find your behavior for these people...interesting.”

    Hikari was nonetheless skeptical of what the Hare meant. However, he could only smile knowing she caved to his concern. For whatever reason she had, which eluded him, only gripped his worries as he would turn his ear back to the chaos of the village.

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