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    Keiji Tsuyoiito - The Hidden Blade Empty Keiji Tsuyoiito - The Hidden Blade

    Post by Keiji Wed May 27, 2020 2:04 pm

    Character Sheet

    Keiji Tsuyoiito - The Hidden Blade Saizo_10
    Name and Application: Tsuyoiito Keiji
    Rank: B-rank
    Title: Genin
    Village: Moon

    Organization: N/A


    - Suiton
    - Futon

    Meters Per Post: 7MPP
    Actions: 2 Actions
    Chakra: 150 CP
    Stamina: 150 SP
    Breath: 3 posts of breath holding
    Endurance Points: 1 Endurance Point

    Total Skill Points:11
    Unspent Skill Points:0

    Specialty Perks:
    - D-rank Ninjutsu
    - C-rank Ninjutsu
    - B-rank Ninjutsu
    - One-handed seals
    - D-rank Bukijutsu
    - C-rank Bukijutsu
    - B-rank Bukijutsu
    - A-rank Bukijutsu
    - D-rank Puppetry
    - C-rank Puppetry
    - B-rank Puppetry

    Jutsu List:
    Genjutsu Kai
    Clone Technique
    Transformation Technique
    Substitution Technique
    Escaping Technique
    Body Flicker
    Joint Isolation
    With the Current
    River Splitting
    Advancing Blades
    Senkouraika Style: Sokudo Buri
    Koka-Ito: Sudden Growth
    Koka-Ito: Threaded Whip
    Koka-Ito: Bola Shot
    Koka-Ito: Iron Jingasa - C/B
    Koka-Ito: Shibari
    Koka-Ito: Mari-Blade Stance
    Koka-Ito: Spike Shot C/B
    Flying Swallow
    Hidden Flying Swallow
    Water Prison
    Water Melding
    Hidden Mist Technique
    Raining at will
    Water whip
    Water Shark Projectile
    Suiton: Water Shuriken
    Suiton: Water Pillar
    Suiton: Liquid Bullets - C
    Ninja Art: Dripping Nose
    Puppet Strings
    Invisible Puppet Strings
    Crescent Moon Slash
    Crescent Moon Slash Reverse
    Samurai Sabre Technique
    Suiton: Black Rain
    Suiton: Water Clone
    Suiton: Bursting Collision Wave
    Water Bullet
    Water Encampment Wall
    Suiton: Water Shark Bomb
    Suiton: Water Dragon B-rank
    Sky Walking
    Shadow Clone
    Futon Wind Waves B-Rank
    Koka-ito: Jingasa Wheel B/A
    Koka-Ito: Spider Strike
    Step of the Wind
    Hurricane Wall
    Cyclone Scythe
    Suiton: Black Rain

    Item/Weapon List:
    Tsuyoiito Mari-Blade B-rank
    Explosive Notes x2
    Channeler's Katana - C-rank
    Composite bow - C-rank
    Channeller's Arrows x2
    Kunai x2
    Wind Mill Shuriken

    Gear List:

    Flak Jacket - B-rank
    Forehead Protector
    Archer's Quiver x 2

    Taka - C-rank Puppet
    Nobu - B-rank Puppet



    Completed Missions:
    Group Mission
    Group Mission
    Group Mission
    Delivery Blades
    Tracks in the Snow - (Group Plot)
    Solo Clash - Win by inactivity
    Group Plot
    Solo Plot
    Quit Monkeying Around - Group Mission
    The Brave and the Baulder - Group plot
    Susan's sensations - Group Mission
    More kids - Group Plot
    The Journey Begins - Solo
    And so it was - Solo
    To Hunt a Rat - B-rank Group
    B-Rank Group
    Intention to Kill - B-rank Group
    B-Rank group
    A-Rank: To Run a Foul
    The Intern
    The Puppet Kid - Fight (Loss)
    The Intern Pt. 2 (Group Plot)
    Let Loose... (Carnival Event Mission #1)
    A Slice of Happiness (A-rank Group)

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    Keiji Tsuyoiito - The Hidden Blade Empty Re: Keiji Tsuyoiito - The Hidden Blade

    Post by Admin Sun May 31, 2020 5:49 am

    Keiji Tsuyoiito - The Hidden Blade 6wd-NC1586479087

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