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    Hephaes "Blazing Fist" WIP


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    Hephaes "Blazing Fist" WIP Empty Hephaes "Blazing Fist" WIP

    Post by Kensei Thu Jul 16, 2020 1:39 am

    Hephaes "Blazing Fist" WIP Fire_d11

    Name: Hephaes "Blazing Fist" of Um
    Type: Normal

    Size: 3 meters upright (Medium)

    Rank: B Rank

    Contract: Dragon Species
    Elements: Kaiton

    Specialty: Taijutsu
    Meters per post: 7 MPP

    Hit Points: Can be hit by 2 B-rank attacks or 3 C-Rank attacks 6 D-Rank attacks

    Chakra: 100
    Stamina: 100


    Hellfire Aura: Hephaes Surrounds his body in a thick blazing Aura which extends out 2 meters from his body. Coming in contact with this aura results in severe burning in the area afflicted. These flames burn  viciously and cannot be extinguish by basic means searing skin and even melting through inferior metal material, extended contact with this hellfire  may result in the calcifying bone.

    Blazing Spirit: Once per summon By Focusing their Hellfire Aura Hephaes can release his stored flames (B Rank) outward in a dome shaped concentrated blast. The blast radius of this ability reaches about 7 meters, can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.



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