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    Assisting Baulder


    Assisting Baulder  Empty Assisting Baulder

    Post by Guest Tue Jul 14, 2020 6:27 am

    Name: Baulder in Turmoil
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Anyone
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Reward: Solo: 20 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Group: 25 EXP, 40 Ryo
    Location: Village of Baulder
    Details: The mayor of the small village of Baulder has been killed! In the night, an assassin slew the current mayor and has plunged the city into chaos. Its leaders have no idea what to do as two different sides vie for power now. The police force has become corrupt and is now siding with the highest bidder and Baulder's civilians suffer the most, running amok through the village. The council has asked local shinobi to assist in the controlling of the village, before it is burned to the ground. The request is simple: come in and help in any way possible. This can vary from calming crowds, controlling or combating rogue civilians, the corrupted police force or any others who may take advantage of the situation. You can assist the council in hunting down the mayor's assassin by looking for clues or protecting the perimeter while others investigate the mayor's home. Any help will be accepted, as long as it assists the village in getting back on its feet.
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Group- Each person must post at least twice, with a 1000 word count total.

    Tatsuya soon arrived in the village of Baulder. His smooth black hair was tied back in a tail that went down past his shoulders and he wore his usual attire a black suit jacket and dress pants over a white button-up shirt with the first few buttons undone, black leather gloves on his hands, the right one bearing the seal to store his puppet, steel-toed shoes, and a patch over his left eye. He was armed, of course, but preferred to keep such things hidden until they were needed. He was here because the mayor of the village had not only been assassinated, but the town was now tearing itself apart trying to restore order. Gangs of civilians moved throughout the village, smashing shit, the police force was no help at all because they decided the better move was to only help whoever could pay them the most so they were doing nothing but guarding a bunch of rich old assholes and their fancy houses. There were things to be fixed, fights to be broken up, criminals to be corralled, and any number of other things before the chaos would settle down and the village could begin the process of getting back up on its feet. Weird that they had no system in place for what happened if the village leader died. I mean it seems like the same thing would have happened if the mayor had slipped in the bathtub and broken his neck. Really made you question the kind of people that got put in charge of these sorts of things. I mean really, how has this never happened before? The mayor of the village has NEVER died while in office before? Was it like some feudal kingdom that was passed down a bloodline and this mayor never had any children?  Was there not a vice-mayor of some kind who could take over until a new mayor could be found or elected or however shit worked in ninja world? This is why you need to vote in local elections people this shit is important. Seriously, go register to vote right now I’ll wait… Ok. Tatsuya walked down the street and the first thing he came across was a crowd of about twenty people fighting each other and generally making a mess of things. A few well-placed flash bombs dispersed them, right after Tatsuya knocked out the first three people that charged him, anyway. They had smashed the windows of a local shop and raided the place before apparently degenerating into a brawl over the spoils. Tatsuya returned what he could to the store and boarded the place up but there wasn’t much he could do. These weren’t hungry people stealing food they needed it was just dumb people panicking, most of the stuff they had taken was trashed. You’ll elect a new mayor people, chill out it is not the end of the world. I’m seriously doubting anyone has read this far into someone’s solo, especially since I went out of my way to make it a giant unbroken wall of text. If you are still reading this, why? Go away, get out of here. Tatsuya found some policemen and kicked him in the dick. This didn’t actually solve any of the problems that were currently facing the town but it was cathartic. It was like the cop’s balls were the metaphorical balls of government corruption and Tatsuya’s foot was a metaphor for kicking that corruption in the balls. Tatsuya went and found a trash can that had been knocked over, so he righted it, and then knocked it over again.

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