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    Chapter 1: Introductions!
    Enter: Karite Akumu
    Enter: Ami Hyuuga
    Spar! Ami Hyuuga

    Chapter 2: Heartache and Pain!

    Too much Caffeine
    Executioner or Friends
    I lost my Finger
    Hunt the Executioner
    Demon vs Byakugan
    Bijuu Journey
    Chapter 3: Into the Light!
    Fight the BIJUU
    Battle for the Bijuu
    snow men!
    Journey to the Sun
    The Sun Village
    Tatsuya Spar
    found a missing ninja
    Chapter 4: A Rank/ In the Ninja world!
    promotion exams
    Into the world pt. 1
    Into the world pt. 2
    travel to a new world
    Angel of gods
    steel vs bone

    Chapter X: Missions!
    Assemble: Team SAK
    friends or blood
    Snow tracks
    Ready set KILL
    Sun Adventures 1
    Sun Adventures 2
    Team SAK
    MONKEYkkg teachingGamble addictget outback together again
    muda muda muda
    Windy beach party
    the stalker
    safety maybe
    more muda
    stands upon stands
    i spyunderwater adven.
    move it or lose it
    kill maim kill
    back in action
    woof woof
    where they go?

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