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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]


    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Guest Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:44 pm

    Her job? No one crosses the bridge. It was a strange one, 60 meters long to gap a short bridge between two dangerously high canyons. What kind of traffic they were expecting was beyond Shizuka's understanding but it was 10 meters wide. It would probably fit an entire advancing army of regular folk. Perhaps that was what it was made for?

    She stood in her battle gear, she was expecting a fight. Two katana strapped to her back, crop top with disattached sleeves, short pants, and strapped boots. Her hair was tied back and she was ready for a fight. Across the bridge, she thought she saw someone. She shivered a little, from the anticipation of the fight or from the high mountain climate, she could not tell.

    Fog was rolling in and with it was both advantages and disadvantages. Who dared try and cross the bridge?


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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Kensei Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:21 pm

    Kensei walked sluggishly over the hard wooden planks of the desolate bridge, the eerie fog that trailed him only adding to the ominous midnight stroll he had undertaken. Under the careful eye of his superiors he had been assigned to meet a certain individual on the bridge that now laid beneath his feet. The purpose of the meeting was left a mystery, along with the identity of the individual he was set to meet, however the reward for merely attending and participating was three kegs of fine sake & spirit, a reward he'd never pass off regardless of the task.

    "Another test" perhaps, he thought to himself as he moved about, the emptiness in the air replaced by the clinks of his Geta. The small breeze lifted his cloak open, his bare chest beneath him flashing from the opening of his Black cloak, the hilt of a Katana poking out at his back. He had expected no less from the village when he received the urgent message only an hour before, they were prone to testing their Genin, trivial task and clashes against one another to test their grit. He had enjoyed training for hours earlier in the day, so he didn't mind another spar of sorts. He was even fairly prepared this time around, a tanto strapped underneath his cloak above his right tricep, his ninja tools prepped and wires tied accordingly within the ninja bag he kept strapped beneath his cloak at his side. The village itself must have known they needed to prod Kensei into a test such as these, but tonight the weather had been favorable enough that he might have showed regardless of any earlier bribes, though he was grateful his superiors thought well enough of him to do so.

    Emerging from the thick layer of fog, Kensei peered across the large 60 meter long bridge, hoping to catch his would be opponent. "Yea, definitely a combat test."
    Slipping his hands into his sweats he began whistling a calming tune, his long black hair moving freely about with the wind, as he walked across the bridge fully expecting to be ambushed.


    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Guest Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:38 am

    The outline of the man broke the silence before his whistles. One individual walking nonchalantly towards her. Ah, so it was one of those missions? Shizuka unhitched a Katana, holding the scabbard in her right hand. She'd wait for him to step in a little closer till they were each 20 meters away from the center mark.

    " What do you think the point of not telling us is?"

    They'd find out anyhow. Was it perhaps so they would be prepared for the unknown? The ability to adjust to the situation at hand? The fog wasn't thick yet seeing from one end of the bridge to the other was possible. At their distance, they could barely see the facial features. They'd never identify a stranger but a close friend would always be recognizable. So what about an acquaintance?

    " Imino Shizuka of the Nara. We can begin when you are ready."


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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Kensei Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:43 pm

    Kensei closed his eyes as he continued on his path forward he intensified his whistle, the once calming tune had turned to one far more chaotic, and militant it seemed, as he marched along to its cadence. He opened one eye looking ahead across the foggy bridge as a figure began to to materialize through the fog. Stopping he adjusted his stance to face the approaching individual, he watched curiously as they moved wondering if this was the start of his test. He recalled the letter he received not too long ago "Manage to successfully cross the bridge and meet with the individual on the other side. Your payment will be given at the end of your journey through." and wondered if the individual in front of him was offered the same reward. He chuckled out loud, loud enough for anyone in the vicinity watching to have heard, before walking forward closing the gap between them to about 5 meters from the center mark.

    As he walked his ears flickered at the sound of a familiar voice. Realizing the figure hidden in the fog was someone he knew he shook his head in disappointment, the village once again running their own games. He stopped, attempting to see through the fog to prove his suspicions to be true, if he was correct it was the young lady Shizuka, he had met not too long ago. The village wouldn't allow a moment to pass by without pitting two fresh acquaintances against each other… "Its a cold world isn't it?" He scoffed closing his eyes for another moment letting out a deep sigh. "So it seems we are once again Pawns for Village games.. Our superiors have a habit of trying to prepare us for the unknown… I won't be surprised if they've pit us against one another to test our progress so far… How'd they bribe you out here anyway? You wouldn't happen to have some sake on you by any chance?"
    He called out and asked, he hadn't yet started sobering up and had no intention of doing so if he had a say, it was annoying enough to be summoned in this fashion, but to be sober through another round of test was insufferable.

    "Whoever is watching…."
    He raised his hands out besides him as he called out to no one in particular. " Why don't you show yourself and end these trivial nuances…."
    He paused for a moment waiting for a response, having received none he turned his attention back to the individual 18 meters in front of him.
    "I guess it can't be helped huh. I enjoy a battle just like anyone else, but I hate to be a puppet pulled by strings….sigh… I will not dishonor you by refusing your challenge if this is what this is…. Shizuka"
    Kensei widened his stance moving his right hand over the hilt of his Katana, his left hand reaching into his ninja bag, gripping a single free Kunai. Without a moment to waste he leaned forward sprinting full speed at his opponent. "I need a drink pretty bad right about now" He called out, hoping to end this quick so that he could collect his bounty. He rushed forward 5 meters before unsheathing his Katana from its scabbard which rested across his back, at the same time he reached out with his left hand launching the Kunai at Shizu from a distance, aimed at the right side of her torso. If she wasn't watching him closely he had hoped to distract her by unsheathing his katana then launching he Kunai as the blade came forward in front of him.

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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Guest Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:07 pm

    He sure did talk a lot for a man and in such long drawn out ways. If she wasn't on duty, she would have stifled out a yawn. In all honesty, she didn't care if it was or wasn't a game the higher-ups liked to play. There was a curiosity in why they did it but it was more of how does it work rather than, I don't want to be part of the system. For now Shizuka waited as tinfoil head man talked to the empty space around them.

    The chances of them actually coming out were zero. The chances of the higher-ups coming out to watch two genin fights were close to zero. They would probably send someone else to come watch the fight. This means they were given an order and hence, there was zero chance of the observer coming out. Shizuka knew about him, his droning voice, lost in his own doom and gloom. It was Kensei Uchiha, the one she had found the children with.

    Shizuka feared the man was going to talk her to submission and she was so close to just giving up but just as she was about to, the man changed his stance. She part her feet as well, her right side an inch or so forward than the left. He began to charge her, his katana glinting as he drew it. She had responded by pointing the sheathe of her katana forward and unbeknownst to her, Kensei's Kunai would collide with it.

    Lucky, she thought to herself. The kunai would ricochet off her sheathed katana and clatter but she would maintain her stance, Katana held in her right hand by the sheath. As he got close, she would match his movements, keeping a good 1.5 meters away as she drew the Katana in her left.

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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Kensei Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:01 pm

    The Kunai bounced off the side of Shizuka's blade, its end wedged against the ground beneath her to her right about a meter from her. Kensei flashed her a smile as he moved forward towards her , there was something aesthetically pleasing in her style, she gave off a cool essence even when casually deflecting the projectile seemingly unintentionally. They were about 15 meters apart, Kensei zig zagged from left to right in her direction, the grip around his katana slowly loosening around its hilt, it shifted forms palm. As the gap between them closed he stopped on a pivot having moved about 3 meters forward he reached into his bag with his left, retrieving a Kunai with an explosion tag tied to it and in one motion launched it in the direction of her left shoulder blade. Almost immediately after launching the projectile Kensei stepped forward once more moving this time at an angle counters clockwise towards his right for another 2 meters his body turning to face the right side of hers.

    With about a 10 meters between them he stopped, lifting his katana in front of him he tossed it gently in the air above him, the blade sliced the air as it fell directly in front of where he stood. Simultaneously he casted a quick series of hand signs as the blade swirled towards the ground. His left hand began to glow as lightning chakra surged to it. The bright white light from the lightning chakra generated a glow that brighten the small area on the bridge around them as it grew in shape. The lighting surged, the splitting sounds from the chirping lightning echoed across the night. Almost instantly the lightning chakra manifested, trickling out and extending from his palm the chakra took form in the shape of a large lightning hound leashed to his palm. With his right he caught the Katana as the edge almost hit the ground. Thrusting his left hand forward the hound let out a screeching roar before it shot forward at his opponent. The hound moved swiftly straight at her clearing the 10 meters between them, and attempted to pounce over her by her right side.

    Chakra Reserves:


    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Guest Sat Jul 18, 2020 2:07 pm

    Shizuka instantly changed the tune of battle. When the first Kunai flew at her, there was a sort of indifference to her. However, its successor had the telltale signs of an explosion note. The little white streak behind it, like a cape or flag in a parade. If one wasn't paying attention, they would have blocked this one too, only to have it explode on them. Shizuka instead moved closer to the incoming Kunai, lower her head, and bending her knees as she moved 2 meters forward. The Kunai flew past her, the explosive note doing that strange frrpt sound paper made in the wind.

    It was at this point he had thrown his Katana into the air, an object she cared not to look at for now. Shinobi though were common practitioners of blades and weapons, their true trade was that of Ninjutsu. Handseals she did not recognize but the chirping sounds and flickering energy she definitely recognized. She was now another two meters closer to him, moving at an angle. Shizuka would draw her Katana as he caught his. An electric hound leaping from his hand as it dashed the gap between the two of them. Shizuka in the meanwhile had moved a step closer, now leaving a 5-meter gap for the jutsu to close.

    The way Shizuka had moved would now leave the Hound between Shizuka and Kensei in a straight line. Here she poised her Katana like a spear and threw it at the electric hound. Her target was to pierce it, hoping the steel would act as a lightning rod as it flew towards Kensei. If not, she would learn the hard way.


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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Kensei Sat Jul 18, 2020 6:15 pm

    A wide smile spread across his face, the battle had actually begun,  he thought as she dodged his initial kunai, the tagged projectile flying past her and landing about 5 meters directly behind her. She followed the dodge by shifting her stance and launching her katana in a spear -like fashion. Bringing his katana upright he shifted his body slightly to his right adjusting it to match the direction of the steadily moving Kunoichi. The pouncing electrical hound narrowly missed her launched katana, flying above the thrown katana then crashing down from above where she had stood hoping to pin the stretching shinobi down if she didn't successful evade the attack. At the same time, his eye watched her every move, his eyes brimming with excitement. He was enjoying himself now, the movement, the trill of battle, the flying katana headed towards him?

    The blade flying towards him, he fixed his eyes on the blades as it soared, In one motion Kensei extended his right arm horizontally above his head slashing from his left forward down to the side of his hip in one swoop. The sound of the air splitting blade was interrupted by the sound of clashing steel.  Shizuka's Katana ricochet off his blade flinging to his side off about a meter to the right of where he stood, and clanging to the ground. An interesting tactic.. He thought as he wondered about her follow up, expecting the shinobi to have more up her sleeve. Before allowing her a chance to react he stepped forward dashing in a straight line at her moving 4 meters forward then slightly moving towards her right. Reaching into his weapon satchel as his beast crashed on her position, he retrieved a kunai, launching it immediately about a meter slightly to her left in anticipation of a dodge, hoping to force her direction.

    "Tell me... Why do you participate in these puppet shows? What do they dangle at your feet in encouragement? Id gladly share half of the reward for crossing the bridge. It makes little sense to waste a night such as this one. Wouldn't you prefer a calming sip of tea? Sake? I know a wonderful tea house over in the lower districts that will raise your spirit."
    He called out to her as he moved hoping to get to know the temperament of his opponent by sparking conversation.  


    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

    Post by Guest Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:03 pm

    Her plan did not quite go as planned, having thrown it a tad early, the blade flew past the electric hound and was quickly deflected by the Uchiha. The beast would attack her, sending an electrical shock through her body. Luckily her flak jacket would take the brunt of the damage, burning off from the attack. The kunai would slash at her left arm, her movement dulled by the electrical attack and she had failed to fully move.

    Her jaw clenched, biting back the pain she felt. Apart from the look of mild annoyance, her face gave nothing away. He now stood four meters away from her. She gripped her Katana sheathe like a wooden sword and bided her time, letting the numbness go away as feeling returned to her body.

    "I play their games to gain their trust. So that one day when I sit in a position of power, those after me won't have to play it." Shizuka stretched her neck, the last of the numbness going away. She spread her feet apart once more, drawing in a deep breath and relaxing herself. "Now... if you tire of games let me show you fear."

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    Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash] Empty Re: Two Suns a tale of the Daughter and Son. [Clash]

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