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    Adam Kaguya
    Adam Kaguya

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    Deliver a package [Solo Mission] Empty Deliver a package [Solo Mission]

    Post by Adam Kaguya Wed May 13, 2020 2:04 pm

    Name: Deliver a package
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Details: You have been tasked with hand delivering a very important package to another Hidden village. If you are a Moon shinobi then you must venture to Nikkousato and deliver a package to the office, and vice versa if you belong to the Sun village. The package is important and can not be destroyed or stolen. The mission is completed once you have turned in the package to the front desk of the administration building.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words. You must also end up in the opposite village of your own.

    Adam awoke from his sleep colder then normal, it was because he fell asleep outside in the kaguya clans training ground. Slowly but surly he gave out a yawn before he arose to refresh himself before the mission. 6:30am in the morning was the time, all he knew was that the moon village requested him to deliver a "Very important" package to Nikkousato. He walked his way throughout the vacant, broad walkways of Gekkousato, trying to keep from falling asleep on his way there. On his way, he managed to luckily find himself a tea house and slowly filled his stomach up on two rice ball rolls before leaving and occasionally gulped rain water which padded downwards as he walked forth throughout the village. Adam was wearing the kaguya clan attire again, it's unique looking appearance was drawing him in like most other things did to him. He ignored his presentation of his attire and neared the gates of the village. He resisted his urges to return to his home to fall back asleep and enjoy such a factor, because it'd mean that he was betraying his efforts to come here in the first place. He swallowed these urges and ignored them for the rest of the trip, because it was nearly over when he found that the village gates were steps away.

    He arrived at the gate, looking around in annoyance to find that the person to hand him the package wasn't there. Leaning against the sturdy, tall gate behind him, his eyes became heavy but he resisted the urge to give into his lack of rest. He grunted slightly, looking up from his weariness and observing the jungle around him. Shadows were creeping their ways into copying the shape of trees with their great transfiguration. He liked nature a lot, now that he thought about it in such a sleepless way. He looked up at the dark grey sky before him premeditating on the mission at hand, watching as rain continuously blasted down onto the ground, small pebbles of liquid dropping down onto his face and sliding off of it from the slope. He ignored the weird feeling of the wetness in various parts of his face, looking back down and beginning to ignore nature itself in his massive amount of indignation for having to do this type of mission. He thought to himself for awhile about the sun village and how the region surrounding it is the desert. Before long finally the person gave the package. He took it, put on a poker face and headed on his journey.

    For a long journey the young kaguya was travelling light, having spent days and nights on kataki Road, he chose the right time to come across less encounters and hassle, taking refuge in tree tops to rest before travelling. Even though fighting was in his blood, this was a delivery mission. His hair would blow in the sandy wind covering his face most time, and the heat was something he wasn't used too. Upon nearing the gates young Adam stating his business to the guard officials and was allowed through to the building of destination. Arriving to the business district and entering the administration building, he handed over the package to the reception, were a few details was exchanged and Adam was confirmed a mission complete. Strangely enough when he left the building, he was intrigued by the different setting of the village and thought there was no rush to go back home. Maybe he could spar someone or see what the village had to offer, something to make his young blood boil.

    Word Count: 606

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