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    Arashi Tento


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    Arashi Tento Empty Arashi Tento

    Post by Elebolt Fri May 08, 2020 1:23 am

    Arashi Tento Miyamoto-Musashi

    Name: Arashi Tento

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Clan: N/A

    Bloodline: N/A

    Origin: Nikkousato

    Village: Nikkousato

    Appearance: Arashi is of pale skin and has long black hair that reaches down to his shoulder-blades, he usually ties it in a ponytail. He has dark brown eyes.
    Arashi has a little bit of a big build, not that tall but big nevertheless. Despite this he is quite agile and dexterous on his movements.
    He usually dresses in a dark blue hakama, sometimes he uses a dark blue and red cloak over it. In his feet he wears either sandals or black boots.

    Height: 175cm

    Weight: 90 kilograms

    Personality: Arashi is a little shy. always second guessing himself. He tends to talk in silence with himself whenever he thinks he's alone. He also has a bit of a martyr syndrome, where he will usually try to save save someone else even at the expense of his own safety, this comes from a lack of self esteem and a necessity to prove his worth.
    Arashi doesn't have that much social presence, since his low self esteem makes him think he's wasting everyone's time, so he usually keeps to himself trying not to bother. He doesn't open up very easily, but when he does he gets quite easy going, starts to joke around and to talk about things he's really passionate about like: martial arts and some deep, sometimes philosophical conversations.
    When Arashi is in combat he changes his demeanor a lot. leaving the shyness behind and sometimes even becoming a bit cocky, if he feels like his winning, he hates arrogance but when fighting he sometimes can't help himself. He has confidence in his fighting skills, since he's always been interested in martial arts, still he knows his not the best and tries everyday to get better.
    His fighting style is based in: ninjutsu, bukijutsu and taijutsu.

    - Fighting
    - Deep conversations
    - Sweet and salty food

    - Arrogance
    - Bullies
    - Spicy food

    History: Arashi was born in the sun village from an unassuming family, even though neither of his parents were shinobi, he had always fantasized with being one.
    He was always shy in school, but eventually some of his classmates found out he was easy to anger, which lead to a load of pranks and insults being thrown his way. Eventually he couldn't hold it anymore and started to lash out at others physically harming them sometimes, this put him in a lot of trouble and he started to fail his classes, giving him a deep feeling of uselessness.
    After a fighting hard to control his anger he found himself with another problem, his lack of self worth, one day he figured that one way he could combat this, was by being useful to the village. So he trained incessantly to achieve this, he was always a good fighter overall and tended to never give up, with this in mind he tried hard to accomplish his dream

    Face Claim: Miyamoto Musashi from actual history.

    Owner: Elebolt

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    Arashi Tento Empty Re: Arashi Tento

    Post by Admin Fri May 08, 2020 11:30 am

    Arashi Tento 6wd-NC1586479087

    You may now claim your starting gear and work on your character sheet

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