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    Post by Guest Thu May 07, 2020 10:00 pm

    Name: Deliver a package
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Details: You have been tasked with hand delivering a very important package to another Hidden village. If you are a Moon shinobi then you must venture to Nikkousato and deliver a package to the office, and vice versa if you belong to the Sun village. The package is important and can not be destroyed or stolen. The mission is completed once you have turned in the package to the front desk of the administration building.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words. You must also end up in the opposite village of your own.

    Memory's Reprieve  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Memory's Reprieve  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Memory's Reprieve  B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "You know we're superstars; We are who we are!"
    Solitude. An unappreciated cure-all. It was needed terribly!

    The mission to hunt down a mysterious set of tracks had been ongoing and quite chaotic. There was just so much to process! A fresh set of eyes and a large enough team was needed after getting a clear view of the situation. That is what the Moon Village and Sun Village decided based on the shinobi that participated. With the highest minds that were delving into sciences to measure the length, width, and depth of the tracks; they had deemed it unsafe. Precautions had to be made and the shinobi who investigated matters would be disbanded...for now.

    It was perfect for Hikari Usagi.

    His mind was not so much on the large mysterious creature that made the tracks, but rather the matter of what happened within time. His mind would try to wrap around the occurence that day and try to make sense of everything. His blue eyes were not a thing, and so it only made what he heard worse. First he had hurt someone with his carelessness and then he gave the sensation that he would have to be protected. On top of that all, he was carrying a secret that would cost him his life? It all caused a painful realization that he was being naive and did not know his friends at all. So, he needed time from time.

    “Kari-chan!” A petite voice had called aloud, “Stay vigilant!”

    He had almost forgotten where he had been. The desert air, sand, and environment was not the best place to be dozing off as he walked. The crunches in the sand were only so small and petite that he worried if he would remain on track to the Sun Village. Hikari had taken a request in order to keep his mind off the matter that stressed him. So he would take missions alone without telling the Moon Village’s jounin why that was. “It is not like they were wrong,” he thought as his blue crystal eyes remained on the rabbit he followed through the crunching sands. His back was outfitted by ropes and the pouch that contained the valuable package. “After all, I have been inconsiderate...I guess.”

    “Kari-chan, you have been thinking about something lately, have you not?” The green rabbit that left him tracks within the sand with each hop would break her silence. A flare of her nostrils came as she seemed miffed by his behavior. “Lady Akari worries about you spending time in the village. You seemed to be happy at first, but now as of late, you are sulking. Is something the matter?”

    He could not talk to the Usagi about this! It was the first thing that came to mind as they asked. “N-no!” He replied, “I-I am just fine. P-please, no need to alarm mother. Next time she summons you, just say that I am fine as ever, Meron-chan!” He lied. It was a rare thing for him, and so the rabbit kept hopping knowing well with her large ears that she heard some indecisiveness within the beat of his heart. There was an awkward pause between them as no more words were said. After a moment, however, that would change.

    “...Alright.” She would finally agree, “But next owe me something! Ya’ know what I want, right? A little something from the village!”

    More bartering, but yet, Hikari had accepted it. By the time he would step from the outskirts of the desert, Hikari would finally make it to the front office of the main building. The shinobi of the sand, as he could hear, had the strangest foot steps. It was hot and humid, and his head was already stirring from his troubled thoughts. However, hearing the rabbit at his feet made the journey all the more tolerable. As he would set the bag down, the shinobi examining the contents, he would finally let his ears twitch examining the movement of the green bunny that looked up to him with a frown.

    “R-right.” The violet haired rabbit would reply, “Thank you, Meron-chan. I will make sure to purchase you some Mochi when we get back to the village, okay?”

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