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    Post by Guest Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:37 pm

    Tatsuya wandered Nikkousato, thinking about the rash of disappearances, he hoped that these crimes had some sort of gain in mind behind them, that someone was taking these kids with a profit in mind. If that was the case then buyers had to be found, feelers had to be extended, it would mean people were talking and the more people talked the more chance there was to hear something about it. He didn’t want to consider the other option, that there was no rhyme or reason to these crimes, that someone was just doing this because he was a sick fuck and that was the only logic behind them. They hadn’t found any bodies yet, thank god, but if the criminal was skilled enough to avoid shinobi he’d also be skilled enough to dispose of bodies in ways they’d never be found. If that was the case they’d just have to hope someone saw something suspicious and clued the village shinobi in about it so they could stop it. Those weren’t odds Tatsuya liked because he knew he wasn’t the only one who found it suspicious that such egregious crimes could go on unstopped without the village’s ok. If the civilians thought that too it would mean they wouldn’t trust the shinobi enough to say something and they’d never be able to stop it.If there was one thing he did not tolerate it was people messing with kids and plenty of messing had gone done and continued to go down. Kids were vanishing from Nikkousato at an alarming rate and no one seemed to be able to put a stop to it. Tatsuya had patrolled the village diligently, as had other shinobi, but they never seemed to be nearby when a kidnapping took place. Once was a coincidence, twice was a pattern, and significantly more than two children had been kidnapped. He had no reason to believe it but could the village possibly be involved in it? Tatsuya had decided he needed to look into this further on his own time if he was going to get to the bottom of it. The only problem was he had no leads, no one did. So he was going to have to cast a wide net in hopes of catching something. Having been a criminal himself in the past he knew how they operated. There were always low-level punks and hoodlums around and even if they had nothing to do with the crimes themselves crooks had an almost supernatural ability to know when to keep their head down. Something like this was bad, really bad, like anyone who got caught with 10-feet of it was gonna get strung up bad, so any punk worth anything was going to keep far away from it. The underbelly of any place was like a pond. When there’s a ripple in the pond and you’re a big fish it means the possibility of food. When there’s a ripple in the pond and you’re a little fish it means there’s a possibility you’re about to become the food. He hoped to find out of anything had sent the little fish scurrying lately. Enough! Imagining the worst-case scenario wasn’t going to help anyone. Tatsuya knew the kinds of places the hoods liked to hang around, he had busted up enough of them. He was going to do a sweep of them tonight, bust some skulls if he had to, and find out if anyone knew of anything big going on in the village’s underworld. It would take most of the night but Tatsuya would be damned if he made no progress.

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