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    Sky Katana | A-Rank Weapon


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    Sky Katana | A-Rank Weapon Empty Sky Katana | A-Rank Weapon

    Post by Elebolt Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:59 am

    Name: Sky Katana
    Type: Weapon
    Size: Medium
    Rank: A-Rank

    Description:This sword is around two feet long with the typical wavy pattern of any other katana, similar to his last one this one also has a bigger and heavier guard as to give it more balance and an advantage on clinches. Its sheath is sky-blue and has white cloth around the handle to give it a better grip. It also has a 2-meter metal string tied to the guard.

    Function: As any normal sword it can cut, stab, block and deflect. thanks to it's wider guard it has more weight which allows for better cuts, more maneuverability, and is also overall better in clinches since it allows for more strength to be used. Since it's tied to the sword the string can be used to pull it back in case it was too far away to catch

    -Chakra Shot: The sheath of this sword can be infused with chakra, once this is done it can then be released, shooting a small bullet made of chakra up to 5 meters away, at point-blank this attack can be harmful enough to pierce through the skin with chakra alone. If there's something inside the sheath it will shot it out with tremendous force, transforming even pebbles into dangerous weapons, Whatever is shot from the scabbard will have a very effective range of 1 meter, and an effective range of 5, things shot in this way will travel up to 10 meters. It costs 10 chakra to use.

    -Enhanced Slash: The user can add some chakra to the blade doing a powerful slash equal to that of an A-Rank Jutsu. When using this technique the blade is surrounded by the user's chakra and can cut through most defenses with ease, this includes jutsu and weapon defenses. it can also be used to disperse offensive jutsu of up to A-Rank. it costs 10 chakra per attack.

    Status: Private

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    Sky Katana | A-Rank Weapon Empty Re: Sky Katana | A-Rank Weapon

    Post by Admin Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:03 pm

    Lets get chakra shot moved up to 10 chakra per use.

    -Enhanced Slash: The user can add some chakra to the blade to upgrade its cutting power to that of an A-Rank Jutsu it costs 10 chakra per attack.

    Confused on this? The weapon already has A rank cutting power due to being an A rank sword

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