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    Helping The Trainees [Solo Mission] Empty Helping The Trainees [Solo Mission]

    Post by Elebolt Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:04 pm

    Mission Details:
    Name: Teach the Future
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon or Sun shinobi
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: One of the Villages
    Details: The next generation of shinobi needs training and you have been asked to go down to the academy and help. Train a class of academy students by teaching them a jutsu. As a model of a ninja to the young, you must demonstrate the jutsu, explain how it can be used, and describe what it takes to operate as a ninja in battle.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Arashi was actually quite excited about this mission, he liked to train and he thinks he would like to teach. So helping the ninja from the future become better would be an interesting experience. He grabbed his cloak, Sword, and windmill shuriken, and headed out. Getting back to academy grounds now as a full-fledged shinobi felt almost surreal, he watched as some children and teenagers trained to be their better selves just like he had in the past, he couldn't help but smile. He walked towards the training fields in the academy building, where he would meet a class of young shinobi, he hoped they would behave well, but then again there's always someone in the class who doesn't.

    After arriving he waited for a bit, and apparently, he had gotten there early, because... Well, there was nobody around. So he decided, that he would do some training for himself while he waited, he took out his katana and started to practice some basic movements, he did so in part as a warm-up but mostly to improve his technique. After some minutes passed by practicing in this way, Arashi could hear some laughs and screams which signaled the kids he was gonna teach were close, he kept going for a little longer until the children arrived with their teacher. At that point, Arashi stopped and looked at them. "They're gonna be in your care now, please don't be too rough on them." The teacher said. "Don't worry I won't." Arashi smiled at the children and their teacher, he stepped back and left the children for Arashi to handle, he would still be around just a bit farther away.

    Arashi started to talk to the children "Hello there! What would you guys like to learn today?" He tried to be as kind and warm as possible, and apparently one of the children didn't take nicely to that. "Like you can teach us anything! I saw your training, I can totally do what you did and do it better!" Arashi had to hold back a chuckle, a feisty one wasn't he, like a lot of children who've never faced someone stronger, this one felt like he was the strongest person alive, which Arashi found both funny and slightly sad, so he decided he would give him the chance to prove himself. "Here take my sword." Arashi grinned, The kid slightly mad immediately took the offer. He picked up the sword, he struggled with it a little but could take hold of it, Arashi was actually glad or this Lesson would end too soon. "Alright now let's compare cuts against a cutting target" The kid puffed out his chest, Walking towards the cutting targets. "You'll see why I am the best fighter in my class!" he did a strong overhead cut, butchering the cutting target, he got through, though it wasn't the cleanest cut and he put a lot of force behind it. "Haha, you see I can cut no problem!" Again Arashi had to gold a chuckle. It's not just cutting it, but how efficient you are at cutting it." Arashi picked up one of the swords to demonstrate, he stood in front of the cutting target and did a fast, almost delicate slash, he barely gave any tell for it, and it cut clean through. the child was half amazed and half angry You see it's not just strength but also ability, and that's something you only get after doing the same technique more than a thousand times in a row. I know it sounds boring, heck it is boring, but it's the only way to get closer to perfection. Or so I think at least." After this demonstration, Arashi showed the kids some of his jutsu, while also telling them the importance of practicing every day. after spending some time with each of the children, he took them back to their teacher and waved goodbye to them. The first kid still a bit annoyed that he got lectured in front of his classmates, but also with a new drive to get better. And this marks Arashi's first experience as a teacher!

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