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    Trick Urumi Empty Trick Urumi

    Post by Guest Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:00 pm

    Puppet Part Template
    Name: Trick Urumi
    Type: Weapon
    Size: Medium
    Rank: A

    Description: A hidden blade that can suddenly extend from a puppet's limb. While it initially looks like a simple 1-meter long sword it is in fact an urumi, many thin strips of metal that, when unbound, act like a bladed whip.
    Function: The initial appearance baits the opponent into blocking a strike with their own weapon, at which time the sudden stop causes the strips to break free and lash forward, striking them over their guard. A skilled user can also cause the strips to wrap around the blocking weapon instead, potentially disarming the opponent. The part also contains a space to store a liquid poison. When the blade is deployed the user can choose whether or not to apply the stored poison.
    Abilities: The weapon possesses the unholy ability to drain a victim's chakra on contact. Anyone struck with the weapon immediately loses 20 chakra. As the ability triggers on contact the chakra drain occurs even if the damage from the blade itself is prevented with worn armor.
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