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    Desert Tombs [Group Mission]

    Yamanaka Seijun
    Yamanaka Seijun

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    Desert Tombs [Group Mission] Empty Desert Tombs [Group Mission]

    Post by Yamanaka Seijun Sun Jul 19, 2020 1:02 am

    Name: Collapsed Mine
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Group Mission
    Reward: 45 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Location: Anywhere outside a village
    Details: Recently a nearby mine that supplies villages with precious metals has suddenly experienced a partial cave-in, trapping all of the workers inside. Head over immediately and extract the workers from the rubble as quickly as possible. In addition, you must retrieve the bodies of those who didn't make it so that they may be taken to their families to be laid to rest. Work with care though, the caves could still be unstable and it's only a matter of time until it comes crashing down completely.
    Requirements: Each person must make at least four posts, totaling to 1600 WC.

    The harsh rays of the desert sun blared down from above, bathing the sands in an unfocused haze of heat that seemed to blur the distant horizon from all angles. This was the sort of heat that made the fantastical stories that mirages would inspire in the dehydrated souls that had the misfortune of trekking across such inhospitable terrain. This was even more so for some of the first settlers that would have had to come in, without the aid of the trails that would lead them to the safety of the business. No, if one could believe it, hundreds of years ago there were generations that had come before that are now long gone never to tell anyone of their stories.

    These ancestors were not lost thanks to ancestral records that the villages often stowed away for reference, but occasionally something else might surface. Dated pottery and tools would surface on the market, unearthed from the ground below. They could tell the trained expert how these people functioned from what they ate, to how they defended themselves, and how they would migrate. These finds, however, were somewhat uncommon so when a traveler came into the village bragging in the market place about the clay necklace he stumbled on; it caught some attention. After questioning the man, a few surveyors were able to retrace his steps to a stretch of the sun scorched desert that laid far beyond the village.

    After some preliminary digging they found much more than they ever could have bargained for. It seemed that just beneath the sand, a large stone structure laid hidden beneath that was mostly in tact! Closed off from the world, there was no way of knowing what secrets might have laid hidden behind its stone door. So, the surveyors briefly retreated, and went to the village to post a call for help. Protectors that could stand by in case of emergency. They certainly didn't know how to defend themselves, after all, so why not hire some Shinobi to do it? The mission would have them led to the dig site where they were to wait there for further instructions. Seijun, was lucky enough to be allowed to tag along. Not only was she small enough that she might be able to fit through crevices if need be, but she would probably be able to aid the others in avoiding potentially venomous snakes or scorpions before they could strike.

    The last thing they needed to deal with was poison, but a well-received Medic-nin was on call just in case the worse came to worst. She hadn't met the others, but she was certain she would be able to when they were given a run down of what to expect. They would know when they had arrived by the sight of beige tents pitched around a roped off area that surrounded the stone pit. Inside from this far away, its depths only revealed darkness, but all of the surveyors were above ground at this point anyway. After being led to one of the tents, they would find a table set in the center of the space adorned with several sketches of the beginning of the tomb's interior. It clearly hasn't been explored in any great detail yet.

    An older man with grey hair and a thick mustache that covered his lips stands over the map furrowing his bushy brows. He livens up when he realizes that his guard was being led in, and he openly greets them, "Hello, come in, come in. Now, you are.." He trails off long enough to give everyone time for their introductions, to which Seijun would chime in, "Yamanaka Seijun, Genin, reporting for duty!" She would salute crisply which earns a chuckle from the man before he drifted to silence to allow the others to finish speaking.
    WC: 639
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    Desert Tombs [Group Mission] Empty Re: Desert Tombs [Group Mission]

    Post by Meloku Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:25 pm

    The tall blonde woman would have just arrived at the dig site, after a few long hours of marching through the hot desert she finally managed to make it to her destination. Meloku had been out this way a few times for a couple of missions and was getting better at finding her way around, but never had she ever been to a dig site like this. It was a massive under taking, tents set up around the edge of the site, massive sets of equipment such as digging tools, rope and pulley systems all set up in the hot sand. She had been tasked with joining a few of her fellow shinobi in assisting a local team of diggers, apparently they had uncovered something rare deep in the sands and were going to try and uncover more of the deserts ancient secrets. She was excited to get started, a little curious about what they might find herself.

    As the woman would pass through the tent she would pull out a white piece of cloth and tie up her long blonde hair into a pony tail, beads of sweat already starting to form on her pale skin. She wore her normal attire, a long white dress clipped at the edges, a ninja pouch on her waist and her head band etched into a bag on her hip. She would flash a smile to the guards as she showed them her id badge, allowing her to pass through without any issue. It appeared that she was the last one to arrive, her comrades already here grouped with the man who was leading the expidition. Hopefully she was not to late.

    Walking up to the group Meloku would continue to smile, offering a small wave to the other Sun Shinobi. "Looks like i am the last to arrive, i hope i did not keep you two waiting to long." She would then turn her attention to the older man who was getting the team ready to plunge beneath the surface of the sand. "Meloku Mirriam at your service!"

    Desert Tombs [Group Mission] 4a4-2-2

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    Desert Tombs [Group Mission] Empty Re: Desert Tombs [Group Mission]

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