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    Clearing the bandits (Solo mission)


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    Clearing the bandits (Solo mission) Webp-net-resizeimage-16

    Clearing the bandits (Solo mission) Empty Clearing the bandits (Solo mission)

    Post by Genkumaru Wed Jun 24, 2020 3:36 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Eliminate the Target
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Outside of a village
    Details: This is what separates the basic every day ninja from your high profile shinobi, the assassination mission. This mission is asking you to eliminate a low level target, often a petty criminal, someone who has escaped prison who someone who could later disrupt the village. They are often not shinobi, but are of considerable power. This mission is simple, find and take out the target with as little repercussion as possible.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    The sun was shaded on this cool and calming day on the scorched lands around Nikkousato almost feeling like spring rebirth, causing the ambient temperature to be a very comfortable and gentle mid seventies. An avian cacophony of chirps and calls echoed throughout the valley that laid beside Nikkousato, the ever rushing northern river adding to the overall ambiance of the serene beauty the desert could hold when given a new lens.  

    Along the bank of the northern river that ran from Gekkousato, a small  beach had formed, and It was here that his house was built. It  was made of clay and wood, and is octagonal in shape with a steeped roof lending to a more walled gazebo-like appearance then a normal sun village home. Its walls were painted a deep cerulean blue with red accents and shale colored shingles.

    A large rosewood door framed the only entrance into the home, its iron accents beautiful and functional. Two windows, one on the first level, and the other near the top of the steeple somewhere on the second levels loft. Its oriental make gave credence to a temple like feel when observing it.

    Inside was a very standard home design, smoothed stone flooring, an open fire pit cooking station laid dead center in the room, with a sink and cabinet system on the wall with the window, sitting pillows stacked neatly in one of the far corners, and a wooden man post laid under the loft used for training. At the rear of the home was a ladder that led up to the loft levels sleeping area, its design comfortable but very simplistic or rustic like the rest of the home. It was here that Genkumaru resided and awoke in the early morning to prepare for his day

    As he awoke from his slumber he had clambered out of bed lazily and uncharacteristically for him. A feeling of dread burning inside his very core as of late, he couldn’t help shake that maybe his way was wrong? Maybe everything that he had thought he was or could be was wrong. Could he truly be the shield of the people? The very thought of it seemed so narcissistic to him now.

    He was just a man with ideals and supposed virtue. He didn’t know half of what this world had to offer yet. He couldn’t even be bothered to tell certain people what he had truly learned was in his heart for them. If he couldn’t even be honest with himself, how could he hope to be a symbol for the downtrodden?

    The anathema building inside him as the day progressed he arrived at the village and went straight for Mission HQ, taking up a border scouting mission near the prison, as there were reports of bandits amassing there possibly to break out a comrade or two.

    Skipping his favorite donburi stand he went without eating as he left the village, his overall demeanor uncharacteristic for him. The aura he held over him as he walked through the village draw ire as it was evident the once gentle giant was no longer the same.

    The journey through the desert had become like clockwork for him as he traversed the dunes, taking care to keep the Matzi river in view for the whole journey. It was the easiest landmark to be able to follow so that he didn’t get lost in the repetitiveness of the desert.

    Upon arriving at what the general location had been noted as for the supposed bandit camp, he immediately saw why the prison may have been troubled. There were maybe twenty or so bandits amassed here in a smattering of huts and wagons.

    Normally Gen would look to engage these men in more honorable form, but he didn’t have the heart today to even try. He witnessed them for roughly an hour, before hearing enough about their supposed plans to determine they were in fact planning on breaking out a few of their incarcerated brethren. Not even pausing to announce himself he pointed his hands towards the camp and just started blasting away at them with Gingham shots and Bunker busters, reducing what was once a lively camp, into a crater of men, horse and debris.

    There was no compassion in him at that moment. His psyche having taken a recent hit from a chance encounter with someone he had once looked up too. He couldn't handle that Sonin had down what he did and that he was so broken from it, and now he had completely devastated another camp of bandits without any remorse. What was happening to him?

    Turning to leave for home he didn’t even take a second look at the destruction that was left in his wake. He didn’t care. Those men had made their beds….

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