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    Faustein Uchiha
    Faustein Uchiha

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    Post by Faustein Uchiha Tue Jun 16, 2020 11:32 am

    Faustein Uchiha
    FAUSTEIN UCHIHA (COMPLETE) Senkuishigamiwork

    Name: Faustein Uchiha

    • Given/First: Faustein

    • Surname/Last: Uchiha


    • Faust/Stein: (his family, clan members, and other authorized acquaintances use this form)

    • Dr. Stein: (his colleagues, patients, and test subjects use this form)

    • Mr. Uchiha: (the employees of the “Nikkouchiha” business group, his personal secretary, and his other formal contacts use this form)

    • Master Faust: (his family’s household servants, whether general or personal, use this form)

    • "Fūjin": (his clients and enemies use this form)

    Age: 29 years old
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Uchiha
    Bloodline: Sharingan

    Origin: Sun Village
    Village: Sun Village


    Faustein is 5' 7" tall, weighs 140 lb., and has a medium-heavy bone structure. His skin is very pale and maybe even somewhat sallow in appearance. Due to the constant traveling he does and the intermittent exposure to the elements as well as the various substances he deals with in his practice as a physician-scientist, his skin is also very coarse and dry to the touch. He has very thick, coarse, and dry hair which is mostly white at the base, but melds into dark green towards the tips. He never bothers to keep it tamed due to his inherently lazy nature and also because it tends to get disheveled anyway over the course of his research. He has a generally ovoid head like any other regular human. He also has some distinctive facial features such as: gaunt cheeks with high-set cheekbones, a high and wide forehead, as well as thin, roughly almond shaped eyes with the usual round pupils and jet black eyes like the rest of his clan (this of course changes to bright crimson red when he activates his bloodline, the “Sharingan). The last of his distinctive facial features are his gently tapered chin and his somewhat strongly set, somewhat sharply defined jawline.

    He has a slender, slightly longer than normal neck with a very prominent Adam's apple. His back and shoulders are broad and well developed with lean, well defined, clearly visible musculature due to his own basic physical conditioning and also because he often has to exert himself physically during his travels and research. All across his torso, both the front and back aspects, he has no more than an ounce of fat anywhere since he almost constantly forgets to maintain a proper meal schedule, especially when he is engrossed in one of his long-term research projects. His upper limbs are of average length and just like the rest of his body, they too possess lean, well defined musculature. Due to his medium-heavy set bone structure, his wrists are slightly larger than normal and his hands are also larger and more muscular than average too due to the near constant use in his various physical exertions. In contrast, however, his fingers are longer than average and have a rather skeletal look to them.

    He has a narrow waist and hips, again due to the veritable lack of body fat, especially the abdominal type. Below, he has lower limbs which are longer than average and like the rest of him, his lower limbs also have not more than an ounce of fat anywhere. As a result, like everywhere else on him, his lower limb musculature is also clearly visible and well defined, but also due to the effect of his physical exertions and specific training as well. Like his wrists, due to his medium heavy bone structure, his ankles are also slightly bigger than average as are his feet. However, like his fingers, his toes are also quite spindly in appearance. The rest of him is similarly well endowed due to the genetic gifts he has inherited from both sides of his family.



    Faustein prefers to keep his outfit as simple and practical as possible, though he does give in to occasional flights of fancy due to his flair for the dramatic. When at home, either alone or with guests, over the usual male undergarments, he always wears a simple t-shirt and shorts combo (both non-pink)while going barefoot most of the time. If pressed to put on footwear, then he usually prefers closed toed sandals or otherwise may use traditional geta shoes as well. When out in the city or otherwise just traveling somewhere, his outfit of choice is some light-colored, full-sleeved, hoodie shirt with a thin dark-colored fleece jacket over it with a simple pair of dark colored jeans and sneakers below (all of this over usual male undergarments, and non-pink). Interestingly enough, this is one of the few times that he is willing to tie his hair into a high or low ponytail.

    His work outfit is of course that of any other standard physician-scientist. Namely, over the usual male undergarments, he dons a formal light-colored, full-sleeved shirt with a red necktie and a typical white lab coat with multiple pockets over that while having formal dark colored pants and patent leather shoes below. His hands are covered by disposable light-colored surgical gloves. His eyes are protected by durable protective goggles if he is in the lab, but if not, like in all the other abovementioned situations, he can be seen with his usual custom order lab goggles on. This outfit is what he usually wears when moving about outside as well, both on his research trips and when taking on client requests, jobs, or missions.

    When attending some formal occasion, like anybody else, over his male undergarments, he wears the usual formal attire with his being either a standard three-piece black suit ensemble with a white formal shirt, red necktie, and his standard patent leather shoes, of course. Lastly, his winterwear consists of some light colored full-sleeved shirt with a 6’ long, deep red scarf which is wrapped loosely around his neck; a moderately thick, weather proof, warm jacket over that while below he wears some simple pants and a pair of shoes with good traction. This is also the outfit he tends to wear when called to be a teaching assistant at his alma mater. Obviously, as in all other occasions, under this outfit are his usual male undergarments as well. For other types of inclement weather or special situations such as the beach he uses the appropriate clothing for the situation.



    • Faustein’s eyes almost always have prominent dark circles beneath them because of the marked degree of sleep deprivation he suffers from due to the stress and demands of his practice as well as the effort he puts in to accomplish his never- ending research goals.

    • His lips have a noticeably dark discoloration because his body is always somewhat oxygen deprived not only because of an inherent genetic defect, but also due to constant exposure to the various chemical substances which he tests on himself as part of his research.

    • The most distinctive features of his neck and torso are the thick rope like tattoo which is seen around his neck, the parabolic healed suture line which cuts across his face from just above the bridge of his nose down to the top of his left cheekbone as well as the large patch of mismatched skin bounded by two healed suture lines which lies diagonally across his torso, from top of his left shoulder to the bottom of his right hip.

    • Unfortunately, like his neck and torso, the rest of him is also marred by innumerable healed scars, suture lines, and various other types of blemishes and imperfections which he has acquired over the long course of his ongoing research. The most predominant among these are the two slightly zigzag healed scars which can be seen, one on the region atop each eyebrow.

    Height:  5' 7"

    Weight: 140 lb.


    Faustein is a stereotypical mad physician-scientist in thought, word, and deed and his various personality traits apply as much in battle as they do outside it. Due to his insatiable curiosity, he pursues knowledge at any cost and views the whole world and everything in it, including himself not as individuals worthy of respect and care, but rather merely as guinea pigs to use in this eternal quest for knowledge. As if this were not bad enough, he blatantly disregards the personal rights of others (especially his specimens and/or research volunteers) and brooks no complaints from them, either about his research or the methodology therein. This already reprehensible aspect of him is exacerbated further by his utter lack of inhibitions or qualms of any kind which could possibly regulate the methodology of his quest for knowledge.

    Due to the rigorous demands and high focus which his research and work as a physician-scientist requires, he is strictly objective almost all the time and can be moved to act only by the cold logic of a situation or by his desire for knowledge. In keeping with this strictly objective view, his face usually looks stern, distant, and inscrutably emotionless almost all the time. That said, he is very protective of and is wholly invested in his research and so, he usually tends to be very reclusive and reticent about the exact nature of his research. He was also fairly paranoid in the past as he believed most people around him wish to restrict and oppress him. Nevertheless, this aspect has been lessened in more recent times due to the positive influence that others he has met have had on him. Still, his allegiance lies mostly with himself, the Uchiha Clan, the Sun Village, and of course, his summons as they are his specimens, research assistants, and guardians. His allegiance to everyone else is secondary to this priority.

    Furthermore, he has an incorrigible superiority complex towards others which often gets him into trouble with them since it makes him act in a condescending manner towards them. However, this is only towards those whom he is certain are less capable than himself. Despite this, he realizes that nothing and no one in the world is truly perfect. Actually, he abhors the concept of perfection and ridicules anyone and anything that claims to be perfect since to him, perfection is a completely stagnant state which cannot accommodate any further improvement. Additionally, he is highly manipulative of others, including his summons. Of course, in the latter case, he does hold back a little on his manipulative aspect since he knows that he needs their support and eternal allegiance for his research to truly reach success. Apart from this, there is also his uber tier hedonism which causes him to crave and try to acquire or experience all the finer things in life such as gourmet cuisine, vintage wines, expensive imported items, etc. This is especially true since he has known it all the while from childhood till present day. So, he tends to enjoy these things, but he is still rather uncomfortable in formal settings due to his introverted nature and his obliviousness to common social mores. That said, this aspect has decreased somewhat in recent years due to external influences, so he is able to tolerate formal settings which usually include such high society life at the very least. However, he would attend such occasions really only to satiate his hedonism or if he is forced to attend by someone else superior to him.

    To his credit though, despite having all of these defects, he does have some saving graces, though some may consider these to be a blessing and a curse simultaneously. The first of these is his determination which lets him persevere till the end in all his ventures, for better or worse. However, this is also a drawback since it does also cause him to have a rather stubborn mentality at the same time. As a result of this headstrong aspect, he can be quite intractable to any attempts to sway him toward any path other than the one he sees lying before him. Then, there is his objectivity of view and his ability to stay emotionally detached regardless of whatever may be going on around him. While this does help him keep a calm and clear mind in all but the most trying of situations, it also means he is utterly oblivious to the emotional needs of others. Besides this, he is quite passionate, driven, and focused when he is hooked and this give him the advantage of being able to avoid many common distractions which may otherwise impede his research. However, it can also be a negative thing because it does cause him to ignore everything else, like the basic everyday things like personal maintenance, for example.

    In addition to this, he prefers to be as efficient as possible in thought, word, and deed and this is a boon since it allows him to delegate resources properly to where they are needed and saves time which he can then spend on other projects or studies, but it also makes him speak very bluntly since, to him, hiding the truth behind any kind of façade just to make it palatable to his audience is a waste of effort. Naturally, this tends to get him into trouble with others, especially those among his audience who may take issue with his lack of verbal filters. When confronted with most emotional issues, especially the issue of romance, his face tends to turn blank and clueless. Then, there is his tendency to warn people of potential dangers when he sees them coming, but if it is a specimen which intrigues him enough to want it, he has no qualms in lying and doing whatever he has to acquire said specimen, even though his actions may cost him and his allies a crucial victory or even if doing so would lead to massive casualties on his side. In a sense, one could say that he is ruthlessly cold in thought, word, and deed.

    After that, there is his innovativeness as well as his cerebral and eccentric nature. His innovative side and his cerebral nature do give him the ability to solve most if not all the problems he may face, but they also give him that insatiable curiosity which causes him to want to take apart and analyze everything and everyone around him if they happen to intrigue him. This tendency to want to analyze everything when combined with his innately observant aspect of his nature leads him to lurk about observing everyone and everything around him in order to glean any valuable intelligence about them which he can put to some use or another and so, he can notice things most tend to overlook in their surroundings.

    Besides this, there is the cautious aspect of his nature which he now has because he not only inherited it from his parents, but also trained steadily since childhood. This means he never even enters into an area or situation without researching it thorough through remote means, whether it’s by sending his summons ahead of him, planting hidden surveillance devices on one of his purported allies, or some other ways as well. He usually ensures that he at least has a handful of main action plans, a handful of backup plans to handle common contingencies, and escape plans for the worst-case scenarios. This cautious nature combined with his innately super tier curiosity causes him to use any and all situations he enters as a series of field tests for any new techniques, equipment, or anything else he is developing, with both him and any opponents/enemies acting as the guinea pigs. He tends to keep his distance from his opponents while gleaning information on them which he then puts to use to slowly but surely overwhelm them over the course of the confrontation.

    Of course, if it means getting his hands on some exciting source of new or otherwise unfamiliar knowledge, this cautious aspect of him tends to take a backseat, though he will still try to maintain some modicum of it even when hunting said knowledge. Finally, there is his extreme, unbridled eccentricity which, though beneficial in that nobody who is willing to hang out with him would be assured of never getting bored and any potential enemies can never quite accurately predict his next move, can also be quite the obstacle in his interpersonal relationships since he is not only highly unconventional and prone to doing things which others find rather disconcerting, but also because it makes him a very difficult subordinate since any authority figures tend to have trouble accepting his highly whimsical behavior.

    This eccentricity extends to his practice as a physician-scientist and when combined with his amoral outlook, means he usually employs highly unorthodox treatment methods. These may come with some unsavory side-effects as well for any patient that puts themselves in his care even though they are undoubtedly efficacious. The last effect of this eccentricity is that he occasionally tends to behave in a very uncharacteristic way, which may surprise others around him (e.g. making esoteric puns and references, trying to fluff some particularly fluffy animal or summon when they least expect it, uttering a maniacal laugh like some stereotypical supervillain/ mad scientist when one of his research projects comes to fruition, displaying a disturbingly high level of excitement when encountering sophisticated equipment or anything completely unfamiliar to him, and making impromptu and unorthodox changes to battle plans while still in battle.)


    • Dominant: Chaotic Neutral

    • Secondary: Neutral Evil


    • Knowledge (in all its forms):
      He loves knowledge above all else since it not only brings him pleasure, but also because it allows him to acquire ever more power.

    • MAD SCIENCE!! (and everything included therein):
      He loves being a mad physician-scientist mage since it allows him to transcend the boundaries of normal research and truly grasp the boundaries of all available knowledge.

    • Research Specimen Acquisition (durable, rare, and mysterious ones):
      He loves having the opportunity to acquire these types of guinea pigs most since they can actually withstand the rigors of his extreme brand of R&D, thus leading to its progress.

    • Spiders, Foxes, Cats, and Owls:
      He loves spiders, foxes, cats, and owls since they not only symbolize intelligence and cunning, but also possess a mysterious allure about them (and also b/c they tend to be fluffy)

    • Resources (in every sense of the word):
      The acquisition and possession of a resource cornucopia is one of his goals since they not only grant him the freedom he desires, but also because they expedite the process of his mad science research.

    • Unlimited freedom (in every sense of the word):
      Boundless freedom is one of his aims since it allows him to not only live life on his own terms, but also because it allows him to enjoy immersing himself in his mad science research without restraint.

    • Power (in all its forms):
      Power in all its forms is one of his objectives since it not only keeps him and his research safe from any enemies, but also because it facilitates the acquisition of experimental specimens and other resources necessary for his mad science research.



    • Ignorance (in all its variants):
      He despises ignorance since it leads to prejudice in the minds of those plagued by it and because these types make him waste more effort explaining things to them.

    • Prejudice (in all its versions):
      He abhors prejudice since it leads to persecution in the actions of those afflicted with it and because these types are likely to impede his path to his ultimate goals.

    • Persecution (in all its forms):
      He finds persecution to be revolting since it leads to oppression in the deeds of those succumb to such temptation and also because these types usually do not listen to logic and reason.

    • Perfectionists (of every sort):
      He fears perfectionists because they demand too much from him and in living up to their expectations, he would be unable to attend to the pursuit of the knowledge he craves and loves above all else.

    • Anything Else Unbearable/Annoying:
      He fears anything and anyone unbearable and/or annoying since there is a high probability that they will make him waste his precious effort and resources in getting rid of them.

    • Inadequacy (in all its forms):
      He fears inadequacy in all its forms not only since it would render him incapable of protecting his precious research and himself from his enemies, but also because it would impede the progress of his mad science research.

    • Betrayal (in all its forms):
      He fears betrayal since it has happened to him in the past and due to the weakness inherent in people’s natures, there is always the likelihood of it occurring again any time in his life.

    • Dogs and Wolves:
      He fears dogs and wolves since they have attacked him in the past, but that said, he would never actually persecute such entities, whether they be feral or otherwise.


    Faustein’s story begins with that of his parents, his father being a man named “Siegfried Uchiha” and his mother being a woman named “Izanami Uchiha”. They had met during a medical ninjutsu research associated conference in “Nikkousato”, the hidden ninja village of the “Sun Scorched Desert” region of the ninja world and so, became entangled with each other. Initially, they hated each other’s guts, but they did warm up to each other eventually. Their respective families noticed this, and after a thorough cross examination of each other, decided to unite them in a sort of political marriage which was intended to be a stepping stone toward a future where the two families would be allied with each other and be sharing their respective stores of knowledge, resources, and so on with each other for the purposes of advancing their fame, wealth, and influence in the village.

    After their union, Siegfried and Izanami settled down in “Nikkousato”, otherwise known as the Sun Village. Once everything was in order, they then set about establishing the estate of the alliance between their respective sides and the merged version of the respective keiretsu owned and operated by each family. They even christened this merged group with the same name as those of the parent keiretsu, specifically the “Nikkouchiha” group in accordance with the combined wishes of the elders of both sides. Once that was finished, they started their private practice as a medical ninja couple and also started up an associated research lab, both of which eventually became quite famous. Then, in due course, they brought Faustein into the world and since he was the only child of these two current heirs to the sides, the elders agreed to make him the next heir to the future leadership position of the alliance as well as of the two respective sides and to the next CEO position of the business group. Of course, this did not mean in any way that he was meant to take over as the future head of the Uchiha clan, but rather only for the alliance between the two families associated with him.

    His childhood started off being fairly normal, and thanks to his excellent genetic heritage, he showed great promise right from childhood, especially in his basic scientific, mathematical aptitude, and business acumen as well as in his high IQ, which was clocked at 180 points. Apart from this, he also inherited the insatiable curiosity, determination, focus, and other such more subtle traits which made his parents stand out from their peerage. Due to this curiosity, his parents and any who visited them would always see him performing basic experimentation with scientific as well as jutsu phenomena as well as always tinkering with some puppet or other such mechanical device. His curiosity would also lead him to always question his parents about the world around him and why it as well its contents operated in the manner that he could observe every day. This sight never failed to please his parents, but nevertheless, there were also several occasions where his curiosity led him to investigations and inquiries which were of a more dubious and perhaps more unnerving nature than his more “acceptable” ones. For instance, with the same insatiable curiosity and childlike enthusiasm as well as wonderment which overtook him during these aforementioned “acceptable” studies, he would also capture all manner of small organisms and subject them to jutsu after jutsu and experiment after experiment till the organisms no longer looked like their original selves. The objective, of course, was always to attempt repeated investigation of the limits and range of effects of the various jutsu which he used to read about in his parent’s journals or which his parents had simply taught him in order to satiate his overwhelming inquisitive drive.

    Needless to say, this greatly worried his parents and so they would ensure to curtail these types of unethical experiments whenever they came across him attempting them. However, due to their ever-burgeoning workload as medical ninja, they could not keep a watchful eye upon him. So, when he reached his 12th birthday, his parents decided to bring him onto the fast track to not only forestall such idle but destructive curiosity, but also to prepare him for capitalizing on his aptitude for basic business strategy, scientific study, mathematical exercises, as well as everything that he could handle about medical ninjutsu and other ninja arts at his young age and this included everything about their clan bloodline, the “Sharingan” as well. Their method of choice mainly involved trying to enter him in rigorous private tutoring sessions dealing with these areas of knowledge and expertise. However, much to their surprise, he stubbornly resisted their efforts to fit him into their envisioned mold since he wanted to enjoy his childhood like other regular children. Consequently, they realized that they wouldn’t be able to convince him to reconsider, and so, decided to let him do as he pleased instead. The reason for this was their confidence in the fact that, sooner or later, he would learn about the dark side to the world around him, and would come back to them so that they could enact their original plan for him.

    In the meantime, Faustein did enjoy doing the things that other children normally did for quite a while, and even joined the Ninja Academy of Sun Village when he was a few years older. Furthermore, whenever they had time and he had a considerable amount of vacation time, his parents took him on camping trips in various locales in and around the “Sun Scorched Desert” and to other neighboring lands as well. They did this not only to be able to spend time bonding as a family, but also for the purposes of teaching him basic outdoor survival skills so that he wouldn’t be without recourse should he ever need them at any point in the future. In this manner, time marched on for them until finally he came to high school and became a teenager. It was during these years that he became acquainted with the darker side of those whom he had considered his friends up until then. There had been a series of events during his second year of the Ninja Academy, when he was around 15 years of age, which led him to realize that the people he had considered to be his friends till then had been just exploiting his talents for their own benefit. It was then that he understood that they had never considered him as their friend, but rather were just putting up the façade of friendship to hide their ulterior motives.

    Needless to say, he was quite broken up about this thorough betrayal, but instead of taking revenge or anything edgy like that, he cut them off unceremoniously without giving them any preamble or warning. Not only did he cut them off, but he also vowed to himself that he would never bother with anything cheesy like emotions, friends, or even a social life ever again. Instead, he threw himself almost entirely into his studies, both related to ninja life and otherwise, from then on and to this end, he accepted his parents’ proposition of fast tracking him into the business, science, mathematics, and ninja arts realms of knowledge and skills  through private tutoring. This steadily developed his knowledge bank over the course of this time period. Additionally, he was also taught the various aspects of high society life during this time since his parents wanted him to be familiar with such sophistication.

    During this time, he had also been introduced to the strategic war game known as shogi by his father and also by his private tutors. As a result, he grew fascinated with this game and added it to his expanding fund of knowledge. This helped him in two ways: the first was by offering him pure relaxation and the second since it let him pick up basic strategic and tactical skills. Thus, his second year at the Ninja Academy came to an end and so, he moved on to the third year of the same institution with his rank being among the crème de la crème. During this time, something else was born inside him too, that is, the obsession with the quest for knowledge which would remain with him lifelong. This obsession only grew stronger as he ascended to his last year at the Academy and finally graduated, once again ranked among the top of his class.

    However, since he made a point of avoiding having a social life throughout this time, his time at the Academy was fairly uneventful except for the excitement he experienced whenever he dabbled in learning new jutsu or new combinations of old jutsu under the guidance of his teachers. After graduation, though, instead of immediately moving on to the team selection phase, he and his parents decided to delay this event by a fair few years. As a result, during his summer vacation, like always, he spent time with his parents going on camping trips where he had the chance to put his outdoor survival skills to the test. To this list, he also added basic knowledge of MMA style taijutsu which he started learning from his mother who was quite proficient in it from having been born to parents who ran a mixed martial arts dojo in their free time when they were not busy with managing their keiretsu. Of course, during this time, when he was not busy advancing his knowledge of the sciences, mathematics, medical jutsu theory, or the theory behind the Uchiha clan’s aka his clan’s bloodline trait, the Sharingan, he was kept busy with more and more advanced lessons in business strategy and other related aspects of that realm of expertise as well such as high society life.

    Yet, even with all of this workload bearing down upon him, since he now possessed decent time management skills, he was still able to finish the various day to day scholastic assignments and tests given to him by his private tutors or his parents. He was even able to find time to delve ever deeper into the study of ever more obscure jutsu theory and research with the help of some of his more “accommodating” mentors who did not balk at the ominous and unnerving nature of these particular studies. Needless to say, by this time he had advanced from using various small animals as guinea pigs to using both himself and a slew of larger beasts as experimental specimens for the purposes of testing not only new jutsu, but also poison and drug development, both for medical purposes and potentially for deployment in future combat scenarios. As a side effect of chronic exposure to these agents, his signature black Uchiha hair turned a queer, and startling whitish-green color. Nevertheless, all of this work fed his obsession with the quest for knowledge even more which fed back into the cycle to spur him into pursuing this disturbing research ever further with the onward march of time. Naturally, this less “acceptable” version of his studies was done away from prying eyes so as to avoid as much outside interference as possible. Due to all of this academic involvement, the time he could spend relaxing by indulging his obsession with shogi decreased dramatically, but still, thanks to his high IQ he was still able to retain most if not all the lessons he had learned from engaging in such play.

    When he was not busy with this, he was made to accompany his parents whenever they had various business meetings either with the leaders of other such keiretsu or with the “Nikkouchiha” Group's Board of Directors so that he could gain valuable, practical experience in the field. He also assisted his parents with their work at their private clinic and research lab when all of them were not occupied with these aforementioned meetings. Unlike the business meetings, however, this was not something they had to force him into doing with them due to his genuine interest/obsession with this area of knowledge. For a while, due to this hectic schedule keeping them busy, his parents did not catch on to the steady progression of his forays into ever more disturbing research. Sadly, all of this changed as at one point, when he was in his 21st year of life, he was finally caught in the act by his parents who had been tipped off by some of their more law-abiding associates. As would be expected, both Siegfried and Izanami were greatly dismayed and saddened by this entirely unexpected revelation. They tried to reason with him and appeal to his morality, but it was to no avail. Their words, of reproach and supplication alike, fell on deaf ears as he utterly refused to back down from his quest and abstain from such reprehensible research and development.

    Therefore, in the end, his parents had no other choice but to take him into custody by force. Once that was done, they then shipped him off to the main Uchiha clan compound which his grandparents from both sides now called home. Once he arrived, he was taken in by his grandparents as per the plan concocted by his parents to implement his reformation. So, he did not have to worry about lodging or any other basic necessities. In exchange, however, he had to endure lecture upon lecture regarding the various companies that formed the keiretsu known as the “Nikkouchiha” Group which was owned and managed by his grandparents. As before, he even had to attend business meetings to introduce him to the group's main Board of Directors and the rest of the employees as well. As if that were not sufficient, he also had to endure several tests of his business acumen and general force of personality. Nevertheless, despite his chagrin, as a result of this aid and support, he could focus his efforts on getting ready for his assimilation into the shinobi forces of Sun Village. So, despite not liking it one bit, he was inevitably forced to accept this sordid fate. That said, at least he was able to convince them to let him pursue his own path for the time being, until such a stage when he was ready to formally take over as next heir and CEO to the  “Nikkouchiha” Group and the associated businesses/companies therein.

    By the time this was done, he was 29 years old, but contrary to his parents’ expectations, his obsession with the darker side of knowledge acquisition did not halt or lessen even to a little extent. In fact, due to his resentment towards these restraints placed upon him, his obsession with attempting to gain such “forbidden” research grew even stronger still, by several degrees till it had effectively consumed and pervaded every fiber of his being. As a result, in the end, his grandparents had to accept that neither they nor his parents would be able to reform him and let the matter rest for the time being. Instead, they focused on imparting to him further secrets of the theory and mechanism behind the operation of the Sharingan which was his birthright as a pureblood member of the Uchiha clan. In this manner, he finally completed his stay with them and then applied to enter the regular shinobi forces of Sun Village as a basic Genin level ninja since he felt that he was finally ready to take on whatever challenges the world had for him.

    Face Claim: Senkū Ishigami

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