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    A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission)

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    Kenji Haruka
    Kenji Haruka

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    A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission) Empty Re: A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission)

    Post by Kenji Haruka Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:42 pm

    Kenji couldn't help but grin to himself as he ventured forth to the meeting spot for this particular mission, a mission he was actually excited for, which was new to him but who wouldn't be excited to finally get to see an owl bear in person?! Those things were the coolest creatures in nature, any mystical bijuu be damned. Although it was a bit sad he'd have to probably kill the beast, he couldn't deny it was dangerous and that was part of why he liked the things so much, unlike regular old brute bears, these things had the smarts of an owl and the strength, if not more, than their regular brute counterparts. Truly a fine creature set to dominate the environment, which is probably why it had to be killed now that it was invading new land. As cool as those things were, last thing Kenji would want is to run into them right outside the village, there was such a thing as too much of a good thing.

    It was because of this enjoyment that he deemed it fit to play himself a little marching song to himself on his recently acquired shamisen, strumming the notes out at a relatively slow pace as he tried his best to keep in tune with the song. Admittedly he wasn't the best at the thing but it was the attempt that mattered in the end, right? Either way, he was more than happy with his purchase of the instrument even if he had to trade out carrying his swords to carry the shamisen safely on his back when he wasn't using it.

    Not like he even really used the things anyways, last time he did he was fighting his older and more serious copy from the sun on the bridge and he was almost immediately disarmed after trying to use the swords. Besides, how hard could fighting one bear be? He had his puppet and his back up plan of five kunai with him and if push comes to shoves, he could probably whack the bear on the nose with his shamisen too.

    However as he finally saw the meeting spot, he was surprised to see Sojiro waiting for him there, the last time the two were together they had failed to find the children... Kenji's tune stopped and his grin faded as he recalled little Blair Roche. Still no word on her and it was still worrying but he kept it out of his mind. Until now that is. Shaking himself slightly, he focused on the now and his grin returned to his face as he kept walking toward Sojiro.

    "Well, fancy running into you here." Kenji commented with a slight smile as he looked toward the sun shinobi. "Hope "Genny-kun" isn't upset with you being away." Kenji slightly joked with his companion for the mission as he let out a chuckle to himself. "So you know the drill right? Go in and hunt us an owl bear?" Kenji questioned as he begun to stretch slightly and prepare himself for what was probably going to be a slightly challenging fight.

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    Kenji Haruka
    Kenji Haruka

    Posts : 157

    A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission) Empty Re: A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission)

    Post by Kenji Haruka Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:56 pm

    Kenji could only chuckle slightly as he listened to Sojiro's explanation for his behavior but he too knew the fear of facing the grand bun. A fear that only grew when the bastard brought the grand bun directly to him as a means to save his own skin. "You forget that you threw me under the bus to save yourself." Kenji reminded Sojiro with a playful punch to the man's shoulder before the two became serious about hunting down the mystical owl bear. Kenji had to wonder if it was possible to tame one as a pet but then again, considering what had happened to the self proclaimed god, Kenji wasn't entirely certain if that was possible.

    Although it seemed Kenji had missed some details as Sojiro told them they were actually nearby the bear unlike last time Kenji tried to hunt a bear, he had probably got them lost in his attempt to flirt with murder eyes. Regardless Kenji could only nod and be thankful they wouldn't have to try and hunt the bear down, although now that he thought about, Sojiro could probably just smell and track the bear down extremely easily. "Well saves us some time." Kenji added with a shrug as he looked down the path Sojiro pointed toward, wondering if the bear was currently at home or not.

    Then Sojiro asked what was the plan and Kenji could only grin at the man. "Well actually... I got a shamisen and pretty sure a bear doesn't like noises around it's home. We could set a trap and when we're ready, I can lure it right into the trap with my amazing music." Kenji explained his plan to his companion with a grin as he showed off his shamisen. "Although that only leaves the question of what trap we could use..." Kenji questioned himself as he rubbed his chin, uncertain of what exactly he could do to help prepare a trap. At best he could plant some kunai into a tree log and have Sojiro throw the thing into the bear but besides that he was beat for ideas. "So far my trap involves you throwing a log with kunai in it. What do you got?" Kenji declared his trap plan before asking if Sojiro had any better ideas.

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    Kenji Haruka
    Kenji Haruka

    Posts : 157

    A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission) Empty Re: A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission)

    Post by Kenji Haruka Sun Jun 28, 2020 3:39 am

    Kenji could only look at Sojiro a bit questioningly as he suggested hiding among leaves and jumping out to punch the bear, which given the fact Sojiro could punch craters, Kenji knew he would probably be a good idea but the flaw was assuming the bear wouldn't find the sun shinobi just waiting in a random pile of leaves. However... Sojiro did leave him to deal with the grand bun... "Sounds like a solid plan." Kenji simply nodded along with a grin on his face as he got to work and setting a small tripwire, grabbing two small branches from a nearby tree and planting them into the ground before wrapping the wire around the two branches before getting to the more difficult part of the plan. Finding the appropriate log and figuring out a way to get his kunai into the thing, a plan he didn't really think about fully.

    As Kenji wandered around for a decently sized log, Sojiro would ask the man what song he was going to use to lure the bear out and Kenji had to pause for a few seconds, before an idea popped and he couldn't help but snicker a bit. "Don't you worry, I'm pretty sure even you'll fall in love with me once I play the song." Kenji told the sun shinobi with a big grin on his face as he thought more about the song he was going to play to lure the bear toward the trap. "Must say, I think this is the best plan I ever came up with." Kenji told the man as he finally found a log suitable for his needs, grabbing the hefty thing and placing it over his right shoulder for the time being as he returned to the small path, now the 2nd part was to find where to put the log.

    "Say, got any good idea where to toss this thing? We need to find a spot where to swing it from so it'll crash into the bear." Kenji ask Sojiro while telling the sun shinobi more of the details necessary for his plan to be a success, taking this time to prep the log for the kunai he was going to try and wrap into the thing. Hurm. Taking out his 5 kunai, Kenji quickly decided to place one back into his flak jacket pocket, deciding it was best to prepare for the absolute worst and that was going to be him and the bear going one on one without Lingchi for whatever reason. You never know what an owl bear could do after all. Taking more of the wire, Kenji wrapped it around the log a few times while stringing his kunai around the edges of the log so the blades would be sticking out enough for it to be more than shallow wounds.

    "Also, I'm not exactly capable of punching a crater into the ground so I believe this is the part where you take over and toss this thing up to where you think will work. Just make sure the wire won't snap while swinging, otherwise that will just be awkward for both us and the owl bear." Kenji told Sojiro as he gave a simple shrug and turned toward the owl bear was supposed to be waiting, grabbing his shamisen off his back and preparing to head down the road to begin luring the owl bear. "Anyways, see ya soon with our new friend and good luck with that." Kenji would call out as he slowly but surely disappeared from sight, tuning his shamisen slightly as he walked away, the stray notes fading as he kept going forward, ignoring any call Sojiro would make if any.

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    A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission) Empty Re: A Likely Duo..? (Group Mission)

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