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     Protection Detail [Mission] [Solo] Empty Protection Detail [Mission] [Solo]

    Post by Adam Kaguya Tue May 26, 2020 7:47 am

    Name: Protection Detail
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Outside of a village
    Details: You are tasked with defending a very important person. It could be a merchant, a diplomat from another region or just someone who is highly valued. They have asked for a security detail to protect them as they enter through a regions border, it could be from bandits, wild animals or rogue criminals attempting to steal their goods. This mission is a success if the individual has been safely escorted to their destination.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    At the young age of 10, Adam was already known and respected by his peers in his village. The young kaguya could be seen in his spare time training his taijutsu to perfection in the clan compound when he is not assigned to duty. Today he would undertake another solo mission and that was that, there wasn't much else to it. Having been called in very early that morning, almost into the previous night some might say, he was briefed about the current mission. Once again, in part because of the terms and nature of the mission and because of the obvious shortage given the number of missions and few personnel, he was tasked with going alone. But it wasn't all bad. Adam was trusted with that duty for a reason. Though the mission was an C Rank and it held dangers and potential misfortune, he was just as best of a choice as any other. That morning, he had left nearly as soon as he had received the specifics on the mission. Adam wasn't particularly keen of some of his village missions however. Though given his skills, protection is something he would have to get used to, The moon village had many important visitors passing through each month, and this time Adam had to accompany a rich merchant from the valley of the kings back to Gekkousato.

    Arriving to the scene of destination, the kaguya enjoyed his travels. The scenery the large valleys, hills and country side along with years and years of culture, statues and monuments depicting generations of rulers and ancient societies. The boy took the surroundings in as he approached the merchant and his personal assistant. His clan attire shown in full appearance with his signature sleeve loose exposing his left shoulder, his white hair radiate in the sun as it was now middle of the day.

    "Greetings. . .My name is Adam. . . Assigned to protect you on your travels to Gekkousato. . .", He would say in his same tone of voice which was rather low and quiet. His face would remain soft and expression less as he looked over to the merchant and assistant.

    "Oh! Great! Another Kiddo.. This is quite absurd I mean..", the merchant muttered under his breath. His tone of voice didn't upset Adam at all, it was the fact that the kaguyas age made him uncomfortable.

    "I can assure you. . .I hail from the Kaguya Clan. . .The youngest member. . .I can hold my own. . .", he said this time in a colder tone before he peered his gaze to the Assistant.

    "Apology really sir!! My boss is tired from all this travelling and we are not far now... Only half a day from here now... We are still concerned for bandits or violent creatures... Thus we ask the moon village to help escort us back...", The assistant said to help calm the tension between everyone. His tone of voice was a bit more cheerful and in high hopes.

    With everyone settled now the travel back the village commenced with Adam walking next to the two of them.  It wouldn't take long before two petty thugs showed themselves before Adam and the group. Sensing the distress of the merchant and the assistant, the young kaguya intervened and made quick work with taijutsu only move sets, not trying to show the kaguya clan fighting style in the open. Rescuing the moment Adam was applauded briefly by his clients before returning to the travel. Seeing the gates was a sigh of relief, it really did feel like a couple of days has past but it was only half the day gone.

    "Why Adam thank you so much!! Finally made it!" , said the rich merchant with an exhausted smile on his face. He then turned his head back to his assistant.  

    "Yes!! Thank you Once again Adam...We will tell the higher ups at the administration building we made it safely here...", the happy faced assistant said to the young kaguya before continuing to walk off and follow the merchant.

    With this the genin was stood at the village gates taking in the fresh airs of home before he would leave to embrace his clans compound. To him now the mission was complete and he had training to do.

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