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    Kenji Haruka
    Kenji Haruka

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    Lingchi Empty Lingchi

    Post by Kenji Haruka Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:37 pm

    Puppet Template
    Name: Lingchi
    Rank: B
    Appearance: Lingchi stands at 5 feet and 10 inches in total with equal proportions of a regular human. The puppet is wooden with a fine birch used to create the shell, giving it what appears to be light skin and has been given eyes and a mouth to help in design of blending in with humans. The eyes themselves are made of glass and painted with small brown irises while the mouth serves both as a way to hide the senbon launcher hosted within and to blend in, the lips painted a slightly darker shade of the colour produced by the birch.

    The puppet also has a messy dark brown wig that goes down to it's shoulders, with the wig being integrated into the puppet to prevent it from being moved easily and help it blend it easily by mimicking the way natural hair has roots. Besides helping the puppet blend in, it also serves as a way to hide the hatch to open the puppet and access the senbon launcher inside the puppet. The hatch is simply indented inward a small amount and is quite large, taking up half of the puppet's head but it's centered.

    The only hint that the puppet has something stored in it's chest is the hatch on the lower back of the puppet that hides the extendable tail blade, even then the hatch is only large enough to allow the blades to come out freely and it's only hint that it's there is the indented area to allow the hatch to slide out of the way of the blades.

    Outside of it's physical appearance, the puppet has a large baggy cloak that goes down to it's knees and it's sleeves go past his hands enough so that it's hands aren't usually visible unless it makes sudden movements upward. The cloak also has an equally large and baggy hood that covers a large portion of the puppet's face, leaving it's eyes and lower face to be seen while worn. However it also has a mask covering it's lower face up to it's nose, which leaves only the eyes to peak out while wearing both the hood and mask.

    Besides the cloak and face mask, the puppet also is fitted with simple pants and shinobi boots, all it's clothing are rather dull shades of gray and only serve to allow the puppet to hide most of it's wooden body in order to help it blend in easier. The cloak itself was picked to hide the hands of the puppet since it's claw fingers are not something that could easily be hidden and it also allows the puppet to ready it's extendable tail blade without revealing it until the puppet moves it past it's knees where the cloak ends.
    -Head: Mouth Senbon Launcher
    -Torso: Extendable Tail Blade
    -Left Arm: Claw Fingers
    -Right Arm: Claw Fingers
    -Left Leg:
    -Right Leg:

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    Lingchi Empty Re: Lingchi

    Post by Admin Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:48 pm

    This puppet and all of its parts have been approved!

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