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    Cairo Zakumino | Moon Village Empty Cairo Zakumino | Moon Village

    Post by Soul Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:22 pm

    Cairo Zakumino
    Cairo Zakumino | Moon Village Af700e0e5a68d9b49ce77348c35d6cde
    Name: Cairo Zakumino
    Nick Name: N/A
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: N/A

    Origin: Gekkousato - Moon Village
    Village: Gekkousato - Moon Village

    Cairo Zakumino | Moon Village 52c205219cc2550eb79207c385d2853c--sword-of-the-stranger-anime-male
    Cairo is a decently sized man for his age, standing at six feet and an inch, and weighing a hundred and sixty pounds. He is a broad man with a built frame and an athletic body type, and appears more lanky than he is because of his lack of body fat or weight. He is very toned and has an above average muscle mass, contributing to his weight while still appearing skinny. His body frame is complimented by his dark than normal tan skin tone, and his long black hair. Cairo's hair is messy and long, normally tied up into a pony tail or allowed to hang behind his back. Its rarely brushed, often times just tied up or hidden under a straw hat. Beneath his bangs rest a pair of dull brown eyes that most of the time are filled with sleep or appear to be glazed over.  

    The young mans attire normally fits his personality, loose and lazy. He can be seen wearing comfortable and loose clothing, such as robes or tunics, and will almost never be caught wearing something professional. He normally does not even wear shinobi gear, except for the random ninja tool bag. The moon village head band can be seen tied around his waist or in his hair when he uses it for a hair tie. While not a dirty man, his clothes appear ragged or torn, like they are older pieces of clothing yet to be replaced.

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 160 lbs

    Cairo is a relaxed, down to earth man that often times gets called lazy or irresponsible. A man of few words and little action, he is a simple guy, does not have large dreams or aspirations, and really only wants to enjoy life. The young man normally takes the easier route in most situations, and would rather sit under a tree napping than go out and do a hard days worth of work. While he is a lazy person, it is not because of a lack of ability or drive, but could be an absence of motivation. This causes him to have a very blank and lack luster personality in a lot of social situations. He will avoid small talk, pretend to be asleep or even got out of his way to dodge a person just to avoid a conversation or extra work. Cairo is, however, a very nice guy, with a big heart and a charming smile. He is very easy to get along with, as there is not much that bothers him or drives him crazy. If annoyed or bothered, he simply goes away, it takes a whole lot to stress him or piss him off, and very few people have actually seen him angry. Even though his lack of motivation and desire to be anything often times paints him as a lazy or weak person, he can get work down when he puts his mind to it. He is an excellent shinobi when it comes to combat prowess and loves a get scrap every now and then. If he feels like there is a goal or a purpose to his effort, he will put a hundred and ten percent in.

    - Reading
    - Rose Tea
    - Birds

    - Uncomfortable Situations
    - Noisy People
    - Hard work


    Face Claim: Nanashi - Sword of the Stranger
    Owner: Soul

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