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    Style Template and Guide


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    Style Template and Guide Empty Style Template and Guide

    Post by Admin Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:46 pm

    Styles Guide

    Styles are a collection of fighting techniques with either taijutsu or bukijutsu. They are a set of forms that contain techniques, stances, attacks or abilities that all connect to each other. Think of them like a martial art, like kung fu or tai chi. It is a form that contains several versions of a type of attack. A style, at its core, is a stance that requires a user to take, allowing them access to the various types of attacks and techniques. Once the user takes this stance, they are then allowed to use any of this styles techniques. Styles are often stances that utilize martial melee attacks, advanced weaponry skills or high level jutsu.

    While a style looks flashy and cool, the real power comes from its ability to string together techniques and attacks. Any style ability or jutsu can be used while the user is in the stance, at any time they could normally use an action. However each style comes with its own set of combination actions, giving you access to 3 combo points. A combo point can only be spent on a jutsu or technique within your given style, and can only be used when in the stance. You only have access to 3 combo points per topic and can not gain more or replenish spent points until a new topic.

    In order to use a Combo point you must first spend an action to preform a style technique. Once you have used that technique, you can spend a combo point to use another style jutsu without using an action. This allows you to string together two style attacks back to back, for the price of one action. This however does not stack, and you can not spend a combo point on a style jutsu that was already cast with a combo point that post.

    Style Template
    Name: (Name of the Style)
    Specialty: (Taijutsu or Bukijutsu)
    Stance: (Describe the stance needed to preform this style)
    Description: (Explain the style as best as you can)
    Techniques: (Any techniques in this style, will be updated as they are created)
    Status: (Is this style open, private, belong to a clan or a village)


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