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    SG Rules | Travel Rules / Missing Ninja Rules


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    SG Rules | Travel Rules / Missing Ninja Rules Empty SG Rules | Travel Rules / Missing Ninja Rules

    Post by Admin Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:26 pm

    SG Rules | Travel Rules
    Shinobi travel all over the world, it is common for a ninja to move from one region to another, for whatever reason. Here on SG we have a few rules pertaining to how a character moves through the world, and how they go about doing it. In addition to our normal role playing boards, there is a travel section set up below the primary regions. This area of the site is used to create and reply to travel topics, topics used to move from one region to another, and are used to bridge the gap. Traveling is simple, and in most cases will be a simple, single post topic, that moves your character throughout the world. However, these topics can also be used as combat threads, plot devices or used to just simply meet other wandering characters. A travel topic is there to track your movement throughout the world and helps you, other members, and staff keep a smooth timeline of where and how you came to be somewhere.

    - You do not need to make a travel topic to create new topics, as long as those topics are in the same region that your character is considered to currently be in. Travel is only needed if you are trying to move from one region on the map to another.

    - If you wish to post a topic in a different region than your character is currently in, you must make a travel topic in one of the three designated travel sections of the board. If you are returning to the same region at a point in the future, you may use the same travel topic, and just add a single reply to the post. (This is unless the topic was posted in multiple times)

    - The travel topic can not be private, can not be marked no fighting, and is considered a yellow danger zone regardless of which regions are being cut through. If you use one of the two red danger zone travel locations, the topic is considered to be Red regardless of what zone you are moving through.

    -The topic must be at least 250 words. Once the topic is posted you can then create topics in the region you were traveling to. If multiple people are traveling together in the same topic, they must each make the 250 word post. This same topic can be used for any or all people who were first in it to return back to the region they were coming from.

    - Anyone can join your travel topic for whatever reason, however, if the topic is a week old from the date it was first posted, it is considered closed and can not be joined. This rule only applies to the Kataki Road.

    - If your travel topic is in the wilderness or the open ocean, you must wait three days before posting a topic anywhere else, however, the topic only needs to stay up for three days before it is considered closed. This applies for going to and coming back from any region, assuming you are still using one of the two red travel zones. This rule only effects the travel locations, and does not apply to any red role play region outside of travel.

    - The travel location does not need to match your end destination. For example, if you are traveling to a Red danger zone, you do not need to use a red travel location, and can still use the kataki road even if it is a red marked region. The same applied in reverse, you can use a red travel zone to move to a yellow or green region if you desire.

    SG Rules | Missing Ninja Rules
    A Missing Ninja, or a Rogue, is any character that no longer belongs to their starting village, for whatever reason, and is now wanted or considered to be a high profile target. This role is normally reserved for criminals or characters who have betrayed their village, however that will not always be the case. Each Village acts as a military power, with shinobi having classified and secret information regarding their village. Most villages would do anything to keep this information safe, or eliminate anyone who would try to use that information against them. The Rogue role is a highly coveted position and many people find themselves wanting to play this kind of character at some point. While we want to allow each member the chance to play their character the way they want, we do have some rules and guidelines concerning becoming a missing ninja.

    - You can not start out as a missing ninja, it must be done in character through development and role play. You must first belong to one of our starting villages then work your way towards becoming one.

    - There are several ways you can become a missing ninja, but each and every way will mark you as a wanted individual for the village you defected from. Some common ways are just leaving, killing a comrade, going missing, or being assumed killed in action. Under any circumstance your body will want to be retrieved by the village, and you will be sought after.

    - If you are attempting to go missing, you must create a topic marked ( Fleeing) regardless of how you are attempting to do it, and it must be clearly stated in the topic that you are defecting and revoking your title as a shinobi belonging to one of the established villages. This can not be worked around and must be obvious you are going rogue.

    - Anyone can post in your fleeing topic (as long as it makes sense they would be there) and try to interact with you as if it was a normal topic. This topic will remain open for three real life days before it closes, and can no longer be responded to. Once this topic has been closed, you are now considered a missing ninja.

    - Any fleeing topic, regardless of the location it was posted in, instantly become a red danger zone topic for anyone involved. This means that combat, and even death can occur during this topic.

    - As a missing ninja, you can no longer make green level post, and if you post in a green danger zone, it is considered to be yellow, regardless of the region you are in. In addition, your name will get added to the village bingo book with a reward equally the level of offense, or how dangerous you are considered to be.

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