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Kazan Islands

Kazan Islands

  • Seikatsu Island

    Seikatsu Island is where the majority of the native civilian population resides. The Wind Village believes in keeping shinobi and civilians separated but equal in treatment, although civilians are not permitted to leave this island whereas shinobi may enter and leave freely.

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  • Shinobi Island

    Shinobi Island is where you will find the office of the village leader, shinobi residances, training grounds and various other shinobi-oriented places.

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  • Okane Island

    Okane Island is an entire district in the Kazan Islands dedicated to capitalist pursuits. You can find many different types of vendors and shops on this island, selling a wide assortment of items, equipment, weapons and more!

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  • Yasei Island

    Yasei Island is almost virtually untouched by shinobi civilization, having been made a protected domain by the Wind Village. The only structures permitted are sacred temples that have been located there since the founding of the Wind Village, and temporary housing established by those visiting either as tourists or hunters, due to the unique flora and fauna.

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